Monday, March 5, 2007

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

Sometimes these modern technologies muddle my brains. Really. I mean I grew up in the era of black and white television and cameras with actual little square flash bulbs that clipped on to the top. They flashed four times and then you put a new one on.

So you can see why sometimes all of this computer stuff gets a little tricky for me. Thankfully I have a couple of nieces that have been helping me out this past weekend. First of all I got an Ipod Shuffle. I had a Nano but never tried to use it so gave it to my 10 year old nephew who promptly became the envy of his class so he tells me. So we go on this last convention and they always give us goodies when we arrive and in the welcome bag along with other things is the Ipod. I figure it's meant to be that I have one so I call my niece to help me get the darn thing going. After hooking it into a 'port', didn't know computers had ports, we charged the thing up and then I had to learn how to use Itunes. So here we go again with something else to learn. That wasn't too bad so now I have my Ipod up and running and even have some tunes on it. I LOVE it! I put on all the things I like from the 60's like the Four Seasons, some Kenny Chesney, some gospel, Bee Gee's, you name it. I enjoy this thing for a week and then it is dead. Hummmm.....nobody told me there was an on/off switch on the side, this thing is the size of a postage stamp! I thought you just took your headphones off and pushed the stop button on the top. Oh well, another lesson learned and we are up and running again.

Next I want to learn how to buy/sell on Ebay. I tried to set myself up a few months ago and got lost in a tangle of passwords, Paypal accounts, and the such. So, I call my other niece and she comes over and with a click this and a click that I'm all set up. Nice to be 24 and know how to do all of this stuff so easily but when you are more ( a lot more, ahem....) then twice that age it comes a little harder. Any-who I'm up and running and for practise I put a couple of my tote bags on to sell and we'll see what happens. It's so much fun learning a new skill even if it takes me a while to catch on.

Now I need to run out and put Nick's heavier blanket on. It's been really warm so I put a lighter sheet on him but the weather man says our temps are going to plummet so I don't want him to be cold tonight. This is his first year in a cold climate so he didn't grow enough hair to keep him warm unfortunately thus the blankets.

Tomorrow I am going to post one of my families favorite desserts. You won't find it in the Weight Watchers guide so be ready for some yummy calories!


dcrmom said...

Good for you selling your bags! Send me a link. I wanna see.

Susie said...

They say that "old dogs learning tricks" helps keep our minds young. I hope that's true, cause sometimes I can feel my brain straining to learn some of this stuff!

Joan said...

I thought I was caught up with the times but I've recently realized how far behind of fallen technologically speaking. I don't even have an Ipod and wouldn't know what to do with it if I had one. And Ebay scares the heck out of me. Good for you for accepting the challenge and conquering it.

palmtreefanatic said...

Thats Great! love the photo!

Can not wait to see the recipe...Im sure its much better then the one im going to post now and im sure this cocnut pie is looking yummy too..

KC said...

Well you now know more then I do. :)
I have no trouble at all buying off ebay been doing that for just over 7 years now, but I don't have a clue how to sell on it. I need to learn.
I do not know how to work an IPOD or MP3 player, yet my 11 year old daughter has one and loads all her own music. I like listening to hers though.. I would like one of my own but then I would have to have her show me how to work it LOL.
I'm getting caught up with the time next monday though.. We are getting our high speed internet then. I can't wait think it will cut my computer time down greatly :)

Alicia said...

The cat is cute!