Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Happenings

I just finished reading the pioneer woman and she has a new puppy. He is soooooooo cute. Now basically I am a cat person, well, actually Hubby is not a dog person which makes me not a dog person as we have to live in the same house but I digress...

Ree's new puppy looks like a beagle but it might be something else, not sure. Anyway he is adorable with the big floppy ears and soft muzzle. Too bad they have to grow up and lose that puppy look. Maybe that's why the pocket pups are so popular now that all the celebrities seem to be carrying around, they are small and keep that puppy look. Sort of.

It snowed last night and is supposed to again tonight. Yippee! Last night we only got 3 or 4 inches, just enough that the plowman thinks he has to come plow us out as if we couldn't get out of the drive way in 3 inches of snow. Now in some areas that might be a lot of snow but here in Maine it's just a 'dusting' and wouldn't stop anyone from going anywhere.

You know it's amazing how much better a scanner works if it is plugged computer guy got a real kick out of that 'repair'! So consequently I have been scanning my little heart out today with some of the horses that I have had in my life.

No this isn't a young Buddy, it is Smokey Jack an appy that we had about 25 years ago. We bought him from a struggling college student who couldn't afford to pay his board for $350.00 and it's the best money we ever spent on a horse. He went western, English, drove and was great trail riding. We did really well with him at the smaller regional shows. We had him for many years. Yes, that is a much younger me, oh to be that thin again, I'm depressed!

This is Joe's Ginger Snap an appy mare we got in New York state. She was a lovely mare and we showed her all over New England. We used her for Leadline, Trail, Western, English and Halter. Son was about 4 or 5. We had her also for many years and then she went on to be a side saddle horse for a lady in Massachusetts. The next picture is of her foal only a few minutes old and the next one she is a couple months old.

This is Skipper B Brave a leopard appy that belonged to my sister in law. He was gorgeous and a nice gentle guy with a big heart. We had him till J went off to college and then he went to a family that had him till he died of old age. Yes, that is me on the fence. I'm more depressed!

This next one is going WAY back and this is Misty Dawn a filly we raised from a foal. She was our surprise baby. We didn't know her mother had been bred when we bought her. I think I was about 12 years old then, she was about 2. The next picture is her mother Flicka a little grade mare that we bought from a local horse dealer. I remember the day vividly as Dad and I went out to look at the horses and came home with her on the back of the pick up truck. Didn't have a horse trailer back then! It was the most exciting day of my young life to drive into the drive way with her!! Little did we know that in a few months we'd have Misty Dawn. We had her until she was 17 and she died with a twisted intestine. I was devastated, I'd had her so long, she was such a big part of my life from such a young age but these things happen.

This next one is Comanche a paint that we had for a while. He was a nice horse and we used him for parades and trail riding, didn't show back then.

This last picture is of Son when he was about three years old. He had ridden his pony in leadline and won his first ribbon. I probably still have it tucked away some where. Sniff..sniff..

Now isn't he the cutest thing you've seen in a long time? Hey he's even cuter then Ree's new puppy! :o)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day Fun

The big day is over and what a lovely day it was. Where do I begin? Well, I guess with Christmas Eve which is actually the biggest day for us here on the farm. We have a big crowd which is what I like, the more the merrier! The grand kids were excited and could hardly eat any supper but we like to get that out of the way first. I took the easy route and got Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the fixings plus others brought yummy stuff to add to the meal. The wassail was simmering on the stove which just fills the house with a wonderful aroma. We went through a serious amount of wassail! :o)

We opened gifts next and the paper was flying everywhere! What fun to watch the kids open their packages and see their eyes light up at the contents. Makes all that shopping well worth the while! T LOVED her Dis*ney princess dresses! She would put one on and wear it until she got another package with one in it and then she would change into that one. She told her Mom that she was going to sleep in one! Sorry the second picture is on it's side. My 'photographer' took a lot of the pictures that way and I don't know how to change them without putting them into Print Shop or something and that's way too much work today. Also I think the camera was on the wrong setting as most of the pictures are blurry. I'm glad hubby got me a new camera for Christmas as this one has been acting really bad lately.

This is T with her cousin. she has on her Enchanted dress with the hat, mittens and scarf set that she got. I think it goes good together, don't you? heehee!

D's favorite gift was his Leapster video game. It's so much fun the kids don't even know that it is educational! K's favorite was the new Monopoly game with the electronic banking system. He and T had fun playing it. They also liked their digital cameras that I found at Staples. They hook into the computer and they can do projects with the pictures they take.

What fun to be all together. The cousins have such a good time together. Making memories.

There is always the obligatory be-hind shot of me getting the gifts. I think I will stick this one on my refrigerator and maybe it will keep me on a diet!

Christmas morning the phone rang at 6:30 to let us know that T and D were up and ready to have their tree at home. I had to hurry and get the turkey in the oven and then we headed over. Once again there was excitement galore. Mimi and Bampie arrived from the lake and we had fun watching the grand kids that we share having such a good time.

We went home after awhile as I had things to get ready for our Christmas dinner. The guests arrived about noon and we all pitched in getting things done. I mentioned to my sister that we have it down to a science now, the girls get the ice and water in the glasses, SIL makes the gravy, sister whips the potatoes, the nieces get things put on the table and I over see everything seeings as I am bossy. :o)

After a leisurely meal we all clean up, have dessert and sit around talking, enjoying the fire out in the sun room. What a blessing to have our family close by so that we can all be together enjoying each other as some families hate each other. What a blessing that we love DIL's family and have such a good time together as some in-laws squabble and just can't seem to get along. What a blessing that we have a warm home and plenty to eat as a lot of families don't have that luxury. What a blessing to be able to celebrate our Saviour's birth in a country with freedoms that some other countries don't have. :o)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's the Saturday before Christmas and I think I have almost everything ready except for some cooking that I will do on Monday morning. Hubby has gone shopping, I think he is crazy to go out today in the mobs of last minute shoppers but he doesn't seem to mind the crowds.

I took some pictures here in the house today to share with you. I have gone around to see some of your decorations and they have been beautiful.

This is a wall hanging that I made a few years ago. I love anything to do with mittens so this was a perfect pattern for me. The next one is the nativity that I made for the day care we used to have at church. When they closed they gave it back to me so I have been enjoying it.

The three stockings hanging on the mantle are for T, D and cousin K. I should have lit the fire in the fireplace for a little more ambiance! :o) I put one tree here in the living room and one out in the sun room. This guy greets us from the clock.

The next picture is the dining room table that I like to set ahead of time so that I can enjoy my Christmas dishes longer. The carolers I have been collecting for a long time. The cats don't like them in that window as they can't get up there and watch the birds! :o(

This nativity I have had for quite a while too.

This Santa was given to Son by his grandmother about 30 years ago. She passed away about 15 years ago but this is a nice reminder at Christmastime of all the things she used to do during the holidays. She loved the holidays and took great pains to see that everything was just so, right down to the beautiful bows she made for each package.

These two guys greet you as you come in the front door.

My friend Ann and I went to the stable this morning to see the guys. It was about 4* when I first got up but it warmed up a bit while we were there. The horses are so shaggy now, not sleek and shiny like in the summer time but they are nice and warm.

On the way home as I was going by FIL's house next door as a big flock of turkeys walked by. I stopped and took some pictures and then they started flying towards the woods.

Well Hubby wants a pumpkin pie so I guess I'd better finish this up and head for the kitchen. I probably won't write again until after the holidays so I want to wish all of my blogging buddies a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesdays This and That

Tuesday has been a busy day as usual. I was going to the gym but my trainer felt that I needed a day off since my snowmobiling debacle as I really strained everything that could be strained pushing the machine back up on it's skis so I went to my massage therapist and chiropractor instead. I am what you call job security for them this year! What else can I fall off from? I shudder to think......

I ran to the mall afterwards and picked up a few things left on my list and got right in and out very quickly. It was busy there but not mobbed. I headed back over the river to pick up one of my friends as 5 of us were going out to lunch to celebrate a birthday. This took two hours as things were a bit slow but we didn't care as we were having fun talking and laughing.

After that I had to go pick up these things that go on my snowmobile handlebars to keep your hands from the wind. I hope Son knows how to put them on my machine as I don't have a clue! We got stuck in some traffic for awhile and the only thing we could see that was holding things up was the city bo*mb squad car at one business!

Next we headed to Jo-Ann Fabric as I wanted to pick up some new scissors for DIL for Christmas to put in her stocking. Of course we had to look around at everything and came out with quite a bag full of important stuff. At least we think it is important.....

I took my friend home and then headed home and have been right here at the computer ever since. I need to get supper going but wanted to at least get a start on this post. I know everyone is busy with Christmas and all but where this is my online journal I don't like to miss too many days without writing.


I don't seem to be able to finish a post in one day lately. Maybe I should shorten them up a bit and it wouldn't take so long. Probably your eyes are glazed over by the time you get to the end of my ramblings!

Went to the stable this morning with my friend Ann. The horses look good, all fat and fuzzy. We got everyone all brushed up and put out in the pasture with some hay to munch on. It was only 7* when I went out the door so I had on many layers. At least it wasn't windy which makes it much colder.

My second new scanner AND my printer have decided they are on strike!!! I can't get my busy computer guy until the day after Christmas. (I am pouting as I type) I had lots of pictures I was going to dazzle you with but I guess they will have to wait. lol!

Must get going on the rest of my Christmas cards so will stop typing! Hope you all are getting all your Christmas things done!!

Hop over to dcrmom's site as she is having a give away! She has four, yes four new Land's End diaper bag totes that she is giving away! I know I don't need a diaper bag but I have a young friend that is one of my church friends that could use one so I went over and left a comment!!

Keep scrolling to get to my name and comments, don't know why it's so far down and I have tried to correct it and can't. Another thing on my list for my computer guy!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

I have been tagged by my buddy Pea to do a 12 Christmas Things About Me Hoopla! This should be fun!

1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.2. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word…3. You have to tag specific people when you’re done. No “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff is allowed…then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you — but the more, the merrier to get this ‘hoopla’ circulating through the blogosphere.4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it! Let’s involve as many people as possible!5. Please give Andrea some link-love as the “Hoopla-Creator!

1. As with many of you when we were children Christmas Eve I just couldn't get to sleep in anticipation of the Christmas festivities the next morning! My parents would finally have to 'put their foot down' and tell us to stay in bed until at least 6 AM!!

2. That was the longest night but well worth the wait! We'd always have a stocking with an orange in the toe and hard candy and small gifts. We had our stocking first and then opened our gifts.

3. We always opened one gift Christmas Eve and we usually picked the biggest one!

4. I used to be teased by my family as I would take the tree down Christmas night and put everything away to get the house back in order! I'm much more laid back now and keep the trees up till New Years usually.

5. I have always liked to have the movie Christmas Vacation on while decorating the tree ever since it came out which was quite a number of years ago now.

6. I don't like the movie It's A Wonderful Life and don't really know why, just can't get into it.

7. We always have wassail Christmas Eve along with other goodies. The smell of the wassail simmering on the stove just makes my mouth water. I have a great recipe and I guess I should post it.

8. Before all the malls came along downtown was beautiful at Christmastime. They really decorated and had carolers singing. It was magical when it was snowing at night with the street lights giving off their soft yellow glow. I always tried to do my shopping at night.

9. When we were kids we used to go with my father down to my grandfather's farm and get a tree or Dad would bring one home from where he was working in the woods. They weren't perfectly shaped like they are now. The dog always drank the tree stand water!

10. One year I surprised my sister by flying my parents home from Florida and putting them in a great big box. My sister had been over that afternoon helping me decorate my tree and I called her and said that the cat had knocked the tree over (big lie!) and could she help me get it back together. She came right over and there was the big box and I said go ahead open it and out popped my parents and my sister burst into tears she was so happy!

11. Now days we have a big get together with our family and DIL's family on Christmas Eve. Everyone brings goodies to eat before we open gifts. The wassail is simmering and sometimes I have carols playing but with such a big crowd you can't always hear them! We are a rather noisy bunch!

12. Christmas morning we go over to Son and DIL's house early to watch T and D open their gifts there. I get the turkey in before we leave so when we come home the house smells wonderful. The rest of our crowd arrives about 11 and we eat about 12:30 and visit until about 3 or 4 then everyone goes home. It's a busy day and I love it! If Christmas falls on Sunday we go to church first and then everyone meets at our house after.

Here it is Monday. We had a huge storm on yesterday. It was glorious! Everything was cancelled as the roads were a mess. Even church was cancelled which I hate especially this time of year with all of the Christmas festivities. So what does one do when everything is cancelled?????? You go snowmobiling! Son called and said that he and T & D would be over shortly and for me to get ready. Well getting ready for me is having to register my no less and then my printer wouldn't work for some unknown reason so Son had to send it to Hubby's printer and we finally were able to go.
T went with me as she is older then D and can ride behind me in her nicely heated seat and heated handle grips with a back rest to hold her in place. It was just BEAUTIFUL out with the snow coming down rather briskly at times. On the woods trails it was warm but out in the open fields it was really windy and cold. We didn't stay out too long as I had worn the wrong gloves and T was getting cold too.Soooooooooo we headed home thinking about the hot cocoa and pumpkin bread that was awaiting us. One part of the trail is a bit slanted so I always feel like I am riding on the side of a hill, which I don't like until the trails are a bit better. We were going really slow, maybe about 3 mph and wouldn't you know it one of my skis slipped off the trail into the soft snow. It was just steep enough that we just slowly tipped over...........

I climbed out from under the machine and T wasn't making a peep which scared me just about out of my wits as you can well imagine. I felt sick thinking that she might be hurt. I turned to her and she finally spoke and said that her leg was under the machine and she couldn't get out. Talk about all kinds of scenarios, broken bones, hospital, air lifting out of the trail, they all went through my head in one fleeting second.

I looked up and Son was running towards us and he pushed the machine up enough so that I could get her out and she was fine, the soft snow had cushioned her leg. She decided she would ride with Daddy the rest of the way home! (can't say as I blame her!) Well D had to ride with me but he didn't seem to mind, nice to be young. We were only about 15 minutes from home and made it the rest of the way without incident. Needless to say I won't take that particular trail EVER again! I am just so thankful that she is fine. I would have never forgiven myself if she had gotten hurt. I asked her if she would ever ride with me again and she said 'Sure Grammie'! My heart melted.
Wassail Recipe
6 cups of apple cider or juice
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 cup honey
1 large can unsweetened pineapple juice
Bring to boil first two ingredients and simmer for 5 minutes covered.
Add rest of the ingredients stirring to mix and heat.
At this point you can serve it but it is much better to make it the day before and reheat.
Serve hot. (I always double this for a group of 20 or more.)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Meme

My neice dcrmom is having a little Christmas party over at her blog musingsofahousewife and she promises to have some good food for us if we come over and play! We're listing our top 10 favorite Christmas songs so here is my list and they aren't in any special order. Take a minute and hop over and give us your list! :o)

1. Mary Did You Know

2. Tennessee Christmas

3. Silent Night

4. Joy To The World

5. White Christmas

6. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (the grand kids giggle at this one)

7. Walking In A Winter Wonderland

8. Silver Bells

9. Hark The Herald Angels Sing

10. O Holy Night

I am still dancing the happy dance over Buddy's good report. Tomorrow we go up to the stable and give everyone a good brushing and going over. I talked with the stable owner this afternoon and she said he isn't sore at all after having his shoes pulled so that is a really good sign too!

We got more snow today and a weather report of a Nor'easter coming to town on Sunday. You can bet your boots that the grocery stores will be mobbed on Saturday. People will be fighting over the last loaf of bread and carton of milk like it was the last time the store would ever be open in their lifetime. The store owners must love a storm as it boosts business tremendously.

I didn't leave the house today, no appointments for once! I love a day like this. It was snowing softly the big fluffy flakes that are so pretty and I had nice music on while I did some more Christmas decorating. I got my Christmas Carolers all out and put in the bay window. I have had some of them for a very long time. I hinted to husband tonight at dinner that I hadn't gotten any new ones for a long time......hint hint......

Yesterday I looked at the flip house that I was interested in. It was the first house that we bought when we were newly married. It was adorable with nice shiny hardwood floors, one and a half baths, three bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The garage was a one and half car size so was just right to build a small beauty shop in the 'half' side so my father and grandfather did it for me. Everything was spit polished as I had lots more energy then I have now! ha! So it was with great anticipation that I drove up the street where we spent the first 10 years of our marriage.

The realtor was waiting in his vehicle when I drove up and there were cars in the drive way. Not a good sign. I don't like looking at houses with the owners present, very uncomfortable. Finally they left and we went in after struggling with the door that was half off it's hinges. We walked into the kitchen and was hit face on with a terrible smell. There was a large garbage can sitting there full of trash and hadn't been taken out into the garage. Yuk! To say this poor little house had been trashed is being kind. It was more then trashed. I felt sick. I had just said to the realtor that I had no emotional ties to this house, it just looked like a good candidate to flip. Boy was I wrong!

As we walked through the rooms it got worse and worse. All the doors were missing off the closets, there were holes punched through the bedroom doors, the tiles were half off the bathroom walls, I opened the shower curtain to check the condition of the tub and it was almost black with grime! Everything was filthy and unkempt. The windows had plastic over them to keep out the cold, the basement was a mess, the old beauty shop was filled with junk, the garage was filled with stuff one thing being a new snow blower that we figured was worth more then the house in it's present condition!

I kept thinking of our neat, tidy home with Son's room an adorable child's room with his toys neatly placed on shelves and his matching bedspread and curtains. Again I was surprised at my reaction that somehow these people had taken something away from my wonderful memories of this home. In reality this can't happen as I will always remember all the wonderful times there but you all know what I mean.

We crunched some numbers and needless to say this was not a house that could be flipped for any profit. Even the furnace needed to be replaced as it is the original and you can't get parts any more for that model.

I still felt that I WANTED to fix up this house! I wanted to bring it back to life out of its sorry state. I know I can't but I really wanted to to get it back to it's adorableness, clean and tidy for a newly married young couple to move in to and be thrilled with their first home like we were!

Now this isn't possible unless it goes to auction and I get it at a low price, very low, which isn't likely to happen as larger companies snap them up very quickly but it's fun to think about. First thing to go would be the pumpkiny orangey color that is painted through out with pieces of the blue tape still stuck to the ceiling edges in places! To think they had advertised this house as one that needed 'some cosmetic work'!! Yikes! No I think a house that needs an entire new kitchen, entire new bathroom, new doors, new windows, new furnace, floors redone etc etc is a bit more then 'cosmetic' work!

Anwho, that's my story for the day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buddy's Vet Report

I have reason to celebrate tonight! Funsize and I took Buddy in for his check up today and he got a glowing report! Our vet said it "couldn't have been any better" To say this was a catch your breath type moment is an understatement! We all had smiles as wide as Texas!

We went in and our vet pulled his shoes, you know the backwards ones, and set him up for x-rays. Buddy is a super patient and stands right there and lets them do the x-rays without budging a bit. Good boy!!

Our vet has a new computer system that hooks right into the x-ray and here is Buddy's foot. This system is amazing. You can see things that you would never pick up on a regular film right down to the tiniest line. Dr. S. who BTW wouldn't let me take his picture face on, I think he is really kinda shy, was so excited about this new technology that will be a huge help for diagnostic purposes. They sent me a copy of the x-rays via e-mail. I know you were all holding your breath waiting to see them! lol!

Notice the right foot has more rotation in the coffin bone then the left but amazingly he still has plenty of sole so he can go without shoes for the winter. The left foot had the big notch cut out and that is the black spot right on the front.
I owe a ton of gratitude to my vet who went beyond the call of duty this past year with Buddy. He has a big heart and cares not only about his patients but the owners as well. It was a year ago this week that we were struggling with the decision what to do with Buddy as he was so sick with strangles and then to have him founder in May was just horrific but Dr. S hung in there with us and here we are today looking pretty darned good! :o) As I have said in previous posts I appreciate so much all of my blogging friends who have been so kind through out all of this with your thoughtful comments and encouragement!!

Funsize was just loving on Buddy and I got this shot. She was only 10 when we got him and now she will be 25 in a couple of weeks so they have sort of grown up together. :o)

These are some pictures taken about 15 years ago in a show that Funsize and Buddy participated in. They walked away with all blue ribbons that day! :o)

Guess I should get going on my day. Back to the gym this morning and then a customer is coming to buy a tote for her daughter for Christmas. T is coming after school today so we will get into some mischief you can be sure, maybe make some cookies. I have some more Christmas decorating to do. Will do a post on all of it when it is done. Also have housework to do, I am still on a quest to get all of the closets cleaned out and dispose of everything we don't use or want any more. I found this graphic that kind of sums it all up!
So anywho, I have played here on the computer long enough but I wanted to get Buddy's report out to you all. Thanks again for caring!!!!!