Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

I love Mondays. I try to keep my calendar clear on Mondays to catch up from the weekend. I'm not always successful and things get booked in sometimes but for the most part I like to keep my Mondays open. For one thing Sunday is a busy day from morning service to evening service and sometimes things in between so it's kind of nice to not be so busy the day after.

Last night was our Awana Grand Prix. Now this is a yearly event that our Truth and Training groups participate in and is eagerly awaited. The kids make a car out of a block of wood, put wheels on it, paint it and decorate it any way they want. By the looks of some of the cars last night I think a design team was hired and there wasn't a child anywhere near the construction of said car. Now I don't mind the kids having someone 'help' them because you can't put a skill saw in the hands of an 8 year old, but come on now, who is this car for the child or the Dad????

I was one of the, ahem, 'lucky' ones asked to judge the cars in different categories and it was very hard because you had the 'professional' cars and the cars that the kids had obviously done most of the work themselves. I tended to lean towards the cars that the kids had a hand in making and the other two judges did also but then again that takes away from the kids that had so much help. It was a dilemma but we did the best we could to be fair to all. I just wish parents could see these things for what they are for, to let the child do most of the work and enjoy the pride and satisfaction of making their own car.

The Pastor talked about anxiety yesterday. I don't know too many of us that don't struggle with this at times and clearly the Bible says that we are to be anxious for nothing. (Phil. 4:6) I know in my life I can worry about things and 'fret' as my husband calls it. It is my hearts desire to lean more on Him and stop 'fretting' about things that I don't have any control over anyway.

I'm finishing up the princess bags. I just fell in love with that fabric and had to make them up to see how they came out. I just need to get the buttons put on and they will be done. My granddaughter saw them yesterday and asked if they were for her so I guess one is spoken for already. I found some pink fabric that I thought went well too so I got some of that and I have the two made with different coordinating fabrics. It sure seems like a lot of work for $38.00 but I enjoy it so I guess that makes it worthwhile and when your granddaughter claims one the minute she sees it, well, that's priceless! (isn't there an ad on tv about this????)
My grandson was here for awhile on Saturday and decided he wanted a snack of homemade bread and jelly. I couldn't resist getting a picture of most of it on his face and not in his tummy!

Guess I'd better get back down in the sewing room and finish things up. I have so much fabric or 'stash' as we call it that I really wouldn't need to buy any more for years but there is the call of the quilt shops that just hauls me in.......just to look.......yeah right, just to look........


Donna said...

Wow, that boy really gets into his sandwiches, doesn't he? Cute!

PEA said...

Like you, I really don't like it when a parent gets more involved in making something that the child is supposed to be doing. When my boys had to build things, we would offer suggestions but otherwise they had to do it all by themselves. I remember Science could so tell when it was a parent who had done the whole thing! lol Those totes you made with the new material you had bought are just adorable!! Pass me some of your talent will ya? lol Your little grandson is just precious with all that jam on his face! hehe xoxo

Susie said...

Love those princess bags! What do you mean about the $38.00? Is that the cost of the fabric and notions?

Joan said...

I agree that having parents too involved with a child's project is a problem whether it be in school, church or elsewhere. I wish parents would learn to stand back and let their children experience the joys of accomplishment.
I absolutely love the princess have one very lucky granddaughter.
And I just noticed the link to my blog. Thanks so much!

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like he was really indulging!
Such beautiful work you do, including the post here, love how you do this!