Saturday, March 17, 2007

This And That

It's been a busy week. Of course the highlight was the exceptionally productive trip to the mall. There is something about getting home with lots of bags to carry in that gives one a feeling of euphoria and if you have to make two trips bringing the stuff in well that is an even higher level.

Being a Bambi lover and disliking the thoughts of shooting anything I have never understood hunters. (I bet you're wondering where this is going! ) Anywho, while shopping is a much gentler activity I had an epiphany the other day about the thrill of the kill. I was driving along and there were a bunch of men standing around the bed of a pickup admiring a dead deer that one of them had shot. I was disgusted at first at the looks on their faces until I realized it was the same look I have when having had a successful shopping excursion! My apologies to all hunters that I have given the disgusted look to, although my sport doesn't include blood so I guess I am still on a higher level. tee-hee

Thursday I had quilting class. I will say that the Calvary Cut Ups are doing well and making excellent progress on their quilts. I was feeling a bit like the mother with her first child going off to school as some of them didn't need me as much as they used to and were zipping right along.

Thursday afternoon we (the decorating committee) met with the Pastor to go over the Easter schedule to see what the decorating needs would be. Usually we have lilies that people can purchase in memory of a loved one and we use these lilies to decorate the platform. The scent of the lilies can be a bit overwhelming to those of us with allergies so this year we decided to make a memory board instead and only have a few of the pungent offenders. We are asking people to bring in a picture of a loved one that they want remembered and we will color copy it and post it on a big board that will be decorated and have names and who submitted the photo and all. We've never done it this way before so I hope people like it. Being Baptists we don't always take to change very well so I hope the decorating committee isn't tarred and feathered! LOL!

Friday was back to swimming with granddaughter's preschool group. I'm so glad I am back doing laps, it is such wonderful exercise and so much easier on my joints even if it does mean getting into the much dreaded bathing suit. I do laps for awhile, then watch the girls swim lesson and then it is play time. I always have to leave a few minutes early as I go to the gym at 10:30 but it's well worth the time and I enjoy being with the kids.

Janet, my trainer at the gym, was in hysterics laughing over my latest physical complaint. I told her I had hurt my left elbow and of course she wanted to know how and I had to admit it was from carrying too many shopping bags around on Wednesday........ I should have anticipated that response and had another less indulgent reason ready.....

Today is a blustery mix of snow, rain, freezing rain and wind. It is really a mess out there and lots of things are cancelled. My sister is here from out of town and thankfully we got our TJ Maxx run in last night before this all got really bad. It was snowing when we went but it takes more then that to keep us from a long overdue TJ Maxx visit. I put the ole' Tahoe in four wheel drive and we were fine. There were several cars off the road on the big hill near my house, nothing serious thankfully, so we took a different route and made it home fine.

Someone asked me if those flowers I posted on Wordless Wednesday were in my front yard and yes they are. I love to garden and try to come up with something a bit different each summer. Unfortunately our summers are very short so for all that work we only get to enjoy the flowers for a few months so I always take lots of pictures.

Wow, I have sure rambled on this morning. I guess I'd better sign off before everyone is totally bleary eyed or asleep. I sure do enjoy all of your posts. I try to get around to each one every day. I love hearing about your day to day lives and each one of you has a special knack for writing that makes it all so interesting. I love the pictures, recipes, memes and of course your comments on my posts make it so much fun! I'm getting very anxious for my 'new look', I've been on a waiting list for awhile but hopefully it will be soon.


Joan said...

As an allergy sufferer, I know I'd appreciate your church committee's decision to change and I think your alternative is a wonderful way to remember a loved one.

And reading about your lap swims and gym visits makes me realize I need to get back to the YMCA to get this ol' body in shape again.
Thanks for the nudge!

KC said...

Laps, swimming, gym and trainer.. UGH.. and Here i can't even get myself out of bed early enough to get a bit of exercise in before the kids wake up I'm so out of shape..

I'm glad you had fun with your granddaughter swimming again.. and it sounds like your visit with your sister was fun..

Snow.. I'm ready for spring and summer.. On tuesday this week it was 72 outside and then thursday morning we woke up to everything in a nice blanket of snow and it has been cold with snow ever since.

ForUsThreeGirls said...

I have showed your pics to everyone - from the snow, turkeys and your yard...I love seeing your part of the world and weather we can only dream about.


palmtreefanatic said...

you are sure getting good at this blog world!

Sounds like a busy weekend! snow today? I am also ready for warmer weather!

I thank you for the kirby info!