Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you scared of heights?

Sometimes my graphics have absolutely nothing to do with the content of my post.  They just tickle my fancy and that's that.  :o)

It is HOT here in Maine!  We are back up in the 90's and usually by now it's getting a little nip in the air.  I'm not complaining though, we had a great weekend at the lake.  Next weekend we take the dock and the boat out for the season.  Sad to see the season end but fall is my most favorite time of year so again, I am not complaining.

Wanted to put a few pictures in of our trip down the mountain at Attitash in New Hampshire last weekend with the grand kids.  It is such a different thing to do and lots of fun.  If you are afraid of heights this wouldn't be for you, I just pretend that I am on the ride Soaring at Epcot and am fine! :o)

We got on the ski lift which was a quad so we all could ride up together.  They put the little sleds on the lift behind you and someone is there to help you get them off when you get to the top.

These are the tracks you come done on and no the sleds aren't attached.

Everyone looks far........

Yikes!  I didn't want to lose my sandals!  I must say that is a good looking pedi!  :o)

Look at D's face, starting to get a little nervous....... If you could see his hands you'd see the white knuckled grip!

Looking  ahead it doesn't seem too high.

Looking back it DOES!

We made it to the top and got our sleds.  D was fine once we got up there and came down the mountain without a hitch.  Miss T did fine too but I was going so slow that at one point my sled stopped and I had to push with my hands.  I sped up a bit and was fine after that.  You couldn't take pictures once you got on your sled so this was my last picture.

The kids wanted to go again but it was the end of the day and we had only signed up for one ride.  Next summer when we take our trek to NH we plan on spending a day there as there are lots of things to do.  The Alpine Slide is the most popular and I'm sure they will want to do that first!

Speaking of heights. Funsize went sky diving a few weeks ago!!!!!  She is much braver then I will ever be!  This picture is grainy but it shows her in her jumping gear.  I can't seem to find the one of her in the air so will have to have her send it to me again.  YIKES!!!!!  She loved it and will most likely do it again!  Nice to be young!!  xoxo

I had been wanting to go on a picnic this summer with the kids so called over to their house to see if they wanted to go on an adventure.  Mr. D was going to camp with his Mimi but Miss T and her friend K were home and wanted to go.  I slapped together some sandwiches and off we went in the Rhino.

We traveled around until we found a nice spot and got the blanket out to sit on.  Something about being out in the woods and fields makes a plain ole' chicken sandwich and chips taste extra good!

Of course we had some yummy raspberries that grow right near my dear friend Needled Mom in California! Speaking of Needled Mom, I just got a wonderful book of jellyroll patterns from her as I want to make T a quilt for Christmas.  I'll probably not get it back to her till we meet up in Key Largo in January IF I have the quilt done by then!! 

The sky was just beautiful and the temps were perfect in the low 80's and no humidity!  

You know, sometimes it's the smallest things that kids remember the most.  They thought this ride and picnic was just the best thing since sliced bread and want to do it again soon.  And we will!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


These words were repeated very often on our four hour drive to North Conway New Hampshire this weekend with the grands.  We left early Friday morning loaded with their favorite pillows, a cooler full of fruit and drinks and several movies for the dvd player!  What a wonderful invention for long trips with active kiddos along.

We got to North Conway and then it was another hour to Six Gun City only because of the traffic in downtown Conway.  It took us close to a half hour to get through a three or four mile stretch and then it was beautiful driving the rest of the way.  The mountains around us were just gorgeous and I can only imagine them in the fall when all the leaves have changed into their fall orange, yellow, brown, red and rust hues.

We arrived at Six Gun City which is a small theme park that's been around since our son went when he was five years old.

The little roller coaster was the hit of the day as far as Mr D was concerned.  They rode it over and over as there weren't that many people there, they didn't even have to get off and get in line again they just stayed on.

Paddling was fun, but I stayed on dry land in case of a tip over!  

There were horses to see and ride, go-carts, flume ride, plus lots of other things but we were ready to head back to the hotel as it had been a long day.

The next day we went to Santa's Village.  It was a bit further then the day before but we left early and didn't run into any traffic.  It is a wonderful little theme park, very clean, lots and lots of gorgeous flowers everywhere, shows, rides, you name it.

The grands had never been there before so were just so excited about everything that there was to see.  The reindeer were a big hit with them and ME!  :o)  

The flowers were gorgeous~and everywhere, I just kept snapping pictures but I'll only put a few in this post.  Don't want anyone nodding off........  :o)

Of course there was the obligatory roller coaster, of which I am not too fond, but, you do things for your grand kids that you normally wouldn't do so I went on it twice!  Do I look a bit apprehensive in this shot?

Well Blogger has decided that I have put in enough pictures for one day.  It just keeps saying that it 'failed'. Sigh....  Well, that will give me something to write about the next time.  :o)

To say we had a blast with the kiddos would be an understatement.  These are precious years and will go by all too quickly.  We try to spend a lot of time with them and are very hands on grandparents as I know a lot of you are.  We had requested adjoining rooms so that we could have the door open between them but they didn't have any left when we got there so it turned into the 'boys' room and the 'girls' room.  We wanted to put a sign on our door NO BOYS ALLOWED but we didn't.......we were nice.   When I saw Miss T this morning I told her that I missed my roommate and she giggled.  Then Mr. D came over to get a stick of butter and had his stuffed toy with him that he got at Santa's Village.  I was glad he liked it and was carrying it around.  It was a round frog.  We are already planning next years trip, there is one thing that we did that they want to do AGAIN soon!  It involves a chairlift going up the mountain and a sled to come down on.......Yikkkkeeeessss!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers in the Garden

As fall is fast approaching I felt I should get outside and take some pictures of my flowers.  Lots have gone by already but there are still tons of them to look at and enjoy.  Here are some cone flowers that have overtaken my veggie garden spot.  They self seed and I have been moving them to other places, given them away, anything but pull them out and throw them on the compost pile.  I don't have the heart to do that.......yet.

Can you see the bee on this one?  They are loaded with bees all the time.

This butterfly is enjoying himself on one of my hydrangea bushes, there is also a bee to the right.

Don't you love the darker pink that is near the center?

Several different colors of cleome, they look so pretty with the rail fence as the backdrop.

Yellow cone flowers.

Had to sneak a picture of my barn in too.   :o)

LOVE Brown Eyed Susan's!

White flox, it smells sooooooooo good!

More flox.

More hydrangea

Can't remember what these are called.

There are more but Mr. D is here and is anxious to get doing something exciting.  We are taking him and Miss T on a little trip this coming weekend to New Hampshire so should have some good pictures from that.  It's funny how we as bloggers think of everything in terms of pictures for our blogs.........  :o)