Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disaster Cookies Tutorial

Have you ever had a day that you knew just wasn't going to go right? I had that day yesterday. When I threw my pj's towards the hamper and they went in the toilet instead that was a pretty good indication! Good grief! I never should have tried to bake with the day beginning that way but Hubby likes his homemade cookies so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I even thought I would do a cooking post like Pioneer Woman does with pictures and all. Nothing like copying......

Hummmmmm........rather flat.......

They are actually flatter then they even look in this picture. They are so flat that my camera couldn't focus on one so I had to tip it a bit! So much for my cooking tutorial!

I have been looking for birdhouses to put up over my cupboards and hit the jackpot at good ole TJ Maxx last week. You can't beat TJ's for home goods.

Notice the sweet little bird beside this house, he came all the way down here from Canada! Thank you again Miss Pea!

I love the way they are putting sayings on picture frames now. I found this one at Kohl's the other day and just love it!

I have been having a problem with pigeons around my bird feeders so had to take the feeders down. I really missed seeing the small birds so bought a feeder that wouldn't lose seeds on the ground that would attract the pigeons. I put the feeder out this morning and guess who loves it? Can you see him? Unlike many others we like our squirrels and find them very entertaining. They love peanuts in the shell and we go through tons of them. I left the door open to the sun room yesterday when I was cooking the Disaster Cookies and guess who came in???? I had to shoo him out before he got into any mischief!

Guess that's about it for today. I'm going to try to make some molasses cookies today. Wish me luck! xoxo

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday night on the ole farm.

We got another day of sunshine today, dodging the rain, thunder and lightening that was forecast. Funsize came over for dinner and then she, Hubs and I went out to the barn to do some riding.

We harnessed up Kipper the Rotund Rebel and I took him in the cart while Funsize saddled up Lil' Bud and off we went. Hubby manned the camera so that I would have some pictures for the 'ole blog. We got them brushed up and sprayed with lots of bug spray and lots of people spray on us.

Funsize and Lil' Bud have a special relationship. She has been riding him since she was 11 years old and he goes better for her then anyone else. He does a lovely rocking chair canter for her that he will not do for me or anyone else but her.

We headed out through the carriage trails and it was blissfully bug free as there was a nice breeze. (Plus we had on enough bug spray to cover the whole town.....)

Now you may have noticed the Confederate flag saddle pad. When I bought it I thought it was pretty because I like red, white and blue. When I got back to the stable everyone started giving me a hard time, the Yankee that I am, with a Confederate saddle pad. I was clueless but I wouldn't take it back!

I took some pictures of my flowers this afternoon. The have started to perk up with a couple days of sunshine. These are in an old bean pot that I found in the basement of one of the houses that I redid.

Mock orange that has the most delightful scent.

I put white and yellow daisies along the walkway this year instead of petunias. They will get so big when they fill out and be gorgeous.

Aren't these shades of pink just delicious?!

More next time! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cats, cats and more cats

We finally got a little bit of sunshine to day. About an hour or so and it seemed so weird, really, I know that sounds odd but we have had so much rain in the past few weeks when the sun did come out it seemed odd. Well, the oddness didn't last long and we got some more showers off and on all afternoon. So much for mowing my lawns, they are going to be knee high, I'll need a mower and baler pretty soon!

Funsize has two new kittens! Sadly she lost her cat Madison about a week ago and her house seemed awfully quiet so we made a trip to the Humane Society to see what was available. We have had tons of kittens, over 150, but now are down to 20-25 thankfully. We looked around and Funsize picked out a few she wanted to look at in the kitten room where you can take them to get acquainted.

Doing the pre adoption paper work. That is Youshi our resident cat on the counter.
These are some of the prospects.

Look at those faces!

I think we might have a match.......

This is Lauren one of the adoption counselors. She transports the kittens to the kitten room. It's a rule. We don't want any dropped kittens!

Bingo! I think this one is a go!

Getting used to each other.

The new family!

They will stay at the Humane Society until they have all their shots and are spay and neutered and will come home on Friday. These will be indoor cats so that they won't get near the road like dear little Madison. It was bittersweet time for Funsize as she was excited about the two new furry kids but still in mourning for Madison. I'm glad she got these two though as it will help fill the empty spot in her heart even though there will always be a special spot there for Madison.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain, diets and VBS

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day........remember that song? What are the rest of the words???

It's rainy, cold and windy. They are calling it a Nor'easter and I don't remember in my life time having one in the summer. I equate it with heavy snow, raw wind and freezing temps so this is my first ever Summer Nor'easter. Regardless it's very wet and sloppy out and I have to grab my chances between rainstorms to ride.

Quite a few of you asked how I was going to put Lil' Bud on a diet. (BTW Lil' Bud is called that because I already had Buddy when I bought him and it was confusing to have Bud and Buddy so he has always gone by Little Bud as he is a bit smaller then Buddy was.) Back to the diet. Horses are like people to lose weight you have to burn more calories then you take in so I have brought him home so that I can ride him 6 days a week and have cut his food intake down a bit.

He was getting way too much lush pasture time at the stable as there is a lot of pasture land there and not enough horses to keep it down especially with mine home in the summer. Also I am getting the low carb grain and giving him first cut hay rather then second cut as that has more calories. I had his thyroid checked in case he needed to go on Thyrol L but it had normal function. He by no means will be hungry but he won't get all the treats that are sugary just carrots. He was just getting way too much and didn't know when to stop plus is a bit older. Sounds like me. Sigh......

VBS started tonight at our church. This is the first time in years and years that I haven't worked in it in some capacity. I was going to be the photographer for the week but one of the high school gals wanted to do it so I felt it would be good for her. I hope the weather clears as there are lots of outdoor activities one being the water slide night. They kids love that and all bring their suits and towels for the big event.

I remember VBS when I was a child. Mom always was one of the workers and it was held during the day as there were lots of moms home back then. Now we have to have it in the evening so that we have enough help. We always marched in to the song Onward Christian Soldiers, did our crafts, had Bible stories, singing, snacks and Kool Aid. Of course there was play time where we always played dodge ball coming back in all sweaty but happy.

We went for two weeks back then, now it's just a week. We loved it and couldn't wait to start but I think the moms were pretty pooped by the end of the two weeks! The last day all of the crafts of the week were carefully put out on tables with each child's name beside his or her creations. We were proud as peacocks. The closing program was that night where we sang our songs and said our verses for our parents plus they ooo-ed and ahh-ed over each of our crafts which we brought home that night. Sure wish I had some pictures from back then, probably do somewhere in an old album, wish I could find them as I think it would be fun to show my grandkids how Grammie went to VBS just like they do. :o)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a victim of a hoax!

It's raining like crazy here! We've sure had our share and more but at least it's warm and not freezing rain! :o) Glad I got all my mulch spread during the two good days that we had this week.

Yes, I am a victim of a hoax and I have spread that hoax around the Bloggisphere hoaxing other people! Shame on me for not checking out my sources! When I posted the picture of the moose yarding wood I totally thought it was a real picture but it has been brought to my attention that it was a picture that was layered through Photoshop. They took a picture of a moose and then layered on the harness which I should have noticed that it wasn't a harness used to yard wood it was more of a fancy harness. DUH! Well the truth is out now so my conscious in clear. :o) It was a cute story though wasn't it? lol!

Yesterday was spent at the vet's office with Little Bud, Funsize's Morgan. When I went to ride him on Wednesday after a couple of steps I knew he was sore so I hopped off to see if there were any stones in his foot or what. I couldn't see anything so I led him back to the barn and washed the foot out, tapped on it to see if I could find a tender spot and found nothing. I called my farrier and he came over with the pinchers and checked his feet and couldn't find anything but thought he should be seen by the vet so off we went.

We got there and led him in and he looked pretty good, not limping or anything. The vet put the pinchers on and found a sore spot so took him out for a flex test. The left leg was fine after being flexed but when he did the right one he really limped when the tech trotted him off so back into the examining room and he gave the hoof a going over. He took so x-rays to see if there had been any rotation which thankfully there wasn't and then he started digging around the frog. Bingo! Deep inside there was some thrush which I didn't see when I was cleaning his foot or smell as it has a very distinct odor.

He cleaned it out really well and I have to soak it in Epsom salts every day and pack it with betadine soaked gauze and then wrap it with vet wrap. It should clear up in a week or less. Whew! BUT, he also came this morning and did a blood draw and will come back again at 4 for another to check him for Cushings Disease which is very common in these old Morgans. Plus he has to take off 150 pounds which is better then the 300 the farrier wanted him to take off.

It's nice to have all my boys home though. When I go to the stable with my friend Ann I will ride the appy that is there who belongs to a couple of girls that are so busy with school and sports that they don't come see him very often. It's good for him to get the exercise and he loves the attention.
Guess I'd better run out and put everyone in the barn as it is just coming down in sheets! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!