Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday Fun!

We got about a foot of snow yesterday and last night. It was so beautiful when we got up this morning. Lots of places closed early yesterday to let the employees get home before things really got slippery. That is except the Mall. Now wouldn't you think the Mall would close when everything else was closing? How many customers could there be in a raging snowstorm???? A friend of mine works at the Mall and called about 7 last night and told me they were still open and I couldn't believe it. She said there were about three customers in the store. Most of the evening shift had called in saying they weren't coming in so she didn't have any cashiers so she was putting anyone she could find on to run the registers. With only three customers I guess it really wasn't a problem manning the registers. Any-who, I felt bad that she was there and had to drive home at 10 in a bad snowstorm. Oh BTW all of management had gone home early....... hummmmm.....

Got the horses out to play in the snow this morning. They love the snow and roll and roll in it and look like little snowmen.

My niece was with me and wanted a few shots of her with Lil' Bud for her My-space. She started riding when she was 10 years old and definitely has the horse bug as she just turned 24 and still loves it. Lil' Bud is a Morgan and he is 17.

No, he's not expecting, he's just fat and furry! They need to get lots of hair for our Maine winters.

Kipper our Welsh pony loves attention and likes to unzip jackets.

This is our Appaloosa Big Bud our old man that was so sick at Christmas time. We never thought he would survive but he did and is going strong. He is 25. We call him our gentle giant as he is as gentle as a lamb.
Came home and the kids called and wanted to go snowmobiling so I donned the obligatory layers of clothing and headed out. We only went about 10 miles as the grand kids kept dozing off! They were just so comfortable and with the fresh snow the trails were very smooth so they fell asleep! We came home at only 10 MPH as we had to hold onto them with one hand and drive with the other. It was nice though to get out in the fresh air even for a short ride.
It was nice to see families out together enjoying the fresh snow. One snowmobile had three on together. The parents were having just as good a time as the kids, I could see them all laughing as they went along. I think society needs more active family time but I guess that's a post for another day!


Susie said...

Fun post! I would have never guessed that horses liked to play in the snow!
The things I learn from blogging!

Joan said...

What delightful photos! I had no idea horses love to roll in the snow. What do I know...I'm a City girl. Your blog is helping me understand what it's like to live outside the big city and I'm a wee bit jealous.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! totally cooool! I love those horses! they are having so much fun, who would have thought!

PEA said...

Oh what beautiful horses you have and what fun to see one enjoying the snow so much! lol Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...I love "meeting" new people:-) We also have a lot of snow over here and this afternoon I went for a walk in the woods behind our place...I took lots of pictures, it was so pretty with the snow!! xox

Dawn said...

Hi - Thanks for coming by and reading our stories! It has been a real blessing to do this with my kids - very cathartic. Kristen's is posted under Labels, My Story. There is a 5 in parenthesis. Go all the way to the bottom to get Part 1. Then mine aren't put all together, but they are beginning on January 10. I hope you can find them. I need to package them up together - I'll get my technologically savvy daughter to do that for me one of these days!

Or if you e-mail me, I can send you the whole thing as a Word document attached to e-mail. I do have them all put together that way. Let me know.