Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is The Honeymoon Over?

I am trying to type and Noodles is up here on the desk watching the computer monitor and chasing the letters as they appear on the screen. He also is trying to catch the paper as it comes out the printer as I am printing off yesterdays post to put in my file. He also just knocked my regular glasses on the floor. Now he is trying to see what is in the glass that I have here on the desk. He and Munchkin have pruned most of my plants so I have taken them out into my parents apartment for safe keeping. Now he has his paw IN my printer trying to figure out what is making the noise.

Today my cleaning gal complained because they were chasing her mop around as she was cleaning the kitchen floor and were under foot all the time she was here wanting to play. Morris, my old cat is totally, just really totally disgusted with the whole thing and wants to ship them back to Florida where they came from.

Well, I disagree. The good FAR outweighs the bad. It's so nice to have some youngsters around livening up the place with their antics. Anything is fair game for them, their favorite being the little plastic tab that you take off your milk before you can take the cap off! I went out and bought all kinds of furry mice, ping pong balls, tennis balls and catnip critters but they prefer the plastic thingy off the milk container! Could've saved myself quite a bit of money!

Just had to put in this pic of the grands with their hooded towels on that their other grandmother Mimi makes for them. The green one is actually a froggie, you can't see the hood very well in the shot. Dylan's is a duck with the bill kind of tipped up like an old baseball cap. These are the best things, they keep them nice and warm until you get their jammies on with the hood keeping the towel in place. Mimi makes them out of large fluffy towels, all different kinds including pigs, doggies, kittens, butterflies, cows, as well as the frogs and ducks. With two grandmothers that sew these two will never lack for handmade goodies!


Susie said...

Those towels are too cute! (as are the kids!!)
Sounds like the kittens rule!
They can be quite amusing!!

palmtreefanatic said...

I see some cutie pies here!!!