Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday With Words

I know it is Wordless Wednesday and I have already posted some pictures but I have been getting some complaints from my fans (all three of them) when I don't write something. My parents are in Florida enjoying the sunshine and warm temps and seeings as they don't play shuffleboard they read my posts for excitement. Now that is a sad commentary isn't it? lol! They are getting ready to head north in about two weeks so they will be in the midst of all of this craziness called my life as they live here with us in their own apartment. It has to be quite a change for them after being in the peace and quiet of their home in Florida to landing in looneyville with cats, horses, great grandchildren and any number of other daily distractions. I looked out on the deck one day last summer and there were my adorable grandchildren having a marshmallow fight with my mother! Marshmallows were flying everywhere and the grandkids thought that was the best game in town.

We call my Dad Mr. Fix It. We keep an on going list of things that need to be repaired, tweeked, removed, glued, unglued, drained, hammered, tightened or loosened for when Dad gets back to Maine to take care of for us. He is a Jack of all trades and if it can be fixed he can do it. Today I brought in a halter off one of the horses that needs to be fixed so I think I will put that first on the list. It's not just me with a list either, I have a sister and brother in town and they keep their lists going too so there is no shortage of jobs for Dad to do while here in the summer. He also mows all the lawns for our offices and all the homes listed with one of the local real estate companies in town. He takes care of the horses when we are out of town. He is 84.

My mother has macular degeneration and is legally blind. This has taken away many of the things that she once enjoyed like reading, driving, writing letters etc but it doesn't keep her down by any means. She still can cook up the best eye of the round roast with brown gravy and baked potatoes that you would want to sink your teeth into or lemon cake that is light as a feather. She keeps their apartment spotless, does all their laundry and even likes to hang clothes out on the line for the yummy fresh smell. She is 83.

Next door is my FIL. He turned 90 in December and is still going strong. He goes to work every day at 7 o'clock and gets home at 6 pm. He has been a widower for 15 years so he has to get his own meals for the most part and take care of things around the house. He does have a housekeeper that comes in once a week and does the laundry and cleaning. Last May he received his honorary doctorate from Husson College here in Maine. He is active in the family business.

To say that these three people are an inspiration would be an understatement. In this day and age of so many people working the system to get a free ride the work ethic of these three is a breath of fresh air. They have their aches and pains, two of them are cancer survivors, but they haven't given up on life to just sit and do nothing they have kept going and continue to be contributing members of society. It has been a good example to me and my siblings and now my grandchildren and for that I am grateful.


Joan said...

Your dad, mom and father-in-law are true inspirations and I am in awe of their spirit and accomplishments at their age. My mom's 90-year-old friend has become embittered by her macular degeneration and I only wish she could meet your mom to know what can be done even with the limitations that the degeneration brings.

Susie said...

Macular degeneration can be such a disabling disease. Your Mom is a great example of someone who has learned to live her life in spite of disabilities. Your family sounds amazing (and you all live so close together!)