Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winter Again, and Again, and Again

We got up this morning to a winter wonderland. Again. How many more of these snow storms do we need this spring? I must admit it is beautiful and I am a snow lover but even I am ready for some green stuff: grass. I see the pictures on your blogs with things in bloom and it makes me itchy to get out digging in the dirt and planting something. I haven't quite decided how I am going to plant this year, last year I used a lot of cleome and they got HUGE by the end of August, some were over six feet high. May use more Wave Petunias as they are such easy keepers and so darned colorful. It's fun thinking about it.

We had lots of rain and snow over the weekend which caused some havoc around here. Got a call from a client saying he was having some flooding in his basement so I thought I should take a looksy down in our basement and sure enough the water was up to the edge of the sliding glass doors and had come in about 18 inches on the carpeting. The courtyard was flooded because the culvert was clogged with ice so the water didn't have anywhere to go. We got out there in the pouring rain with our shovels and the John Deere and started picking our way through the ice and snow to open things up. Thankfully our son came over and with a 2X4 got the ice out of the culvert and the water just whooshed out through it. The joys of late winter and early spring. I was just thankful that the client called or I may not have gone down there until the next day and it would have been a huge mess. Husband's home office, my sewing room, kids playroom and a bathroom are down there which really don't need to be flooded!

My granddaughter spent the night last night. All went well and she was up at 6:30 ready to rock and roll. We went to the gym, the chiropractor, the stove shop, the feed store, Dunkin' Donuts and up to the stable to see the horses and ponies. Came home, had some lunch and did some crafts until her Mom came and got her around 2. She gave Noodles and Munchie a run for their money and they are now sleeping soundly.

The sun is out now melting the accumulation of snow that we acquired last night. It's all rather slushy out there. Tonight we're going out to dinner with friends so no cooking for me! My carpenter has been working on the sun room for the past few days. I picked out a small propane stove today to put out there as there is no heat in there now. It's so pleasant out there we decided we wanted to be able to use it all winter too. The cats love it out there as they can watch the birds, squirrels, turkeys and even two foxes today. I'm glad they were safely inside!


ForUsThreeGirls said...

Oh my - so glad you caught the water before it got bad. We flooded on New Years Eve...nice way to ring in the New Year. It was horrible.

You won't see pretty pictures from my yard in bloom - LOL....I kill everything. But we are in the 70's today and I sent oldest to school in shorts today. She was sooooo excited.

We are going out to eat tonight too. Youngest turns 5 today and my b'day was last week so we are headed out.

Have a great one!

BarnGoddess said...

your granddaughter is beautiful! your kitty is very pretty too!

snow? ewwww. I hope it melted FAST.

it's rained and thunderstormed all day long here....but we needed the moisture so I cant complain too much.

Joan said...

OK...up until now I thought I was really missing something, by living in a warm temperate climate, as I looked at all the beautifully serene winter photos posted by bloggers. Reading your blog today, however, makes me remember why it is our family chose to move away from the Northeast. I feel a whole lot better! ;-)

Suzy said...

I'm sick of winter and snow too, so ready for spring, can't wait to get in the flower bed!...

So sorry about the water in your basement,but glad you caught it when you did.

You're grandaughter is a real cutie!!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

mmmm dunkin doughnuts sounds yummy right now!

I know what you mean about the snow! Just when your mental side wants to think we are so past the winter blahs, and spring is in the air, it turns back to a crazy snowy day again! BUT the good news is it cannot last and usually melts off nicely, PRAISE GOD! ok so spring really is coming SOON!