Sunday, July 29, 2007

Convention Fun!

We just got back from our convention a couple hours ago. After going down to the barn to check on the boys I came back to check my computer. They did fine while I was gone. Funsize and Snowbird took good care of them. Of course I called each day to check up on things but I guess there was no need for that. Buddy's pads stayed on so that was a relief.

We had a wonderful time at our convention at Bar Harbor in Acadia National Park. I'm sure some of you have been there but if you haven't you should put it on your list of places to visit. The scenery is breathtaking and there is a lot to do. While the men were golfing we went to the little downtown and did some perusing in the wonderful little shops. There is something for everyone there including the youngsters. D bought a black lab stuffed toy at The Barkery and T did the stuff your own bear, although she picked a bunny.

Once you get them stuffed you have a whole store full of accessories to chose from to dress your new friend in. There has to be at least a gazillion different outfits!

The finished product! :0)

The air was heavy this weekend and it looked like something out of a Stephen King movie with the boats shrouded in the fog. (I've always wanted to use the word shrouded in something!) heehee! Quite an eerie look at times. But the sun came out and it was beautiful too.

There are all kinds of interesting shops, restaurants and such to go in. I thought of Moose Buyer so many times as there were moose things everywhere!

It was a fun time with my whole family there plus Sherri's Mom, Mimi who was 'Nanny In Charge'of D and T when we had a function to attend. This convention was very family friendly and invited people to bring their children and had children's events planned each night that the kids loved. Some conventions won't allow you to bring your kids or grand kids. It also was nice not to have to fly all day to get home but just jump in the car and drive about an hour and fifteen minutes! :0)

Husbands brother, sister in law and girls were there also which always makes it more fun for D and T. They just had a great time playing and acting silly.

Of course we had to go to Jordan Pond House and have some popovers while in the vicinity. I went on my feeding frenzy as usual and savored every bite of it!!! (Drool dcrmom!) I was going to take a picture of the popovers with the strawberry jam but couldn't stop eating long enough to get out my camera...........ahem........

Also stopped to check out the stables that were close by. They give carriage rides all season and have some beautiful draft horses.

All in all it was a great time of business and pleasure with my family. We have another one coming up in September and then back to Disney on October. Fall is right around the corner!

Thanks for all of your helpful comments on my jury duty clothing dilemma! Funsize even Googled it and got some information. I sat beside a prosecutor one night at dinner and picked her brain on ways to get out of doing jury duty right now. It was all in good fun but I may use some of her suggestions.......heehee! She told me some of the reasons people come up with for trying to get out of it and they were a hoot. One person stood up and said if the defendant was arrested he must be guilty and he would NEVER acquit! Needless to say he was not picked for any trials.

I will be catching up on all your sites tomorrow plus I must get the lighthouse tote in the mail to Laura. Did any of you win anything??? I didn't but it was a fun contest to participate in! :0)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway!

It's time for the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. I am giving away one of my handmade totes that I design and make myself. They take about four hours to make, are made out of quality fabric, are totally lined and have an inside pocket. They are washable on gentle cycle. This one has a lighthouse design. Good luck! :0)
To enter leave a link in my comments. Go visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer for more give aways!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Night

Another busy day around the ole' mini farm. Husband did chores this morning so I got to sleep in a bit but then went out and helped him finish up. It was very overcast and dreary so Ann and I decided not to ride which is very unusual for us on a Saturday morning but she had things to do and I did also. Funsize had something to go to so she couldn't ride either so all the guys got a day off.

The carpenters arrived to start building the play house for T and D. This has been in the works for a few weeks, you know drawing up the plans and all.... We have tried to keep it a secret but got found out this morning when the kids popped in! They were pretty excited about the whole thing and will be even more so when it is finished. One side is going to be a work bench for D and the other side a sink and sideboards for T. We had a play house that my Dad got for us when we were kids and we LOVED it. It was our own little club house and get away. I wish I had a picture of it as it is gone now.

Will continue as progress is made. :0)

Husband and I went out for an early dinner at Captain Nick's another of our favorite restaurants. We both had the lobster rolls which were excellent. We also went to the nursery as I had to get some more Wave petunias to replace the ones that were bombarded by the hail a week ago. Luckily they had some left so I brought them home and put them in the bare spots. My poor gardens have had such a hard time this year and don't look nearly as good as they should by now.

On the way home we drove by Stephen and Tabitha Kings house so that I could get a picture for this post. I felt ashamed driving down their street, stopping and snapping a couple of pictures but you know anything for the blog! lol!

They live on a nice street with big old homes that are kept up really well. No one around here bothers the Kings, they are given their privacy except for a few crazy old bloggers that take pictures of their house....ahem......... I am not a fan of Stephen Kings writing, it would scare the living daylights out of me, but they have done so much good for the community with their money you just have to admire them. They have been very generous in many different ways, just one being the huge addition that they helped put on the library.

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting a H.U.G.E. give away next week. Go over and check it out and you might want to participate. I'm getting something ready to give away but can't tell what it is until Monday! :0) (I guess it won't be hard to figure out for those of you who know that I make and sell totes.) heehee! Now I need to figure out how to use the Mr. Linky to sign up. Poor dcrmom will probably be getting another S.O.S. call!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's already Friday. Where did the week go? One day seems to blur right into the next. It's been a good week despite the rain showers, we needed to get a little more green around here. I keep my hears and eyes open for thunder though as I don't want the horses out in a storm.

They were all freaked out this morning. Of course those of you that have horses know that they love something to get all wound up about. This morning it was the two guys with their machines that were making little holes in the pasture to get some air in the soil and then they put down some new pasture mix on top of it. Well you would've thought there was a Mack truck out in the pasture, the guys were all eyes looking at them standing stiff as a board. Even Buddy was trying to buck a bit in protest of this invasion of his pasture! I went out and put them in and they watched out their windows and settled down finally.

I was so pleased and surprised when I read a comment from my bloggy friend Joan that she had given me a couple of awards! Of course I immediately went to her site to check it out!!!! They are The Creative Blogger Award and The Thoughtful Blogger Award. What the awards are for is this:

For those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. For the people who take others feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for all of those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.

I am very touched by this and do hope that I make people feel welcome at my site and want to come back. I know when I started in this world of blogging there were those that were so supportive of me and my endeavors so I need to pass these awards on. I don't especially like doing this as I HATE leaving anyone out as everyone has touched my life in one way or another but I guess the rules are you can just pick five.

Pea at Pea's Corner has become a friend to me. I know if we met in person we would talk a blue streak. She is always so faithful about stopping by and leaving lovely comments. She is upbeat, fun and interesting. She thinks of others, is creative in coming up with contests and the things she writes about.

dcrmom at musingsofahousewife has been so helpful to me throughout this learning process. She has tirelessly worked on helping me with technical things that I have been at a loss as to what to do. She is a young sahm with three beautiful children and has a comical outlook on life along with maturity beyond her years concerning her quest for a deep and meaningful spirituality.

Susie at Susie's Space is a joy! She has a fantastic relationship with her husband of 40 years and it shines through in her writing. She was one of the first ones that I stumbled onto when I first started this blogging journey and she gave me some names of other bloggers that she thought I would like and I liked ALL of them. Thanks Susie! She has posted pictures of her life through the years with her husband that have been so much fun to see and continues to post current pictures of their life together.

Tina at Palm Tree Fanatic comes up with the most wonderful Tackle It Tuesdays! She is amazing with her organizational skills. She also has menus to die for, I hold her personally responsible for my 5 lb. weight gain since I started blogging! lol! Not really, but she does have some wonderful recipes!

Dawn at Grandmaofthree has inspired me with her life. She has had trials and tribulations that no one should have to endure but has come through them with her faith intact and strong. She has two amazing stories about her son's deliverance from drugs and her daughter's struggle and recovery from anorexia. It's on her sidebar and well worth the time to go and read both accounts.

That is just five and seeings as there are two awards I am going to take the liberty of adding five more.

Donna at just me Donna is one of my horse lover friends. She has a beautiful gelding named Blue that she rides most days on the most wonderful trail rides. She posts some beautiful pictures of the scenery in her area that I drool over each time. She and her husband Cliff take time to do things together like riding their Gold Wing motorcycle and she is always ready with her camera to share interesting things that they see.

Barngoddess at ramblingsfromthereservation says it like it is. She shares her life with her Hubs and their boys plus a beautiful horse named Scooter. She doesn't mince words but I can tell she has a heart of gold and has given me such kind words as I have gone through my ordeal with my horse Buddy. She has been a real encouragement to me.

Tonya at thereisaseason is another horse buddy. She posts beautiful action pictures of one of her daughters doing barrel racing and her younger daughter and herself in the most wonderful costumes for Leadline class. It's worth a look to go see some of the outfits she comes up with such as Goofy and Minnie Mouse. The pony her daughter is riding is in a matching outfit as well. Tonya has a heart for God and it is very evident in her writing.

KC at mindlesschatterofabusymom was one of the very first sites I started reading. She is a really busy mom with children and husband but finds time to post wonderful menus, WW, Thursday Thirteens and Time Travel Tuesdays. She also posts pictures of her beautiful family and lots of the exciting things they do together. She is a Christian Mom and is teaching her children the ways of the Lord.

Myrna at Cherish the Word is one of the newest bloggy friends that I enjoy. She and her husband have some challenges in their life but with super attitudes and a heart for God they go forward. Myrna has some neat puzzles on her site, does some really interesting memes, puts the word out about contests and give aways that are going on in Bloggyville and has a beautiful 'new look'. Recently she gave some very good advice to all of us women to have our yearly check ups and mamm*ograms.

I still could go on and on about more of my favorite sites but I guess I'd better leave those for another time. I enjoy each and every one of the them as they all are different and interesting. Some others post the most beautiful pictures of flowers in their yards, I think there should be an award for that. You can see I am having trouble leaving people out of this award thing!! Anywho, that's it for tonight. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I think today is Thursday. I wasn't sure when I woke up what day it was. Should I be concerned about this? lol! Husband had already left for work so I couldn't ask him so I guessed I'd better get up and sooner or later I would figure it out.

This IS Thursday. There, I'm glad I got that taken care of...... Now the reason for my confusion is this: I got called for JURY DUTY! For the MONTH of AUGUST!!! Now don't they realize that we only have about 9 and a half days of summer here in Maine? I really don't want to spend it cooped up in some court house room with a bunch of other people that don't want to be there either! Guess that doesn't matter unless I have some really good excuse, like death, I have to go.

Now next question. (was there a first??) What is the proper attire for attending jury duty? Does anyone out there in Bloggityville know? I'm serious, I don't know what to wear. Do you go casual as in capris and a nice tee or do you dress up like you are going to church? Is this a good excuse for me to go out and get some summer skirts? Anywho, help me out here please!

Yesterday was a busy fun day. Went to the stable to ride with my friend Ann and we had a delightful time as always. I think I laugh more when I am with her then anyone else I know. We just get such a kick out of life and the foolish things that happen and things that we did as kids etc etc Like for example how I had a pony that didn't like mud puddles when I was a kid. I KNEW this fact but still told my cousin Glenn to 'run the pony through that big mud puddle' knowing what was going to happen........ and it did........ she shied around the puddle and he landed right in it! Now why do kids do things like that?! Ann and I got laughing about how awful that was for me to do that and we almost fell off our horses ourselves!

Came home and called DIL to see if she and the kids wanted to go to a town about 25 miles away to a tack shop that I had never been to and check it out. Taylor needed a new western saddle as I am sick of trying to get the stirrups right on the one she has and they had three in stock that sounded good. DIL's Mom drove in so we invited her to go too so off we went with the two grand kids, the two grandmother's and the DIL.

Of course everyone was hungry so we went through the drive-thru at Micky D's and got a nice nutritious lunch........ahem.......chicken nuggets and french fries and off we went on our excursion. Both grand kids were happy with their Happy Meal toy so all was well.

We found the tack shop and it is a really nice one. They had a terrific variety of merchandise and the three saddles that the owner told me about on the phone were all good prospects. We tried them all and decided on the one we felt fit her the best and it had a wide tree so I knew it would fit my chubby wide tree type pony Kipper.

There were lots of prospective Christmas gifts there too so I will be making another trip down in the near future minus the grand kids. Also picked up a used little pair of chaps for T and they are brown so D can go right into them when he is ready.

Next we hit the fabric store in the same town and did mostly looking but I did get a pattern for a tote bag that's a lot like what I make now except this one has a pattern piece to make a closure tab. We decided to go down the interstate another 30 miles and hit Marden's a big discount store and hit pay dirt there in the fabric department. They had some beautiful fabrics that would normally go for about $9.00 a yard and they were $2.95 a yard! Hey, who doesn't like a good bargain!? We all found some that we liked as there was a ton to chose from so we came home happy campers.

I hadn't been home long when Snowbird called and told me to look out on my back deck........... there was a raccoon out sniffing around for a handout......hopefully a marshmallow their favorite treat. Well this one got a bit too friendly and came in my sun porch as I leave the door open a bit for the cats and was chowing down on a bucket of bird seed that I had left out there in the morning. I shooed her out and gave her a hand full of marshmallows and she waddled off happy.

Guess I'd better go check on Buddy. He is doing so well and it makes me so happy. He was getting a bit depressed being alone so I have started putting the rest of the gang in the arena with him in the morning for a couple hours and he has perked right up. When Funsize came in from doing chores this morning she said they were playing and he was joining right in which is good in a sense but I don't want him hurting his feet so she went back out and put the other three out in the pasture. I will have to stay out there with them from now on when I have them in together but the vet suggested it might pull him out of his funk so I wanted to try it and it worked. He also can have small amounts of grass now so I can put him out in a small area so he can graze for about 15 minutes twice a day. I have mowed the grass there as he can't have too much at a time but it lets him do what he likes best, grazing. Sort of sounds like me! :0)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesdays Tidbits

This is a sign hanging in my barn. It's quite effective in keeping guests from feeding the horses out of their hands!

I'm getting ready to take T to her riding lesson so you already know what kind of pictures you'll be seeing today! There's nothing like a proud grandmother with a digital camera! heehee! I need to start printing off some of them I am way behind. I need a nice rainy day when I can't be outside doing stuff to sit here and get them printed and put in books. I used to be a real die hard scrapbooker with all the gadgets and embellishments available in the stores and online, doing these incredibly (I thought) creative pages with pop ups and peekaboo's but now I'm lucky to get them IN a book!


T had a good lesson. The pony was a bit cranky today but who wouldn't be doing all those lessons. T's instructor had her doing a few different things today which was fun. She had to ride into a square and do two 360's and then ride out of it again and after a couple of tries did it very well. Also had to ride by a cone and lean over and touch it with her hand after putting the reins in one hand. A good way to learn balance.

She is getting much more confident in her riding and is learning that she is the driver and the pony is supposed to do what she wants him to do. It's fun to see her improve each week. When we got home she wanted to ride some more so she rode Kipper in the ring and then we went all around the neighborhood, so I got some exercise too! :0)

I declared war on the Japanese beetles that have been eating my plants. Along with the deer and the hail the beetles have done their share of damage this year to my gardens. I looked at one of my flowering crab trees and it looked like there were bees all over it and it was those darned ole' beetles. I went to the feed store and got some spray that is supposed to be effective in stopping them in their tracks so I gave everything they were eating a good spraying. Tomorrow I will see if there are any left. This has sure been a challenging year for growing things.

I'm cutting Mrs. Doe some slack though. Husband was out back and saw her with a set of TWINS! I guess they are just adorable with their spots all over them, wish he'd had a camera with him.

Tonight the kids came walking over through the woods for a visit. The grand kids wanted to see the horses so we went out there first and then they wanted to roast marshmallows so Son got a fire going in the pit.

I think they enjoy roasting them more then eating them as they wanted us to eat their charcoal covered confections which got a bit old after the first two or three! Cousin K was here too, he's a bit older then T and D but they all are like brothers and sister and have so much fun together.

We sat around the fire and told stories until it was time for them to go home and get ready for bedtime. What a blessing it is to have them so close by and to do things with them regularly. They are growing so fast and T starts school in the fall so I want to do as much as possible with them as time just flies by so fast. You all know what I'm talking about. :0) I'm so happy Son and DIL decided to build where they did and it is only a 5 minute walk from our house. ( I promised them I wouldn't drive them nuts! heehee!)

Guess that's it around here today. Tomorrow they are predicting some showers and thunder storms so it should be interesting. I hope you all are having a good week!:0)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th today. I'm not the least bit superstitious so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me what the date is. I'm just glad when I know what day of the week it is, yesterday when Funsize was here doing chores I thought it was Friday and it was Thursday. A mind is a terrible thing to lose isn't it? :0(

This is a draft that I wrote when my blog was frozen. Just so you know I haven't REALLY lost it and still think that it's Friday the 13th!

Went to the grocery store yesterday and they had some of the biggest Macintosh apples I have ever seen! Look how it compares to a regular size Granny Smith apple! You can guess where it went next.......

It only took four apples to make 6 cups! No calories in this baby....... This is one of my favorite rolling pins.

I popped that pie into the oven and before long the aroma in the kitchen was just mouthwatering!

Afterwards I was trying to get some work done on my computer and Noodles decided to take his nap right on my desk! He is such a good boy! :0)

My computer is frozen right now but I am hoping I can save this as a draft and then post it afterwards. My computer guy is working on it so I hope I'm up and running today sometime. I told him that I was going through withdrawal not being able to do my blog and get all of your comments! Aren't comments fun? It's so nice to hear from all of you. I don't have a blogroll of dozens of people but the ones I have are so faithful about reading about my not so terribly exciting life and leaving me nice comments. I know there are some out there that don't leave a comment.........Husband for one........sister for another........and a few more that either aren't hooked up with Blogger or just like to read not write. Either way that's fine! :0)

Buddy is doing well right now. I hate to say it out loud as I know I'm still on a somewhat roller coaster but right for now he's walking much better and the farrier is talking about putting some padded shoes on him within the next couple of weeks! YEEHAW!!!! There again I am thrilled at all the kind comments everyone has left for me concerning this ordeal with Buddy. Doesn't he look lonely in the riding ring alone? Actually the other guys come over and visit with him and he walks to what ever side of the pasture they are on and watches them. I can't put anyone in with him yet as they might get 'horsing' around and he could reinjure his feet.

They do act like naughty little boys sometimes. Nick was bored yesterday and tore the barn apart, well whatever he could find to pull out onto the floor. My carpenters made me an enclosed area to keep stuff in as Nick is notorious for getting into mischief!

I caught him in the act of picking on one of the little boys, Kipper, although Kip can hold his own and put the boots right to any of the horses that bother him or look at his food! NOBODY touches Kips food. NOBODY.

Actually you don't get a chubby little body like this by missing any meals! heehee! He's just soooooo cute and has the cutest little personality to go along with it.

My neighbors have a beautiful flag on their front lawn and I have been trying to get a good picture of it on breezy days with nice clouds in the sky. It's not cooperating and usually flies backwards but you can see what I'm trying to do.

Well hopefully I can save this or you will hear me yelling as it took a long time to upload the pictures as Blogger was having a sluggish day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Battle Continues!

The battle continues with the marauding doe! Last night when husband was coming home from a meeting he called me when he was at the end of our drive way and said to look out the window and lo and behold there was Mrs. Doe having a late night snack on another hosta right by my front door! I turned on the porch lights and she still stood there so I went out and told her to "git out of there!" She took off but not before doing more damage to my already suffering gardens.

I did blame her for some damage that she acually didn't do, it was the hail. It made big holes in the huge hostas out by my mother's house but then she came and ate them with the holes so she probably would have gotten them first if she could've beaten the hail. I'm taking note of what she likes to eat and what she doesn't touch and will plant the things that she ignores next season.

Buddy is having a really good day today. He is down to 1/2 gr*am of bute in the morning and the same at night and that is down from 2 gr*ams at the beginning. We are VERY encouraged at this point! I am still soaking and wrapping his feet but will begin to taper off the big pads in a week or so. Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts for him! :0) His jolly personality is starting to show again and he is trying to reach out of the riding ring for a blade of green grass and has to get himself in quite the position to do that, I wouldn't think it would be worth it but I guess he does. He'll never be able to go out on lush grass again but will be able to have a small amount here and there.

I thought I was getting shingles. Yes, shingles. With all the stress of the roller coaster ride of taking care of Buddy I figured I had stirred up the old chicken pox virus in me. It was itchy and around my middle, (which is quite a journey) and was little red bumps that seemed to be getting bigger. I knew I had to get in to see my dermatologist quickly as they can give you something to take care of it if it is within 48 hours so I made my appointment and went in.

Well it isn't shingles. That would be too boring and mundane. The Dr. looked at all the bumps and said "what have you been doing over the weekend?" I tried to think of something exciting but it was just the normal stuff plus I picked some raspberries out of my small patch. Bingo! I had gotten into, are you ready for this? the hairs that come off the little fuzzy caterpillers and it had somehow gotten through my shirt and onto my midriff and caused all the little itchy bumps! He said "now this is interesting!" I guess meaning it was different then the every day rashes and allergies. Anywho, I picked up a prescription this morning and it is already helping the catterpiller rash of the summer of 2007. Yikes, what next!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

It's really not Monday but it probably will be by the time I get this written and I couldn't think of a good Sunday title. Sometimes the ole' brain is on leave for the moment. Just got home from church and a nice lunch out with Funsize. Husband is sick with allergies so had to stay home today. Poor thing has them really bad all year round but they seem to be particularly bad today.

D was with us this weekend as Son and DIL had a wedding to go to in Portland. T was with her other grandparents Mimi and Bampie out at the lake so I'm sure she has been having a great time. One of her other girl cousins was going to be there too so it was a girls only weekend! heehee! They probably have kept Bampie busy pulling them on the tube and the knee board all weekend.

Last night we took D out to a little farm that has an apple orchard, goats, donkey, horses, lama, chickens and an ice cream stand. They have little dispensers with grain in them that you can put a quarter in and get a handful to feed the animals. I had a pretty good handful of quarters and we went through all of them quite quickly!

D thought this was great fun and liked how it tickled his hand when the goats ate the grain. The animals were immaculate as was the farm itself. Nice to see animals so lovingly taken care of.

The lama is the grand dame of the place and just kind of kept watch over everything, didn't seem to be interested in the grain. I've heard that they spit at you so I really didn't encourage a close encounter with her highness. :0)

After petting all of the animals and the hand washing with LOTS of soap we had an ice cream and headed back home to put the boys to bed. Haven't seen much change in Buddy since our visit to the vet on Thursday other then some swelling which isn't good so we had to take him off the Nitro. It made him rather lethargic also so he wasn't moving around a lot which also adds to his legs stocking up. I'm anxious to see how he is after a few days being off it.

My niece L was here this weekend too with my SIL and their dog Nugget. L is a good horseback rider so always rides Nick when she is here. The ring was a bit soggy due to the terrific hail and rain storm that we had the day before so she kept to a trot and did lots of patterns and ring work. Nick went really well for her until he got sick of working and then started acting a bit like a naughty little boy, bucking and kicking at the fence but L stayed with him. He doesn't get worked much as he is too small for me so I wish she lived here so she could ride him regularly.

We had a terrible hail storm Friday. I was out working with the horses and heard rumblings so thought we were going to get a thunder storm which we did but it also had heavy, heavy rain and big hail stones! My poor gardens which have been barely surviving the deer attacks now were being pummeled by huge hail! The one in my hand is about the size of a large marble that we used to call a bunker when I was a kid.

There's not much left to my petunias, it really beat them right to the ground and my poor tomato plants broke right off. Hopefully things will come back but this sure hasn't been the year of the gardens! I just think about the farmers that are growing corn and such and to be hit by hail like this would be devastating to their crops. I certainly can live without a few petunias but I sure would hate to see my crops hit if I were a farmer.

Guess I'll head out and soak Buddy's feet and all. He sure is getting lots of TLC and loving every minute of it. The vet says he is one of the very best horses to work on as he is so quiet and patient with everything that has to be done. Thank you all for the kind comments you left on my 'vet report' post. Our gentle giant is a good boy and we will fight the good fight to the best of our abilities to get him through this.
D has gone home so it seems kind of quiet here. He was excited to see his Mom and Dad and to show them the things he and Grampie had bought at Toys * Us yesterday. He picked out some things for T too, what a good little brother! :0)

I tackled the Dreaded Walk In Closet yesterday. I thought I would do just a few things each day but when I got going I just couldn't seem to stop. Thankfully Snowbird came up to help me sort through things. I was really on a tear, my niece dcrmom had talked about her closets and how she purges them regularly and got me all excited to tackle mine! I threw away, gave away and kept only what I felt I would wear and didn't keep anything that I thought I might be able to wear when I lose some weight. If I lose some weight I will want to buy new stuff anyway!!! Now I am going to go through it again and organize everything so that I know what I have for certain occasions, casual, dressy etc etc... What a great feeling to see those trash bags full of stuff going out the door to their new homes!