Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disney World Part Two

I finally got day two downloaded and it took a good hour and a half. I am not going to gripe about Blogger, I am not going to gripe about Blogger. Do you think if I say that enough I will
believe it?
As I was going through the 500 or so pictures that I took a few jumped out at me. Hummmmmmm...was there something in the air at Disney? Looks like we all were really happy doesn't it? lol!! Mimi and Bampie
Grammie and Grampie
Son and DIL I wonder what Miss T is thinking? I think it's good for children to see their parents show affection don't you? I think it makes them feel secure even if they make funny faces and say Yuck! My parents were always affectionate with each other and we kids used to giggle when Dad would give Mom a pat on the be-hind! :o)

We always like to go to Rain Forest Cafe when there is one around. They have the most beautiful fish tanks to watch while waiting to get into your table.

Of course there are always big animals around to look at that move and make sounds. Loud sounds. Very loud....

I wouldn't want to me this guy in the forest! Yikes!

This is more my style, I just love Chip and Dale. :o)

The kids enjoyed the High School Musical Show. What talented young people they had performing.

One evening the Hubs and I took the grands out to walk around Downtown Disney. The street dancers were having fun with the crowd doing the chicken dance with all the kids.

We spent a day at one of Disney's Water Parks, Blizzard Beach. They have amazing water rides and tons of things for kids to do. This sight reminded me of home......

This was new since the last time we were there and the kids loved it. All of them did it even the youngest who is only four!

Hey that lifeguard looks familiar!

All the way over the bigger grands talked and talked about the 50 ft. drop waterslide. I never dreamed they would actually come down it but they did. I almost had to close my eyes but I wanted blog pictures. A grandmother has her priorities you know!

Home Sweet Home.

More parades.

The flowers were just gorgeous.

I loved the fall displays.

One morning we went to the Crystal Palace for a character breakfast. There they go again waving the dinner napkins!

Winnie the Pooh. That reminds me, I know someone who has a poodle and her name is Winnie the Pooh-dle. I think that is funny!

That's it for pictures of this trip. Like I said before I took over 500 but you all would never be the same again if I put any more in. This is one of my favorites. Grampie and D. That's what it's all about, the hugs, smiles, waking us up in the morning with giggles, helping with baths and doing T's hair, the look of wonder on their faces when watching some of the lovely Disney Shows like Beauty and the Beast and snuggling in a little bit closer when going through the Haunted Mansion. How blessed I feel!

PS I have no idea why I can't get rid of this big space at the bottom.........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disney World Part One

We got home Monday about noon time. Got in about a half hour early which is always nice. We LOVE flying Allegiant as we get on at the Sanford/Orlando airport and get off in Bangor, Maine. No stops, no changes, no lost luggage. We had a fabulous time with the kids, grand kids and DIL's family who we vacation with quite often. Here is the motley crew at the Hoop De Doo dinner show. We hadn't been to that show for a few years so thought we would enjoy seeing it again and it didn't disappoint us. There are more pictures of it further down. Blogger still is being a pill but I don't even want to go there............sigh.......

Son and Goofy, I thought they were a good pair.

The grandchildren and cousins. The five of them had the best time seeing all the fun things together.

This is the stage at Hoop De Doo.

We went to the American Idol Show and it was terrific with some really good talent. The gal we voted for won and she was only 15 years old.

Again at the Hoop De Doo playing the washboards. D got right into it.

Son and DIL.

Waving the dinner napkins is always part of the show.

One of the many parades.

D and Cousin K always like to get their face painted.

This is Miss T's favorite form of transportation.

Aladdin's ride.

It was quite cold the first couple of days we were there as you can see by all of the jackets and sweatshirts.

Isn't this a beautiful carriage?!!!!!

Three generations of my men!

With the Power Rangers.

One of the meercats, my favorite little animal in the whole zoo.

More face painting.

The Grandmothers!

How do you like this huge guitar?! It was the Areosmith ride which I don't go on anymore as you go upside down a couple of times.

The grand kids were all dressed alike on several of the days. They loved it and it was easier to keep track of them.

Will continue this next post.