Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

I can't believe my first born grandchild is turning five years old! It seems just like last week that she was toddling around my house getting into everything and enjoying every minute of it. There is a certain excitement about that first grandchild that just can't be repeated. Not that you love the next one any less by any means, there's plenty of love to go around for as many as you are blessed to have. I only have two so there's just tons of love to shower both of them with.

She was only an hour or so old when this picture was taken. What a little chubby cub!
I guess you can tell by my expression that I was totally smitten!

Today was the 'friends' party with the family party being held next week on the actual date. It was held at My Gym in the shopping center near here. It is quite a facility with every thing to jump on, crawl under and swing from. It was high octane excitement from the minute the children arrived.

The highlight of the party was the thing they hung onto and went across the room. You could see some white knuckles in the bunch but everyone was safe and enjoyed the ride.

The trampoline was probably next in line in popularity.

Even grandson kept up with the bigger kids. He looked a bit unsure but made it to the other end of the room just fine. He has a birthday coming up in May so will probably want to have his party here too.



Susie said...

She's adorable and what a cute age!
My oldest grandson has a birthday coming up next week. Seems like only yesterday I was holding that newborn babe in my arms.
Thanks for the prayers for my Grandpa.

Joan said...

What a cutie! And what a wonderful Grammie you are!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your little grandaughter...looks like it was quite a fun birthday party:-) She's so adorable!! I'm really looking forward to having a oldest son is getting married next month so maybe in the near future? lol xox

palmtreefanatic said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that sweetie pie!
what a nice post! I think your grandchildren are so Blessed to have you! I always wished my parents wanted to be more involved with mine...

KC said...

Oh what fun.. That looks like a great friend birthday party..
Happy 5th birthday to your sweetie..
My Sweet pea turned 5 years old at the end of January we had her friends party on Feb 1. and I'm still working on getting that post up on my blog.. I'm so behind :)
I just got around today to posting Princess 11 year old friend birthday party post and that was on Jan 19..
Yes I'm just a little slow..

I bet all the kids just loved that party.. I know all of my kids would.

Happy birthday again.