Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally, back again!

I’ve been on a bloggy break since we got home from New York.  The house has been upside down with the construction and I haven’t had a minute to myself without people in and out with questions etc….  Thankfully it is soon to come to an end as they are just finishing up a few things inside and the outside is coming along well.

We are very happy with the results and know we will use the new rooms a lot.  We have always loved our little sunroom even without it being winterized but it did get a mite chilly out there with just the gas stove in the wintertime.  That is about my favorite time of year to be out there especially if there is a nice snowstorm blowing around us.  Love watching the snowflakes drift down. 

So……the little sunroom is gone and a new bigger one is in it’s place.  Noodles has already claimed his chair and spends lots of time snoozing out there or watching the birds.  Munchie has had a hard summer with the workmen here, she is very afraid of people she doesn’t know and will hide all day until they leave.  So for three months she has spent most of her time under our bed or outside under FIL’s porch next door.

The horses have been a constant source of entertainment for the crew.  Scooter is king of the hill and lets everybody know it.  Kipper got his little fat behiney kicked the first day so keeps out of Scoots way now.  Nick still thinks he’s the boss so there are a few confrontations here and there.  The vet was here on Friday and I mentioned that Lil’ Bud seemed a bit off so he gave him a good check up and found out that he has cataracts.  I wasn’t expecting that!  He still can see well enough during the day to get around, be ridden etc…. but can’t see well at dusk or at night.  We will monitor it but he is way too old to be put through a surgery.  If he should start bumping into things we will address the situation but the vet said this is usually a slow progression for which I am very thankful!!!

Have any of you watched The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show on the Food Channel?  I caught two of them but was gone the other two Saturdays that it was on.  I guess there are only going to be four for now.  It’s cute but that gal sure loves to cook with butter!  I think I gained a few pounds just watching! Everything looks yummy though I will admit!!!

Here’s a few pictures I took tonight of the sunroom, I will get the pictures from upstairs next post.  In this one the girls have moved the coffee table over and are doing homework.  I love how the top lifts up and makes into a table.

sunroom 2011 001

Looking the other direction.  That white spotted blanket is Noodles’, that’s his chair……..

sunroom 2011 002

This is looking towards the dining area and the other set of doors goes into the dining room.  There used to be a window there but we took it out so we could have two archways plus it didn’t make much sense to keep the window looking into the sunroom.  Both archways are the same even though the right hand side looks wider.

sunroom 2011 004

I finally got a place to put my antique sewing machine that belonged to my Aunt Joyce, it has been down in the basement for several years.

sunroom 2011 007

Guess I’d better get the kiddos in bed as this is a school night.  Miss T and one of her friends is spending the night.  Homework is done and baths taken so they are ready to hit the hay!

Will try to get back into the swing of things now and get around to visit you all.  Happy Fall!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Apple




It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  Not for lack of activities going on around here as the construction crew is still here alive and well.  They told me yesterday that they may be here until Thanksgiving and I promptly fell over in a dead faint.  Well, not really but I felt like it.  Not that they aren’t a good crew, they are all very polite and helpful and try very hard not to fill the rest of my house full of sheetrock dust but it is almost impossible not to have it flying around.  I am very allergic to it so have been spending lots of time outside.

This week we have been away so that was a help.  We had to go to NYC on business for a few days and other then the torrential rains it was a lot of fun.  At the last minute before we left to head out I grabbed my rain coat.  Good thinking on my part for once.

Tuesday night we were supposed to go to a Yankee’s baseball game so headed over with two other couples.  The cab driver had to take an alternate route as there was flooding and everyone else did too.  The traffic was horrendous!  If we have more then three cars go by our house in a day we think there has been a lot of traffic so NY traffic just overwhelms us.

We finally arrived and took a tour of the stadium.  It is an amazing place.  We were planning to eat some dinner there before the game and I was thinking hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and Cokes but there was not a hamburger in sight.  We started out with sushi  (bleck!), crab legs (YUM), duck, tenderloin, fish and lots of other appetizers that the wait staff just kept bringing!

Then on to the buffet which had delicious foods of all kinds.  I ate too much as did everyone else but the game was delayed so there was nothing else to do.  :o)  It was just raining cats and dogs!!!

Finally about 9:30 we called it a night and headed back to the hotel never dreaming that they would have the game.  They did. At eleven o’clock PM they started the game and it went until 2:30 AM!!!  We were fast asleep and thankful for it.  It was worth going just to have the nice meal and to see the stadium.

The next day we went to see Sister Act on Broadway in between meetings.  It was very well done, the costumes were wonderful and the language was fine unlike our experience with another show…….. The singing was amazing, such talent there, and to think there are shows going on all over the place with different people with the same amazing talent.  Some of the others went to see Memphis and said that was good as well.


I didn’t take many pictures,  just a couple from our room on the 12th floor and you can see how dreary it was there with all the rain.

First day of school 2011 013

First day of school 2011 014

I can’t imagine being surrounded by big buildings all the time.  The first thing I did after getting home this morning when I finished unpacking was to take Scooter and go for a nice trail ride.  It was beautiful, the air was fresh, everything green from the rain, just a lovely ride.  I guess I will never be a city girl.  :o)