Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's Friday and I should be doing all sorts of things other then sitting here at my computer. I didn't go to swimming and my trainer canceled my gym appointment and my carpenter is having truck problems so isn't here yet so I am having one of those nice quiet mornings. That doesn't happen very often as my days are full with all kinds of activities that keep me hopping. My grandson is coming this afternoon as his sister has a girly birthday party to attend that he isn't invited to. Poor little guy, he is sent off to stay with Grammie while sister parties! At least Noodles and Munchkin will get a good workout as they love playing with him with a string, ping pong ball, fake mice, cat nip filled bags and all sorts of other toys.

It is sunny here today and the snow is melting away slowly but surely. I can hear the men working out back in the woods clearing some more carriage trails for us to use this summer with the horses and ponies. We can ride through the neighborhood but poor Husband is always on p**p patrol and has to get the 4-wheeler, shovel, muck bucket, lime, broom and head out to clean up whatever deposit has been left. Heaven forbid there be a little 'debris' left in the street so he is very meticulous about cleaning up. The neighbors snicker and laugh at him but he is good natured about it and kids right back with them. He says he will forever be known as the p**p cleaner upper!

I just finished a new tote last night. We have a local seafood company that is interested in selling our totes to summer tourists but they have to be seafood/ocean related. I was fortunate to find some pretty fabrics with different lobster scenes, lighthouses and sailboats so I need to get that order filled.

I get a little antsy when I find some fabric that I think is really cute and I found such fabric this week. It is adorable with princesses and has a coordinating fabric with little frogs on it for the princesses to supposedly kiss. I can't wait to put the bag together. I also found some really nice horse fabric that I'm itching to get at. There just aren't enough hours in the days to do everything I want to do. From start to finish it takes between 4 and 5 hours for each bag so it's not something I can just whip up in a hurry. Plus to have to hurry would take the fun out of it for me.


I also found this week one of the best sewing tools I have ever used. It is a Rowenta steam iron and let me tell you this thing ROCKS! It would take a wrinkle out of an old mans face! (Hummmmm ....I may have to try it on myself!) It has a reservoir for water and this baby blows steam like Old Faithful. My ironing actually takes half the time and for my totes and crafts it is just amazing. Now I know way up here in Maine we don't get a lot to get excited about like you folks in the big cities but this sure has me wound up! lol! It's worth every penny.

Now I am really itching to get down into the sewing room, turn on HGTV and start working on some of these projects. Happy Friday Everyone!


BarnGoddess said...

lucky you! a nice peaceful Friday morning. I always should be doing something else......unfortunately I usually dont.

so your neighborhood makes your poor hubby clean up the manunre piles? they should come to OK, ha, they'd hate it. We'd be worried if there werent any manure piles on the roads here.

Your totes are cute!

PEA said...

Omigosh, your totes are absolutely gorgeous!! Such a wonderful idea if that seafood place sells them to of luck with that! I see you get excited about things like I do...I'm all excited about my new kettle! lol Sigh, I do need to get out more!! hehe Hope you had a great afternoon with your grandson:-) xox

palmtreefanatic said...

OH wow! your totes look amazing! a lady of many talents! lots of business is headed your way I see congrats!

PEA said...

Oops forgot to answer your question about the Maple Weiner Wraps...yup, you can make them ahead and just reheat them:-)

Joan said...

I just love your totes and the princess fabric is perfect!!! Also love the sea print. And what a great way to earn some money...doing something you enjoy!