Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Calvary Cut Ups

We came up with a name this morning at quilt class. We have decided we are going to be the Calvary Cut Ups. I think that is cute, (wish I had thought of it, but can't take the credit) my sister in law came up with it. I thought we should be The Old Sew and Sews but they didn't like the 'old' part! lol I am the one in the white shirt and we are trying to act like we don't know our picture is being taken.

We had a good class today, everyone is coming along really well and there have been no major blunders to take out with the seam ripper as yet.
We have some that are just beginners and some that have had some sewing experience so they are all working at their own pace.
Some of the ones that were there last week couldn't be here this week so it has worked out well keeping the numbers smaller so that I can work individually with each one as needed. I am really glad that I decided to do this. It is great fun and it was good for me to dust myself off a bit and get out of that ole' comfort zone.

I'll be updating the progress as we go along and hopefully have the finished products in another month or so. dcrmom do you recognize a few faces in these pictures????


dcrmom said...


Susie said...

Catchy name! Looks like you had a wonderful class..

Suzy said...

Wish that I lived near you, so I could join in!
I have sewn all my life, but never learned to quilt and lately, after seeing some of the quilt photos on these blogs,I want to learn.

KC said...

When i was little, alot of the ladies from church use to get together and do this, I remember going with my mom a few time. I myself have never learned to sew or make a quilt but I would like to it looks like fun. I just dont think I could find the time right now to sew.. well unless I gave up blogging. GASP!!!!!!!!! :)