Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot and humid Maine!

It is HOT here in the state of Maine and I mean HOT!  It's supposed to hit 92* this afternoon which is unusual for us especially in May.  Good grief we had a frost just a couple weeks ago!  I haven't put my annuals in the ground yet as I am waiting for the full moon to be gone as then we shouldn't have a frost.  I bought lots of pretty flowers plus my cucumber plants and the kiddos giant pumpkin plants.  They are ready to be in the ground, they are starting to flower.  Now these pumpkins are supposed to get between 400 and 500 will follow in the fall........what are the chances they get even a gazillionth of that size?  I'm a sucker for a pretty picture,  I must say the pumpkins on the package were amazing.  I didn't read the fine print though......time will tell.

Mom and I had a busy day yesterday.  She had to have a heart harness thingy put on at the Cardiac Center so we went over in the morning.  Only has to have it on for 24 hours which was a relief for her.  She has been having some dizzy spells so her PC wanted to check things out.  The people there were so nice, they explained everything and even gave us a box to mail the thing back to them so that we wouldn't have to make another trip over.

I have been having some problems with rosacea for the past year or so and it seemed to be getting worse so I decided to have some laser treatments to get it under control.  So Mom and I hopped in the car again and off we went to Ellsworth to the dermatologist's office.  There was a lot of road construction so we left early so we wouldn't be late for the appointment.  We got through relatively fast so was a bit early for my appointment but had brought some magazines and I had some paperwork to do so we were all set.

Have you ever had laser on your face?  It's a bit stingy when they do each vein individually but not bad.  When they use the thing that does a little section at a time it hurts!  Yikes!  It wasn't as bad as electrolosis but I did have to grit my teeth a couple of times.  The worst part for me was the tight little glasses that they put over your eyes to protect them.  It made me feel a bit claustrophobic at first but the stinging took that feeling away...

When we left I looked like a bright red tomato and we were thirsty so I stopped at a little roadside store to get us a bottle of soda and sure got the stares!  I think they must have thought I had gotten a horrible sunburn on my face or was a burn victem.  I just smiled and walked out like there was nothing amiss.  This morning I have a lot of swelling so look like a chipmunk with peanuts in his cheeks but it seems to be going down as the day goes on.  I have to stay out of the sun today and wear #50 sunscreen from now on but if it keeps the veins at bay I will gladly do it. 

Dad surprised me last week with a sign to put up on the road that goes to Buddy and Skip's graves.  He had it made by a local sign maker that we have known for many years.  I was touched by his thoughtfulness and had no idea he was having it done.  We are going to take it down in the winter as the wind and snow blows terribly hard up through there.  I want to keep it looking really nice for years to come.  Well Picassa won't let me copy and paste so I will have to figure out something else and put it in the next time.  Grrrrrrr..........  Well I got it in there but it's a bit blurry.

The boys are sure enjoying being home and pampered!  We opened up a new pasture and they were like kids in a candy store running down there and back eating the nice green grass.  I was worried that they might eat too much so I only left them in there a couple of hours and then shooed them out and took my mower and cut the grass.  As you horse people know too much lush grass can be deadly for horses and they don't have sense enough to stop eating it when they should.  Sounds like me and pizza.........

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back Online Again!

As some of you know I have been having computer problems the last week or so.  Couldn't even get onto my own blog and only two others, Pioneer Woman being one of them.  She has been in Florida having fun with her family at the theme parks that we enjoy going to with our family so it's been fun reading and seeing pictures of her trip.  I can see we have the same opinion of the horrible rollercoasters so I feel I am in good company!   :o)

Last week Son and DIL were in Bermuda, part business and part tenth year anniversary trip so I had kiddos off and on all week.  Their Mimi and I share grandmother duties when they are out of town so that neither one of us get too tired! ha!

We had a busy week and loved having them here with us, tucked into their beds in their own rooms here each night.  Miss T got to do a lot of horse stuff which was great for me too as I love watching her ride and Mr. D used my computer a lot which may have been the cause of it's demise! lol! He knows more about a computer then I do and he is only seven!

We went fishing one day which was fun but it was VERY windy and quite cold.  We finally got to a small cove where the waves weren't splashing up over us and that was much nicer.  D with a nice white perch which he released.

This is blurry but it is Miss T with a small yellow perch which went back in the water too.

Trying to stay dry as we were going across the lake in the high wind and waves!

Thanks goodness for chest waders when trying to get the boat back on the trailer!

Funsize and several of my other neices went to a Red Sox game a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately the Sox lost but they had a great time at the game.  They took the train down to Boston which saved a lot of driving in awful traffic.

Cleaning up the field after the rain storm.

Funsize LOVES the hotdogs at the games!

Mom and I went outside yesterday to take some pictures of the crabapple trees that are in bloom right now.  They are so gorgeous, I wish they would stay in bloom all summer!

Now I'm off to do some visiting with you all!  I sure have a lot to catch up on!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner.  I hope you all have plans with your mother or your children or grandchildren.  I am blessed to have my mother still here and just a few steps away into their apartment on the end of our house.  She's not quite a spry as she used to be but neither am I so we make a good team!  When I think of the days when we used to tackle projects that involved moving wood stoves back in the old lake house it amazes me.  We can get into enough mischief now but it doesn't involve moving heavy stoves!

These days we like to go shopping and going out to lunch with an emphasis on lunch.  We went shopping last week and hit the jakepot at Dress Barn for her.  They have a good petite department which fits her well.  Now you all know by seeing pictures of me that I don't shop in the petite department........ahem.........we won't even go there.....

My Mom has lost most of her eyesight due to macular degeneration.  She does well though and does most all of her housework herself and cooks when Dad isn't treating her to some yummy takeout.  There are lots of things that she used to love to do but can't now due to her lack of eyesight.  One thing I miss too is that she always got my groceries for me each week.  I would make a list and off she would go in the car to the grocery store.  What a luxury having someone do the weekly shopping!

Now she likes to fold my clothes for me and that's a huge luxury too!!  Sometimes I walk into their apartment and she is in her chair and I dump the big basket of warm from the dryer clothes right on her!  We have a weird sense of humor around here......heehee!

I could go on and on but I don't want her to get all snuffly as Dad reads this to her.  I will just say that I am blessed to have her as a mother and she's a keeper!  I love you Mom!  xoxoxox

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back again, finally

Oh my, how time flies around here.  I can't believe it's been a week since I have posted anything.  All of my good intentions went out the window for numerous reasons one being the flu hit this area big time!  My kids and grandkids all had it within a space of 4 days and my Mom has had it for three days but now is on the mend.  The Hubs and I have managed to escape so far but one never knows when this thing will hit.  I just start talking about it and my stomach gets sympathy queasiness!

Big news here in Maine.  I hope for all your sakes it didn't get picked up by the Associated Press but they usually have a nose for these things.  It seems a student at the college in Farmington wanted to protest something so she chose to protest that women can't walk around bare chested like the men can.  Evidently there is no law against public boobage showing so she along with about 20 other women and men paraded down through the sleepy little town causing more excitement then they have had in years.  The one picture that they put in the Bangor Daily News was discreet to a point but you could tell that one of the protesters who was probably in her 60's wore a 44 long!  Not really what  I wanted to see while eating my morning toast!!

Now I know young people want to make a difference and want a cause but good grief there are so many more worthwhile things to fight for then this mess.  My friend Renee Ordway writes a column for the BDN and she listed so many things that would be well worth this young womans time like domestic violence, child abuse, and hunger just to name a few.  Maybe she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame, I don't know, but I do know she is certainly misguided and things like this come back to bite you in the behiney.  You can well imagine how many digital cameras were clicking away and that lots of these gals will find their bare boobage on the Internet for all the world to see.  Sad. 

We also had big news when a transatlantic flight was diverted to our little airport last week when a passenger made comments that he had a bomb in his laptop and other threatening statements!  Thankfully it wasn't true but the young man is in deep trouble and at the moment is at the local hospital being evaluated.  We have a lot of overseas flights stop over at Bangor International Airport as it used to be an airforce base and the landing strips are extremely long to accommodate the huge aircraft that was used.  We quite often have unruly passengers dumped here that may have had a little to much to drink on their flights.  It must add a lot to the cost of their trip having to spend a night in jail here and then rebook another flight to get home.  Some people just never learn.

My big news is that the boys are home!!! Yay!  Funsize, Miss T and I made two trips to the stable to bring them home one day last week.  It seems so good to see them out grazing in the pasture or lounging in the barn under the fans when the blackflies start bothering them.  They have been enjoying all of the extra attention that they get here as I am in and out of the barn all day and evening, usually with a carrot or apple in my pocket for them.  The new pasture is finished and Dad and I got the gate put on yesterday afternoon.  They haven't been in it yet as I rotate my four pastures to keep them from getting overly grazed.  Look who comes running when I walk out into the pasture!  Poor Kipper still has so much winter hair!

Everyone needs a good scratch once in a while!

Who is that masked horse?!

Saturday night Funsize, my sister and I went to see one of my other sisters in the play Anne of Green Gables.  It was in an old grange hall type building and the set was done so well.  My sister played the part of Rachel Linde the nosy neighbor and we kidded her that it wasn't a stretch for her to play!  :o)  The young gal that play Anne was just amazing,  I can't imagine memorizing all of that dialogue!  My sister did a super job and brought the house down several times with her comical flair.  Anne of Green Gables is one of my all time favorite stories.

The three sisters, minus one.

Funsize with her aunts.