Thursday, March 15, 2007

Retail Therapy

There's nothing like a little retail therapy to give one a nice boost. You know how sometimes you go to the mall that there is nothing that appeals to you (not often), and then there are times where you just seem to hit the jackpot.

Yesterday Husband was going to Portland on business and I invited myself along to be dropped off at the big mall there while he met with his clients. Five hours. Yes, five hours alone at the mall without anyone else to think about, can this be a dream?!

I always go to Chico's first when I hit that mall. We don't have that store here and I really like their clothes and their costume jewelry and it always looks better in person then in the catalog. Bing Bing Bing first jackpot! They had new tops in and they were delicious colors. Grabbed some of them first and then looked at every item in the store. Now it's a smaller store but they have a lot so I guess I was there quite awhile but it was worth it as I found two pair of pants and a dressy little jacket for church. Now to be truthful the real reason I like their store is how they size the clothing. The sizes run from 0 to size three. (0 being probably an 8 and size three being a 14) I love being able to say that I picked up a few things size 3! It really does something to your self esteem, well, until you look in the mirror and you really are a 14 after all.......

Next stop the Disney Store. Again, Bing Bing Bing another jackpot! They had in a new shipment of boys swim trunks, matching tops, jackets and sandals, plus summer pj's with Minnie Mouse, Dalmatians, Pluto and Cars along with some princess nightgowns. With two birthdays soon I snagged that stuff up pretty quick.

Next on to Macy's where I had a $185.00 credit burning a big hole in my pocket. Bing Bing Bing ANOTHER jackpot! I can't wear the really high heels or the super pointed toes shoes but they have another style with a not too high heel and a little more rounded toe that fits me well and is very comfortable along with being fairly stylish. Last season I bought several different colors in this particular style and just love them but they are getting a little sad looking and I just never thought I'd find them again. When I walked in the shoe department and saw them again this year I could have cried tears of joy I was so happy. They are a little updated but basically the same shoe so I got two pair.

By this time my feet were hurting a bit so I thought I would try the nail salon and see if I could get a pedicure. Now I know it's still sort of winter here and no one sees my feet much but sometimes a girl just has to do these things. I walked in and asked when I could get in and guess what, Bingo, Jackpot Again, I got right in! I settled into the chair with the back massager on put my feet in the hot water, was in 7th heaven for about a minute and then a hot flash struck with a vengeance! It was the hot water on my feet that stirred things up. The young gal doing the pedicure looked up at my dripping face and just said "Hot flash?" I guess she has a lot of us menopausal clients.

My grandson wanted some Crocs for his birthday and again I hit it just right by finding some in the Hallmark Store and they even had the little buttons you put in the holes. I was feeling like I should buy a megabucks ticket the way my luck was running but seeings as I never have bought one before I guessed I wouldn't start now.

By this time I was ready for some dinner so I bought a magazine, got some food and sat in the food court reading and eating at a leisurely pace. I didn't want to do too much walking around as I had the bag full from Chico's, a bag full from the Disney Store, two pair of shoes from Macy's, some cards, two pair of Crocs and wrapping paper from the Hallmark Store and it was all getting pretty heavy.

I decided to stay in the food court and read as it was about 45 minutes before Husband was due to pick me up and my pocketbook just couldn't take any more Jackpots! He arrived and I loaded my bounty into the car and we headed for home. For some reason I was a bit tired from all the walking in the mall so I guess I snoozed most of the way home so it was a quick trip.

There's nothing like retail therapy...........


Susie said...

What's not to love about shopping, especially with all the bargains you found.
0-3 sizes!! How fun!!

dcrmom said...

No one would know there is no blood relation between us! ;-)

Joan said...

OMG...that sounds like my ideal day. I just love leaving a mall with bags and bags of "stuff." It always makes me feel so successful.

Suzy said...

Sounds like you had a great day!! I love shopping by my self.I can stop wherever I want.
Doesn't it seem that when you shop with nothing special in mind, you find lots of surprises!!

KC said...

sounds like you had a blast.. honestly reading this post I would have thought i was reading something writen by dcrmom :) Are you sure your not her moms sister insteed of her sister-in-law???? :) LOL
Your grandkids are going to love all that disney store stuff. What fun.

ForUsThreeGirls said...

Oldest daughter (8, almost 9) and I got some serious retail therapy in yesterday as well. We had a few presents to buy but spent a good portion of the afternoon shopping for new spring / summer clothes for her and her sister. We had a blast. We were also going to make a pedicure stop together. But the part she had in the play required her to be barefoot and the director said no nail polish! Darn! Guess that means we will go back~

mail said...

I'm not a big shopper at all, but I do like Chico's, too.
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