Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

Are you all still humming Monday, Monday???? NOW you will be! Aren't I bad, just like stirring up a bit of trouble! I couldn't get that song out of my head even into Tuesday! I wonder if they have a song for Thursday?

It's sewing day today along with a hair appointment and a massage and adjustment on the back and neck from my fall. (That sentence had too many ands in it didn't it? My grammar isn't what it used to be.) Mimi is coming over and we are going to sew up a storm in preparation for the craft fairs. She's going to be teaching me a new bag design so that will be fun. This one is smaller and has one over the shoulder strap.


Well the sewing machines were humming as we worked today. It is a really cute design and I think I am going to like having something different to work on.

I am just so out of anything exciting to write about. The painters had to leave today as it started raining so it was pretty quiet. I'll tell you though it's pretty unnerving to be going.........ahem.........potty and to all of a sudden hear someone on the roof right outside the window in the bathroom!!!! I bet the painter wasn't any more then three feet from me as the.....ahem.....potty is on the outside wall! Visions went through my head of the shade all of a sudden falling down and there I would be sitting on the throne! Let me tell you I finished things up fast and was out of there!

Seeings as I am on potty issues the horses were naughty today. It was overcast which makes it a little buggy in the pasture so they hung out in the barn where they have the freedom of coming and going. When I went out to feed tonight there had been a lot of 'going' on the main barn floor instead of going outside where they are supposed to 'go' if you get my drift! Also they had opened the tack room door and dragged a whole bale of hay out and had been feasting on that all afternoon. I think it was Nick as he seems to be the Houdini in the bunch but they all were accomplices as they had hay on their breath!

Tomorrow I have to go over to the Open MRI place to check out the metal mask that they put over your face when you have a head MRI. I am a very claustrophobic person. The thought of even being locked in a closet freaks me out so I can't do the regular MRI machine. Thankfully they have an open one that I have used on occasion and seeings as I landed on my head recently the doc wants to take a look inside and see if my brain is still there.

I wasn't nervous about this at all until they called to confirm my appointment and I asked to confirm that it was indeed the OPEN one and they said yes it was but I would have to wear a mask..........Wasn't there a movie out a few years ago about a man in a metal mask starring Leonardo DiCaprio??? Anyway that's all I could think of was that totally metal mask and I started to sweat! And it clips to the machine and you can't move. I assured her that I could lay very still but she said sorry I have to wear the mask, the metal mask that is clipped to the machine that you can't move in. Aaaaacccccckkkkkkk!

I want to say a big thank you to KC over at Mindless Chatter Of A Busy Mom for the You Make Me Smile Award that she bestowed on me recently. I hope I make people smile with my sometimes foolish chatter and with the things in my life that make me smile like my family, my horses, my beautiful state and my God. I would have to say Back At You KC as you have a wonderful blog about your beautiful family and all the things that you do as a family, it really makes me smile!!! Also love the music on your site!!! :o) If you like good Praise and Worship music hop on over to KC's and have a listen!

Tomorrow I am going to give Mom Snowbird a perm. I'm going to try to talk her into before and after pictures but the odds aren't too good that she will let me! Maybe I will bribe her with a trip to Dairy Queen and I wouldn't want her to eat alone so I would have to have one too........

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

This was one of the happiest days of my life when my first grandchild came into the world. I had the privilege to be there along with Mimi, the other happy grandmother, and we saw T being born. What a gift from Son and DIL to allow us to be there to witness this birth. 14 months later D made his appearance and it was DIL's sisters that were in with her but we were close by in the waiting room. These two days will forever be in my heart as will T and D!! :o) Happy Not So Wordless Wednesday!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday.....

Remember that song Monday, Monday by the Mama's and the Papa's? For some reason that has been going through my head today, maybe because it IS Monday, who knows!?

I am still in one piece although rather colorful with my purple, green and yellow bruises. Each day is better and my doctor today gave me permission to start riding again. I am going out tomorrow to get a new helmet as mine is about 15 years old and I am sure they have made great strides in headgear since then.

The painters are here this week sanding the house getting ready to paint it. It has sounded like a gigantic bee hive with all the sanders going at once. I have been hiding out in my sewing room in the basement where I can't hear much of it. I've been sewing up a storm anyhow so this keeps my nose to the grindstone even more. I think they have one more day of sanding and then will start the painting.

Daddy and D were over Saturday on their way to put in a bridge over a dip on one of the snowmobile trails. Mommy and T were doing girl stuff. D had fun picking the big cucumbers out of the garden for the horses and thought one of the pumpkins made for a good place to sit.

Getting buckled in for the ride out the trail to do 'Guy Stuff'!

I took a ride out later to check out the new bridge and it was all done and they were headed back home. Flushed out a couple of deer, a partridge and a hen hawk on the way. Fall is such a fun time of year, I just LOVE it! Bobby, my yard man has been here helping me pull out all the things that have bit the dust, trimmed the shrubs for one last time before winter, moving around some perennials for me and doing some general fall clean up.

Buddy is still doing well. His whole attitude has improved dramaticly now that he is out with the herd again and being a horse! No more staying in the ring for him. He has gained a little weight and it looks good but we will have to watch it carefully so that he doesn't gain too much and put pressure on those front feet. All the boys are getting fuzzy in preparation for winter weather.

Guess I will try to read up on a few of your posts now. I feel like I am missing all the fun these days with my self imposed blogging limits!!! :o( Only until after the two craft fairs and then I will be back full time!!! :o)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Tuesday Tumble

I learned yesterday that I don't bounce like I used to. Imagine that, not like when I was ten years old. I fell off one of the horses and it sounded like a big bag of potatoes hitting the ground! That's what I get for bragging about riding bareback in my last post!

My friend Ann and I were at the stable along with the owner Jean who has been giving Lil' Bud a tuneup the last couple of months. He is Funsize's horse but I ride him when she isn't there as Buddy is out of commission for the moment. Ann and I tend to talk more then we seriously exercise the horses and when we go on a trail ride we usually just walk so they don't get a really good workout. The vet wants them to get more exercise so we have been on a quest to get these guys into good shape and not just be lawn ornaments.

As I said in my previous post I hadn't cantered for ages and had fun riding bareback on Saturday with no problem staying on. Good way to get overly (I can't think of the word, this pain killer is slogging my brain power a bit) confident, yes that's the word!!! Anywho, I was cantering Lil' Bud around the ring, wind blowing through my gray roots colored hair, and something happened. From what they tell me, I dropped a rein and when I reached down to get it I threw him off balance which in turn threw me off balance and before I knew it I was hitting the ground! Not fun. I landed on my head and neck and I was afraid I had broken my neck so I stayed in one position till the girls got to me and checked my neck out. It was okay but I was not feeling very well so decided I would go home.

They didn't think I should drive so Ann brought me home calling Husband on the way to tell him I had taken a bad fall. He met us at the house and I went up and changed out of my riding clothes as they were filthy as I skidded when I fell as we were going at a pretty good clip. I even had grass and gravel in my un*dies! I just wanted to sleep but Husband insisted we go to the ER after calling our Primary Care Doc.

To make a four hour story short all is well but they said I would feel like a Mack Truck had hit me today and they were right. The CT scan was okay, just a big bump on my head where I hit but no bleeds inside thankfully. They said it was okay to sleep which I did the whole time I was there when not being poked and prodded. They gave me some muscle relaxant and pain med which I HATE taking as it makes me feel fuzzy but I guess I can handle it for a couple of days.

No, I did not have a helmet on. Yes, I will wear one from now on. Yes, I am very thankful for being spared breaking my neck. I learned a good lesson yesterday. :o)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

You probably get tired of my saying this but it's just gorgeous here today in Maine. I guess you can tell that I love where I live and wouldn't trade it for anything. It's crisp and cool with blue skies and puffy clouds again today. Wish I had taken my camera when Husband and I just took a ride on the Rhino out on the new carriage road. It's just about finished and it is a REAL road with culverts and everything! :o) (You can see it doesn't take much to excite me.) It's going to be great for driving the ponies in their little carts, riding, snowmobiling, hiking, 4-wheeling, and cross country skiing. All our neighbors are welcome to use it. It's posted for No Hunting so we shouldn't have to worry about getting shot at.

VAST IMPROVEMENT. Yes, that is what the vet report said when he was here this week! Yee haw!!! (you know I would never really say yeehaw in real life other then Blogsville!) He was amazed at Buddy and kept saying it over and over! I was grinning ear to ear just loving every minute of it! The new shoes are working beautifully and he can walk comfortably on any surface now. Four months of work seems to have paid off and I am one happy person. I think, actually I know, the vet was surprised at how far he had come since he saw him three weeks ago. I don't think originally he gave him much of a chance but hung in there with us giving Buddy good care and me good advice as to how to take care of him. Buddy is completely on pasture now and loving (can you see him doing the happy dance?) every minute of it! I would go out and take a picture of him but it rained and he rolled in the mud and is a MESS!

Saturday Funsize, my friend Ann and I were on barn duty at the stable where I keep the guys in the winter as the owner was away. We landed there bright and early to feed and turn out and then we did some riding. Funsize was riding Lil' Bud her Morgan, bareback, cantering around the ring with ease, not even hanging on to the mane and it looked like soooooooo much fun I decided to give it a try. Now I haven't ridden bareback since the Nixon administration so this was going to be a challenge! First thing was just to get on........finally with the help of the mounting block I very UNgracefully threw myself on and off we went. It felt so good, took me back to when I was a kid and never used a saddle just hopped on bareback and rode all day. Okay so we did fine at the walk so I decided to trot and seeings as he has a smooth trot I was still on. Then I decided to throw caution to the wind and CANTER! Now let me tell you it wasn't pretty, I was hanging on for dear life thinking about that cast that I would have if I fell off, but I did it and it was exhilarating! (like I said previously it doesn't take much to excite me)

I'm still on my sewing frenzy for the craft fair, the only thing is I have been selling them faster this weekend then I can make them. Now this is good news AND bad news. It's nice to make good sales but now I have to replace them with more for the fair. That's okay though, it called Job Security!

A couple people asked me if I had any horse themed totes and I have a few in stock done and a couple that I am working on. This is the last one of this pink fabric, I don't think I can get any more unfortunately.

Also have a couple I'm working on. This is our original style that is more square.

This is the rodeo fabric that I wish I had bought more of. You never know what's going to be the hot seller. I haven't put the lining in yet but it is the same boot fabric that you see on the outside.
A Mom bought one of my lady bug ones (which there again I wish I'd bought the whole bolt as lady bug stuff sells really well) and wanted a child's size for her little girl out of a different lady bug fabric so it is made out of 4 inch squares instead of 5 inch and is adorable! This is the Mom's.

This is her daughter's. Same pattern just much smaller although it doesn't look it in this picture. She was so tickled with it, made me feel really good. I didn't put the cell phone pocket in this one just a couple of regular pockets. I didn't think at 8 years old that she'd have a cell phone!

Anyway enough of my sewing adventures, your eyes are probably all glazed over at this point!!

I hear voices coming through the woods so it must be my grandkids coming for a visit so I will close for today. I LOVE that sound of their voices coming down the path! Music to a Grammies ears!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I decided that I needed to set limits on my time spent blogging. I am getting ready for the craft fair as you all know and I am feeling a bit pushed as I want to us to have at least 100 totes for our booth. We are going back to Florida in October for a week so that week is out for sewing unless I want to carry my machines, fabric, thread, scissors etc on the plane and sit in the hotel room sewing while everyone else is having fun in the Dis*ney parks. NOT! So I have decided I cannot get on my computer first thing in the morning before I have done my household chores. Funsize and one of my other nieces, Stinky Sox are doing my morning barn chores. I decided this yesterday and was on my computer this morning at 8 am. That didn't last long now did it?! Actually I was having a trial run and now I REALLY am going to stick to it!

It's been just one of those perfect days here in Maine. Cool, sunny, breezy, big puffy clouds in the sky, just perfect. The horses are starting to hair out for the winter already. The nights are getting down in the 40's and in northern Maine in the high 30's. There is a frost watch for tonight in northern Maine. It doesn't seem like summer should be over but in reality it is and snow will be here before we know it. I for one am not sad about this. I love winter with the sparkling snow and the NON HUMID days. Of course having a snowmobile helps even though I am not one to go miles and miles. I love going out with my kids and grandkids on a couple hour ride ending up at Dunkin' Donuts for hot chocolate and a donut.

My friend Myrna over at Cherish the Word ( cracked me up today! I had mentioned I was getting the spam about TOE FUNGUS and she left me a comment about it saying that Toe Fungus Spam sounded yucky like it was a new flavor of Spam or something! lol! Just think about that! Spam in itself is bad enough but to add T F to it is even worse! GAG! I wrote back and said it sounded like the name of one of those awful rock groups!

I really do need to take an hour or so and sit here and block out some of this spam. Now I am getting it for a famous brand of coffee (I don't drink coffee), and some other unmentionable things. I got all the mortgages and casino stuff blocked so that took about 10 off each day plus the men's products so that was another 5 or 6 so I need to block the rest.

Buddy is doing well. He is out on the pasture 5 hours a day now with the rest of the boys. So far he seems to be doing okay with the hard ground and eating the grass or what's left of it. I watch him carefully to see if there are any changes in him. He is so excited about being out free with the other guys and at first it was hard to catch him to come in at night but now I guess he knows he's going to be able to go out and not just in the ring so he comes clomping in with his backwards shoes on. It's kind of cute and some one asked my farrier what he had been drinking before he put those shoes on backwards! Buddy is our Gentle Giant and he is cute whether his shoes are on backwards or not! :o)

My friend Ann's horse Bucky is having some problems right now. Most of the horses at the stable are getting rather old or 'long in the tooth' as they say so it's not unusual to have some problems. The oldest one's are 33, 18, 20, 26, 27, 17, and 19. The rest of them are younger. Lil' Bud is 18, he is Funsize's Morgan and he has been in really good health so far so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I hopped on over to Heather's ( to check in on her and how she is coming along with her chemo for brain cancer. This is one remarkable chick and if you are feeling sorry for yourself just go on over and read a few of her blog days and you will find that your life 'ain't so bad' after all. This young lady has been coping with cancer and she also has an autistic daughter that needs a tremendous amount of care. Some of you have the Pray For Heather buttons on your sidebars and I would if I knew how to put it there! :o(

If you want a good giggle go over to my niece dcrmom's site at Musings of a Housewife. Now I know she is my niece so I am probably a bit prejudiced but she is just a hoot! She talks about her life with three kiddos, her struggles with shopping (right now she is on a no frivolous spending until the first of the year), clothes, her obsession with nice bags, and then she gets into some really thought provoking subjects and says it like it is!

Another family site (seeings as I am plugging family sites!) is my sister and her hubby that sing bluegrass and gospel music. Their site is and you can listen to some of their music and read a bit of their background. They have been singing for many years and have travelled all over New England, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida and other places. They are the celebrities of the family, our one claim to fame! :o)

Guess that's it for tonight. I hope you all are having a great week. I will still be getting around to see you all and will try to comment but I am going to limit my blogging time just until I get things done for the craft show. Why do I take on these projects????!!! Why?????

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Talk

Just got back from my swim at the pool. It is the first time since last spring as I always take the summer off as I swim at the lake. It was good to see everyone and get back into the routine. I was late getting on the road so was hurrying and it seemed like everyone else was in no hurry at all. The man in the little car in front of me was waving at all of the crossing guards and having a great time at about 25 MPH while I am gritting my teeth wanting to get moving. That will teach me to try to get just 'one more thing done' before I leave to go somewhere!

I haven't been on my computer much this week as I am been on my sewing frenzy getting more totes done for the craft fair. My DIL has been sewing up a storm too as has her Mom. We should have plenty to chose from in our booth. We want to get everything done before we go to Florida the middle of October as when we get back we'll only have a little over a week to get our booth designed.

T had a good first week at school. She just loves it all except the bus ride. It's rather long and boring she told me. We're only about two and half miles from the school but with all the stops it makes for a long ride.

Awana started this week at church. D is a Cubbie, T is a Sparkie and cousin K is in Truth and Training. They had a kick off barbecue which was held despite the rain! Awana is a wonderful program, Husband and I worked in it for over 20 years. The kids learn soooooo much and have a fun time doing it.

There sure isn't much for bloggy excitement around here today. You know how sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anything to write about and some times you can go on forever. Oh I do have some more new spam. Toe Fungus. Yes, now I am getting spam for that. Now I suppose there are people in the world that need this product but I am not one of them so really don't want to get their ads. I've got to look into the pop up blocker thing.

Good to have Susie at Susie's Space back from her trip! Welcome back Susie!!

Guess that's it for today, my sewing machine is calling my name. I just finished a lady bug tote that I think is so cute, hopefully someone else will too! ha! Also another doggie one with dog bones and different kinds of dogs on it. Let's just say that if they all don't sell I know what all my sister's, mother, SIL, friends and relatives will be getting for Christmas this year! heehee!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I am being serenaded by the sound of two pressure washers as I type. We're getting ready to have the house painted and it has to be washed first so that is the project at hand today. They have moved all of my hanging plants, deck furniture, porch furniture and anything else that isn't nailed down. I hope they put it all back when they are done so that I don't have to lift on the stuff. Not that I am getting wimpy in my old age just that it bothers the old bum knee.

Speaking of, I got a patient advocate and she got me an appointment in Portland for October 1st instead of the one I have been waiting for the end of November here in town. Yippee! I'm getting tired of being called Forrest Gimp. I had never heard of a patient advocate but Hubby found out about it for me and after a few phone conversations things were rolling.

I'm sure you all get spam on your computer like I do. I am really getting tired of it and need to take the time and sit down here and block out certain words that I don't want. I have gotten about 25 ads for cleaning 20 pounds out of my colon! Now, I would like to lose 20 pounds but doesn't that sound painful? I have managed to block all men's products....ahem....that I certainly don't need but they come up with new and creative ways of getting around these blocks. In keeping with my G rated image I won't go into further details on this one but let me tell ya they can get pretty colorful !

Now I'm getting casino ads. I don't gamble, would rather spend my money on horse stuff, clothes, things for my grand kids etc.... but these ads are coming every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Grrrrrrrr........ well I suppose it's better then the colon cleansing and men's products!

Yesterday was T's first day of school. I walked over through the woods about 7:15 to be there when the bus arrived at 7:34. To say that she was excited would be an understatement! She was bouncing off the walls as were all of the other Kindergartners in the neighborhood. It's nice that she has about 5 other little ones to ride the bus with that she knows and big cousin K was there to help her the first day. I can't post much for pictures as all the kids had big name tags on for the first day and with the weirdos out there in Bloggsville you can't be too careful but I may have one or two. Notice the backpacks are bigger then the kids!

Daddy took a closeup on the front steps, the next one is me and T & K and the last one is her other grandmother Mimi.

D looked a little woebegone so we decided to go shopping for some preschool clothes for him.

Now this kid LOVES to shop! I think he inherited the shopping gene from me. He knows what he wants and what he DOESN'T want. He likes Old Na*vy and Tar*get the best so we hit Old Na*vy first.

He found all kinds of things he liked and very soon we had the shopping cart full so we decided we didn't need to go to Tar*get.

Instead we headed to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch as we had worked up a pretty good appetite.

It is a zoo here today. Like I said the pressure washer men are here washing the house which has the cats right in a dither. The dirt contractor man is here working on the carriage trails out back and now I just noticed the lawn toxic waste guy is here spraying the lawn. It's a full time job keeping this place going!

One last thing and then it's down to the sewing room to get some work done. Before school started T needed a little trim and being a retired hairdresser I get to cut her hair. We were in my sewing room (which I hope Laura the Organizing Junkie doesn't see as I have been on my sewing frenzy so things are a bit UNorganized) and T wanted our picture taken with some fake teeth. Didn't want you all thinking we hadn't seen a dentist in awhile!

That's it for today! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's supposed to be back up in the 90's here with high humidity. Sigh.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesdays Tidbits

Labor Day weekend is over and school is starting tomorrow for T. I will be there with camera in hand with a freshly charged battery. Don't want to lose power on this one as there will never be another 'first day' of school for her. There will be many more firsts in her life but not school.

The vet wanted Buddy to have shoes put on immediately so the farrier was contacted and he went down to see the x-rays. The shoeing was going to be rather unorthodox due to the founder situation as you will see. The farrier arrived and had to remake the shoes as they had to go on backwards. Yes, backwards!

The shoe is on backwards to take the pressure off the toe and support the heel. It will make him much more comfortable until his hoof grows out almost completely. The next picture you can see that the shoe is on backwards as the front part is sticking out the back.

Buddy loves his farrier! heehee!

These next pictures are kind of gross but seeings as I am documenting this whole thing through blogging I have to put them in. Just close your eyes if you want but really it did not hurt him at all and the hoof had to be opened up to get out the stuff that had abscessed.

The purple stuff is medicine, it doesn't really look that way on the inside of a hoof. If you look at the top of the hoof you will see the lighter color and that is the new growth which is Super! We are on our way to recovery but AS I ALWAYS SAY we aren't out of the woods yet. The farrier told Husband that this is called a 'sucker' disease. It suckers you in thinking all is well but it can take a turn for the worse very unexpectedly unfortunately. I will continue to think positively and not let that be an option!

This is Kipper. He was watching the whole thing glad that it wasn't him getting the backwards shoes put on. If you look closely you will see my lipstick on his nose. Do I need to get a life or what????

Monday we went to the lake to close things up for the summer. The water was a bit cool from our 40* nights but D went right in without missing a step. Nice to be young!

T got into the act too not minding the cold water at all.

This is a sign that hangs in our camp. We keep it 'cause we think it is funny. Son had put it on the door one weekend when the kids were out of sorts.

T and her cousin Ashley were out in the kayak.

It was a great weekend. We have so much to be thankful for. Time spent with our family is a true blessing. :o) Until next time!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

I took this picture last week at dusk. I love the colors and it was a beautiful day the following day. I guess the old saying 'red at night sailors delight, red in the morning sailors take warning' is true.

It's just a gorgeous Saturday here. I have been to the stable where I keep Funsize's Morgan to do chores as the owner is out of town. There are only six horses there this summer so that is EASY. Some of them like mine go home for the summer and back in late fall. We usually have 12 there in the winter.

My best friend Ann and I did all the chores and put everyone out after applying bug spray, Swat on any booboos, face wipe to keep the face flies at bay. There's always something to annoy the poor horses when they are outside. I feel badly when I see some out swishing away with no spray on. My mother says I can't save them all but you sure wish you could. I did stop yesterday at a place that has had complaints in the past for poor care of their horses. This time they only had one there and he looked good, had hay and water and a fly mask on. Whewwww! I gave a big sigh of relief!

Was reading the local paper yesterday and on the front page was an article about potty training. Does this sound like a slow news day to you? It did me too but I guess maybe that's a good thing no catastrophes or anything. Anyway I digress...... The news was that you can potty train your babies from birth. From birth. Now I know I only had one child and he wasn't trained until he was two and a half but did I miss something here?????? No diapers??? They said the worst problem was finding undies that would fit those tiny little behinds. Now I know some of you have little ones and I want to know if you have heard of this?????? One of my nieces has a little girl that was trained at 7 months and I thought that was unbelievable. :0)

In my last post I put in a picture of the latest tote that I had finished with doggies on it. A gal named Theresa wanted it but I tried to click on your link but it wouldn't link back to you so if you are reading this you'll have to e-mail me or send me your blog address. I put my e-mail address on the comment section of that post. Yes, my bags are for sale at $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping in US and Canada. (HI PEA!) I don't put pictures in to try to sell to you all, I just like to share what I am doing, but if anyone wants one I am glad to ship it to you. I get so excited if I think one came out particularly cute so like to post them as I like to see what you all are doing. I do need to get a site set up but right now I'm getting ready for the November show so probably will do it after that. My bum knee has set me back on my supply but I'm taking the ole' ibupro*fen now and that helps.

My SIL and husband are here this weekend from Massachusetts with NINE teenagers staying at the lake! They have triplets and of course everyone wanted to bring friends with them so they have a house full. Can you imagine the grocery bill for this outing????!!! My niece L is the one that rides Nick when she is in town. Unfortunately it's about the only exercise he gets so he is rather frisky and naughty when she rides but she does a good job with him.

This is one of my favorite pics of Grampie and T. They are going down the road that we have behind the barn that goes out into the woods to the carriage trails that we are working on.

Well Hubby just got home so I guess I'd better get some lunch on the table or even better suggest going out to Captain Nick's for a crab meat roll. Hummmmm......not a hard choice!
Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend!!!