Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update on Dad.

Oh my, things sure have changed on Blogger since February!  I can hardly find my way around so will have to do some studying on this new system.  I was shocked to see so many comments as I haven't looked at my blog for quite some time.  Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts for my Dad.  He is doing quite well, not 100% yet but getting there.  He is back to work mowing all his lawns, I think he has about 15 or so that he does, and we try to go and help him on the long days.  He can drive, was cleared for that quite some time ago, finished all of his physical therapy, and has had his bleeds checked out and they are all gone. He still has some dizziness when he gets up from laying back but that seems to go within a few seconds now. They told him that it might take up to a year for that to go away completely.  We are very thankful that he came through this,  God is good!  Life around here is a bit different but we are managing.  We don't like to leave my Mom alone much but we work it out.

I am sorry to say that we had to have Lil' Bud put down about a month ago.  We had been dealing with a couple of abscessed teeth that had to be removed, lots of antibiotics, x-rays, meds etc and it turned out to be cancer of the facial bones and jaw.  It was a very fast moving cancer, within a three week span it changed immensely so the decision had to be made to have him put down the next morning.  My vet said he had about a week and not to wait even that long.  It's funny because he never missed a meal, never acted sick other then when the teeth needed to be pulled, never lost any weight, looked fabulous and was so loving right to the end.  Funsize rode him up to our horse cemetery bareback and he did fine, would have cantered if she had wanted him to, just a week or ten days before we were trail riding and he took right off at a nice canter without her even asking him. He was a gentle soul and we miss him terribly but couldn't let him suffer in any way, he was 24.  Again life is different but we have such wonderful memories.  Funsize was 11 when we bought him for her and she is now 29 so really they grew up together.  :o)   We still have Scooter, Nick and Kipper.  I filled Lil Bud's big box stall with extra bales of hay and shavings, I couldn't stand to see it empty.  I am riding Scoot about every day and he is doing really well changing from his job as a team penning horse to a nice western pleasure horse.  Miss T is riding Kip and buzzing around like mad and Funsize has taken over Nick.

Not sure when I will get back to blogging regularly, maybe not till fall.  We are enjoying the lake this summer so much and I have had lots of projects around the yard putting in pretty plants replacing the ones that winter killed last winter due to no snow.  I am spending as much time as possible with my grand kids, we have done lots of fun things.  They are growing so fast and before you know it they won't think it's cool to hang out with Grammie.  They are at the lake this week with Mom and Dad and we are headed down tomorrow for the 4th.  

Again thank you for all your kind words and prayers, it DOES make a difference!

PS I am still Home On the Range but I couldn't get that on the picture so it says my title is YAY.  I will try to get that fixed.  :0)