Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shedding Saturday

My niece B. and I went to the stable this morning to spend time with the horses. They will be at the riding stable until May when it dries up around here and we get back from a family trip to Florida. It's hard having them away from home in a lot of respects but they are only 5 minutes away and it's necessary as we are gone a lot in the winter so there would be no one to take care of them for us. Plus there is an indoor arena where they are boarded and that is nice in the winter.

We can have some pretty fierce winters here in Maine so our horses get nice and furry to keep warm. This time of year they start shedding out the winter hair and it is quite a job to get it all out. Our big old Appy gets the most, he probably has enough hair for 3 horses. Wednesday when I was up there I brushed him for an hour and got tons of hair out and today I got just as much again with still tons to go.

They really love to be brushed and I love doing it but after awhile my arms get tired when I have this much hair to get out. Wish I could come up with a worthwhile use for it. I do bring some home to put out for the birds to line their nests with so it does serve some purpose.

Now all of this would line a lot of nests!

Tonight is the Talent Show at church. We had our rehearsal last night and it went well. We have only lost one act and that was totally unavoidable as the man is in the military and he has to fly a colonel somewhere so there was no getting out of that! I'll get a few pictures to post of some of the acts. The cutest is two little girls tap dancing, they are just adorable! Can't wait to see them tonight in their dance costumes.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Happenings

Just got home from a surprise lunch with Husband at the Muddy Rudder a local restaurant here in town. Now it's always a treat to eat out but on the spur of the moment it's even better so I like getting those e-mails. I got there a bit early and as the restaurant is right on the edge of the river I enjoyed watching the sea gulls and some other kind of birds doing some fishing for their lunch. The ice and snow just broke up a few days ago on the river so evidently there is an abundance of fish close to the surface as the gulls were having a heyday gobbling them up. It's a beautiful spot which just adds to the enjoyment of a nice meal. I had giant shrimp cocktail and a lobster roll with fries. I didn't eat the humongous roll, it was a meal in itself and only a few of the fries but sure did have my own feeding frenzy on the ice cold shrimp and the lobster. The desserts looked scrumptious but I passed them up and just had the little mint that they give you when they bring the check.

Tonight is rehearsal for the talent show which is tomorrow night at the church along with the pot luck supper. I have about 12 acts signed up so I hope everyone shows up or I will have to get up there and sing and that wouldn't be a pretty sight or sound! I have lined up everything from a barber shop quartet, ladies quartet, tap dancing young gals, skits, country singer, piano solos, guitar players and a some other things. One of my singers had her wisdom teeth out this morning so I'm wondering if she will be in any condition to sing tomorrow night.... she might look like Chip and Dale with all the swelling.

I have decided to participate in the 30 Day Organizational Challenge over at Laura's the organizing junkie. This starts on April 3 and I think I will compete by entering not the Dreaded Walk In Closet but my Ultra Dreaded Sewing Room. It is a mess with different colors of fabric mixed in together, junk that needs tossing, things that don't even belong in a sewing room ended up there and I am declaring war on it! The only bad part of this is that I am going to have to disgrace myself again by posting some 'before' pictures over at her site for the world to see what a slob I am in my sewing room. Now the rest of the house, except the Dreaded Walk In Closet, is pretty neat and tidy for the most part, well unless the grands have been here and then every room looks like a hurricane hit it but the sewing room gets pretty wild when I am on a sewing kick. I have taken the 'before' pictures and am just trying to get up the courage to go over there and post them. When I do I will be accountable............

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quilt Class Thursday

I just got home from quilt class. I only had two students today as the rest of them had appointments or things that they had to attend to. I thought it would be an easy day so I took some of my own stuff to work on between questions. WRONG. I had one student nearly in tears over her blocks that just weren't going together well and she was getting terribly frustrated. She only has one block done out of the 12 and the rest of the class has them either done or almost done. Her problem is that she picked some very flimsy fabric which isn't 100% cotton, has some poly or something in it and it stretches and frays easily. She has spent most of her time taking out seams and redoing and then taking out again.

Gulp, now what do I do????? I didn't want a student leaving in tears and never finishing her project. I decided she needed some help getting caught up so the other lady and I started sewing, pressing & trimming those blocks with her and we got all 12 finished. The old saying 'many hands make work light' (or something like that) applies even in quilting. She was so excited and ready to rock and roll next week on her sashings. I sure appreciated the other lady giving up her time to help this gal. I have such a nice group of ladies in my class, couldn't ask for any better.

I have been reading some of my favorite sites and they have been talking about spring cleaning and it is giving me the courage to tackle the dreaded walk in closet. Now I am a 'tad' older then most of these gals that are so full of get up and go. My get up and go has somewhat gone so I don't think I will try to do as much in one day as they do so I am going to set myself up on a schedule. I think an hour and a half a day for four days should do it without breaking the bank or should I say the back. Now I just have to decide on a day to start..............

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday With Words

I know it is Wordless Wednesday and I have already posted some pictures but I have been getting some complaints from my fans (all three of them) when I don't write something. My parents are in Florida enjoying the sunshine and warm temps and seeings as they don't play shuffleboard they read my posts for excitement. Now that is a sad commentary isn't it? lol! They are getting ready to head north in about two weeks so they will be in the midst of all of this craziness called my life as they live here with us in their own apartment. It has to be quite a change for them after being in the peace and quiet of their home in Florida to landing in looneyville with cats, horses, great grandchildren and any number of other daily distractions. I looked out on the deck one day last summer and there were my adorable grandchildren having a marshmallow fight with my mother! Marshmallows were flying everywhere and the grandkids thought that was the best game in town.

We call my Dad Mr. Fix It. We keep an on going list of things that need to be repaired, tweeked, removed, glued, unglued, drained, hammered, tightened or loosened for when Dad gets back to Maine to take care of for us. He is a Jack of all trades and if it can be fixed he can do it. Today I brought in a halter off one of the horses that needs to be fixed so I think I will put that first on the list. It's not just me with a list either, I have a sister and brother in town and they keep their lists going too so there is no shortage of jobs for Dad to do while here in the summer. He also mows all the lawns for our offices and all the homes listed with one of the local real estate companies in town. He takes care of the horses when we are out of town. He is 84.

My mother has macular degeneration and is legally blind. This has taken away many of the things that she once enjoyed like reading, driving, writing letters etc but it doesn't keep her down by any means. She still can cook up the best eye of the round roast with brown gravy and baked potatoes that you would want to sink your teeth into or lemon cake that is light as a feather. She keeps their apartment spotless, does all their laundry and even likes to hang clothes out on the line for the yummy fresh smell. She is 83.

Next door is my FIL. He turned 90 in December and is still going strong. He goes to work every day at 7 o'clock and gets home at 6 pm. He has been a widower for 15 years so he has to get his own meals for the most part and take care of things around the house. He does have a housekeeper that comes in once a week and does the laundry and cleaning. Last May he received his honorary doctorate from Husson College here in Maine. He is active in the family business.

To say that these three people are an inspiration would be an understatement. In this day and age of so many people working the system to get a free ride the work ethic of these three is a breath of fresh air. They have their aches and pains, two of them are cancer survivors, but they haven't given up on life to just sit and do nothing they have kept going and continue to be contributing members of society. It has been a good example to me and my siblings and now my grandchildren and for that I am grateful.

Wordless Wednesday Kite Flying

My son was out flying kites with the kids. It was a perfect day for it and they both were successful in getting their kites in the air!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Twisted Knee Tuesday

Remember the quiet Monday I talked about yesterday? It seems so long ago.... Today was quite the opposite but I guess that was a good reason to rest up yesterday. I hit the gym at 8:30, that's always a good way to start ones day pumping a little iron. 'Little' being the operative word here as I hurt my knee and she wouldn't let me do much. There is something about carrying a 50lb. bag of horse grain into the barn, going under the bar and twisting ones knee that will really make your day. The bar is up across the open door so if one of the horses should accidentally get out of their stall they can't get out of the barn. Now I always take the bar down before I carry in grain, but no, I had to take a short cut and now am paying for it. Nothing serious, just an inconvenience.

Now I have to go past Jo-Ann Fabric when I go to the gym and it calls my name as I go by telling me about all of the new things that they have in stock so of course I have to stop there on my way back by. I usually get my fabrics from quilt shops but Jo-Ann's does have lots of items that I use and they did have the Princess fabric that I am so enthralled with lately so it's always worth a looksy. You do know by now that I have an addiction. I'm not proud to talk about it but it is there and I deal with it. (I deal with it by buying more sewing supplies) lol!

Next I had to go pick up someone and give them a ride to the next town which is where my sister in law lives so I visited with her for a few minutes. We used to call that a 'door yard call' but I don't think anyone young knows what that means these days. I had to get some pictures from her of our mother in law that passed away 15 years ago to put on the memory board that we are doing at church for Easter Sunday.

My next stop was the church as we still are working on the Easter decorations. We used lilacs and tulips this year, fake ones due to all of the allergies, but they sure do look real. We purchased some new banners for Easter and they are beautiful. I hope I can get some pictures of them but they are way up above the choir loft so I don't think the picture would come out very well.
Next stop was to drop off some costumes to one of the people that is going to be in the talent show on Saturday night. She and her husband are going to be the couple on the old Green Acres show so he needed overalls and she needed a real dressy dress. I had one that I wore while on a convention in California one year and it is floor length with lots of gold and sparkle so should do fine. (that was early 90's so is nice and tacky.)

I came home after a quick run through the drive thru at McD's and my house felt rather chilly. I like it chilly so it had to be REALLY chilly for me to even notice. Sure enough the furnace was out for the second time in two weeks so I called the service dept. and they sent someone right over. I figured he would hit the reset button and the thing would start right up but it didn't and he installed a new starter.

The carpenter was here when I got home. He is working on my sun porch and he had a few questions. The stove isn't in yet nor the new windows but he is painting for a couple of days so hopefully they will be in by the time he is done.

By this time I was itching to get down in my sewing room. I had some funky cat fabric that I had in my stash that I wanted to work on. I get a lot of my fabric out of Peducah Kentucky and they have the best stuff.

I don't know if you can enlarge these or not but these cats and mice are just so cute. I need to get the straps and buttons put on and it will be done. I haven't even started on the coastal/lobster order yet, guess I should stop playing and get that done.
Husband had a dinner meeting so I had a bowl of cereal for my supper. Makes for less clean up. Now American Idol is on so guess I'd better get glued to the tv. Chris just sang and it was a mess, poor guy. Gina did a good job on her song, Simon even liked it. Now if she could just get rid of the black nail polish! Oh no, look at Sanjaya's hair! I'm going to have nightmares!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

I love Mondays. I try to keep my calendar clear on Mondays to catch up from the weekend. I'm not always successful and things get booked in sometimes but for the most part I like to keep my Mondays open. For one thing Sunday is a busy day from morning service to evening service and sometimes things in between so it's kind of nice to not be so busy the day after.

Last night was our Awana Grand Prix. Now this is a yearly event that our Truth and Training groups participate in and is eagerly awaited. The kids make a car out of a block of wood, put wheels on it, paint it and decorate it any way they want. By the looks of some of the cars last night I think a design team was hired and there wasn't a child anywhere near the construction of said car. Now I don't mind the kids having someone 'help' them because you can't put a skill saw in the hands of an 8 year old, but come on now, who is this car for the child or the Dad????

I was one of the, ahem, 'lucky' ones asked to judge the cars in different categories and it was very hard because you had the 'professional' cars and the cars that the kids had obviously done most of the work themselves. I tended to lean towards the cars that the kids had a hand in making and the other two judges did also but then again that takes away from the kids that had so much help. It was a dilemma but we did the best we could to be fair to all. I just wish parents could see these things for what they are for, to let the child do most of the work and enjoy the pride and satisfaction of making their own car.

The Pastor talked about anxiety yesterday. I don't know too many of us that don't struggle with this at times and clearly the Bible says that we are to be anxious for nothing. (Phil. 4:6) I know in my life I can worry about things and 'fret' as my husband calls it. It is my hearts desire to lean more on Him and stop 'fretting' about things that I don't have any control over anyway.

I'm finishing up the princess bags. I just fell in love with that fabric and had to make them up to see how they came out. I just need to get the buttons put on and they will be done. My granddaughter saw them yesterday and asked if they were for her so I guess one is spoken for already. I found some pink fabric that I thought went well too so I got some of that and I have the two made with different coordinating fabrics. It sure seems like a lot of work for $38.00 but I enjoy it so I guess that makes it worthwhile and when your granddaughter claims one the minute she sees it, well, that's priceless! (isn't there an ad on tv about this????)
My grandson was here for awhile on Saturday and decided he wanted a snack of homemade bread and jelly. I couldn't resist getting a picture of most of it on his face and not in his tummy!

Guess I'd better get back down in the sewing room and finish things up. I have so much fabric or 'stash' as we call it that I really wouldn't need to buy any more for years but there is the call of the quilt shops that just hauls me in.......just to look.......yeah right, just to look........

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My first real meme!

I'm all excited because T. at There is a Season tagged me for my first real meme! I did one once but I wasn't tagged for it I just saw it and did it but this is the REAL thing!

1. What time did you get up this morning? I didn't get up until 6:30 seeings as the horses are still boarded at the riding stable and I didn't have to feed.
2. Diamonds or pearls? DIAMONDS all the way, it is my birth stone!
3. What was the last film you saw in the cinema? Charlotte's Web with the grandkids.
4. What is your favorite tv show? American Idol
5. What did you have for breakfast? Two blueberry Toaster Strudel
6. What is your middle name? Ann
7. What is your favorite cuisine? Italian
8. What foods do you dislike? Liver, string beans, oatmeal
9. What are your favorite chips? Bar-be-cue
10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Kenny Chesney
11. What kind of car do you drive? Tahoe
12. Favorite sandwich? Ham and cheese from Pat's Pizza.
13. What characteristics can't you stand? Snobby people, legalistic people and social climbers.
14. What are your favorite clothes? Jeans and a nice tee shirt.
15. If you could go anywhere on vacation where would it be? A dude ranch or Kentucky
16. Where is sixteen? Boarding school, mini skirts and blue eye shadow.
17. Where would you want to retire? Right here where I live now with my barn, land, kids close by, horses, cats, and of course Husband.
18. Favorite time of day? Morning.
19. Where were you born? Lincoln Maine
20. Favorite events to watch? Skating, horse jumping, gymnastics
21. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke with lots of ice!
22. Beavers or Ducks? Beavers as we have a beaver colony out back in the stream.
23. Are you a morning person or night owl ? Morning, I am in bed by 10 o'clock.
24. Pedicures or manicures? BOTH!
25. What did you want to be when you were little? A vet, horse trainer, or farmer.
26. What is your best childhood memory? Wow, there's so many I don't know where to begin! I guess it would be the day my Dad and I went out and bought my first horse and brought her home on the back of the pickup truck!
27. Ever been to Africa? Nope.
28. Ever been toilet papering? Nope, I led a sheltered life.
29. Been in a car accident? Just got hit from behind at a stop sign once.
30. Favorite day of the week? Monday
31. Favorite flower? double buttercups
32. Favorite restaurant? The Muddy Rudder
33. Favorite ice cream? Turkey Hill peanut butter cup
34. Favorite fast food restaurant? Micky D's
35. How many times did you fail your driver's test? Passed the first time.
36. From whom did you get your last e-mail? My niece Betsy.
37. What store would you like to max out your credit card? Talbot's
38. Last person you went to dinner with? A couple from church on Tuesday night, Gary and Wendy.
39.What are you listening to right now? Nothing, just enjoying the peace and quiet.
40. What is your favorite color? Yellow, remember the double buttercups?
41. How many tattoos do you have? NONE, now wouldn't that look silly on a 55 year old grandmother?
42. How many are you sending this e-mail to? Anyone who reads my blog
43. What time did you finish this blog entry? 7 pm
44. Favorite magazine? Ladies Home Journal
45. Coffee or tea? Don't drink either one
46. Do you tan easily or burn? Used to tan really easily but now I avoid too much sun.
47. Do you color your hair? Remember I said I was 55?????? Of course! Once every six weeks.
48. What is the first car you ever purchased without your parents assistance? Can't remember as it's been so long, probably a Model T
49. What is your most dreaded household chore? Washing windows.
50. Who do you tag to do this meme? Tina @ Palm Tree Fanatic!

computer woes

Once again I am in front of the computer when I should be doing other things. I have been experimenting with Photo Bucket so bear with me as I try to hone my blogging expertise. Now I seem to have lost color and the ability to enlarge the print on this post. I wonder what I have hit that I shouldn't have and how I get it back????? Anyone have any ideas on this one??????? If not I'll have to call dcrmom to get me out of another mess that I've gotten myself into.

It's beautiful here in Maine today. The sun is shining, the snow melting and the temps are close to 50*, a heat wave to us! I gave my big Appy a good brushing and got tons of hair out of him, it was six inches high all the way around him on the floor and there is still a ton more. He is old so tends to really get an extremely heavy coat in the winter which has to all come out in the spring. The other four aren't shedding yet so I didn't get much out of them.

I need to go finish the princess tote that I started last night so will sign off. It is coming out soooooo cute!

Horses & Ponies

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's Friday and I should be doing all sorts of things other then sitting here at my computer. I didn't go to swimming and my trainer canceled my gym appointment and my carpenter is having truck problems so isn't here yet so I am having one of those nice quiet mornings. That doesn't happen very often as my days are full with all kinds of activities that keep me hopping. My grandson is coming this afternoon as his sister has a girly birthday party to attend that he isn't invited to. Poor little guy, he is sent off to stay with Grammie while sister parties! At least Noodles and Munchkin will get a good workout as they love playing with him with a string, ping pong ball, fake mice, cat nip filled bags and all sorts of other toys.

It is sunny here today and the snow is melting away slowly but surely. I can hear the men working out back in the woods clearing some more carriage trails for us to use this summer with the horses and ponies. We can ride through the neighborhood but poor Husband is always on p**p patrol and has to get the 4-wheeler, shovel, muck bucket, lime, broom and head out to clean up whatever deposit has been left. Heaven forbid there be a little 'debris' left in the street so he is very meticulous about cleaning up. The neighbors snicker and laugh at him but he is good natured about it and kids right back with them. He says he will forever be known as the p**p cleaner upper!

I just finished a new tote last night. We have a local seafood company that is interested in selling our totes to summer tourists but they have to be seafood/ocean related. I was fortunate to find some pretty fabrics with different lobster scenes, lighthouses and sailboats so I need to get that order filled.

I get a little antsy when I find some fabric that I think is really cute and I found such fabric this week. It is adorable with princesses and has a coordinating fabric with little frogs on it for the princesses to supposedly kiss. I can't wait to put the bag together. I also found some really nice horse fabric that I'm itching to get at. There just aren't enough hours in the days to do everything I want to do. From start to finish it takes between 4 and 5 hours for each bag so it's not something I can just whip up in a hurry. Plus to have to hurry would take the fun out of it for me.


I also found this week one of the best sewing tools I have ever used. It is a Rowenta steam iron and let me tell you this thing ROCKS! It would take a wrinkle out of an old mans face! (Hummmmm ....I may have to try it on myself!) It has a reservoir for water and this baby blows steam like Old Faithful. My ironing actually takes half the time and for my totes and crafts it is just amazing. Now I know way up here in Maine we don't get a lot to get excited about like you folks in the big cities but this sure has me wound up! lol! It's worth every penny.

Now I am really itching to get down into the sewing room, turn on HGTV and start working on some of these projects. Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Cat Tale Cont.....

A Cat Tale

About 10 years ago I was driving through town and unfortunately saw a car hit a cat. I honestly don't think they realized that they had as they didn't stop and it was dark at night. I pulled over to see what I could do and there was the poor little fella laying beside the road but still very much alive. At that time there weren't any vets open at night so I called the police dept. to see what could be done as they have an animal control officer.

In the mean time I picked up the little guy and somehow managed to get back in my car and head to the police dept. with him in my lap. He obviously was seriously injured but I thought with medical treatment he might survive. Being the animal lover that I am I just couldn't not try to help in this situation.

I got to the front door of the police dept. and it was locked being that it was at night so I knocked on the door and when I did that it startled the cat and he bite me on the stomach right through my clothes and on one finger right to the bone! They let me inside and the cat immediately died after biting me! Didn't say much for me did it?

Well, seeings as I didn't know where the cat came from, whether he was a stray with rabies or what, the police detained me. (that sounds rather formal, I guess I have been watching too many cop shows) They looked at the bites, cleaned them up a bit, put on a band aid and before they would let me go they made an appointment for me at the emergency room at our local hospital.

I reluctantly went up and they gave me a tetanus shot and then dropped a bombshell on me. I had to send the CATS HEAD to Augusta for testing for rabies! Just the head. Yes, you heard me right, just the head. The police had dropped the body off at the vets office and I was given instructions to pick up the head the next morning and take it to the bus station and send it to the lab in Augusta.

Now that didn't make for very good sleeping so it was a long night but I got up in the morning and made my way to the vets office where they had the poor kitties head in a cooler on ice. Thankfully I didn't have to make a positive identification or I would have fainted dead away.

I made it to the bus station with the cooler, with the head in it, walk to the counter and am asked to fill out a form. The first question on the form is: What is in your package? I thought I was going to get out of that and just pay the fare and off to Augusta it would go but no I had to declare what was in the package..........

Needless to say the man at the counter snickered a bit although he really was trying not to. Anyway, soon the package was out of my hands and on its way. Now I had to wait for the lab results to see if the 'victim' had rabies. If so I was going to have to have the series of shots to prevent me from.....choke.....dying. Now this is not a little flu shot type thing. It's a series of shots that they give you around your abdomen with needles the size of knitting needles. (thankfully they have improved on that these days and it's not so bad)

The results came back and poor kitty thankfully did not have rabies or any other communicable diseases. I was elated needless to say!

This episode in my life was cause for much teasing by my family and friends. Not that they didn't feel badly for the cat but it just struck every one's funny bone I guess. Next thing I know I receive the above poster from my sister, Backhoe Mama, who has a quick wit and computer abilities to create what looks like a magazine cover. (This was a few years and many pounds ago.)

Any-who, the subject of the headless cat comes up every so often and people ask me if I learned my lesson about picking up injured animals. My brother even gave me a pair of welders gloves to carry in my car but there haven't been any more hit and run incidences that I have had to assist in. For that I am very thankful!

Wordless Wednesday

My sister, Backhoe Mama, saw this in Augusta and thought I would relate to it! lol!!!

Some of the turkeys were all fluffed up this morning when I fed them.

This last picture is of a little visitor we had last summer. My FIL lives right next door and we looked over and there was this fawn going up on his porch. I was so glad I had my camera handy as she didn't stay long, she went on the porch down the back steps and back into the woods where I'm sure her Mom was waiting. I hope you can enlarge this so you can really see her, she was adorable!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winter Again, and Again, and Again

We got up this morning to a winter wonderland. Again. How many more of these snow storms do we need this spring? I must admit it is beautiful and I am a snow lover but even I am ready for some green stuff: grass. I see the pictures on your blogs with things in bloom and it makes me itchy to get out digging in the dirt and planting something. I haven't quite decided how I am going to plant this year, last year I used a lot of cleome and they got HUGE by the end of August, some were over six feet high. May use more Wave Petunias as they are such easy keepers and so darned colorful. It's fun thinking about it.

We had lots of rain and snow over the weekend which caused some havoc around here. Got a call from a client saying he was having some flooding in his basement so I thought I should take a looksy down in our basement and sure enough the water was up to the edge of the sliding glass doors and had come in about 18 inches on the carpeting. The courtyard was flooded because the culvert was clogged with ice so the water didn't have anywhere to go. We got out there in the pouring rain with our shovels and the John Deere and started picking our way through the ice and snow to open things up. Thankfully our son came over and with a 2X4 got the ice out of the culvert and the water just whooshed out through it. The joys of late winter and early spring. I was just thankful that the client called or I may not have gone down there until the next day and it would have been a huge mess. Husband's home office, my sewing room, kids playroom and a bathroom are down there which really don't need to be flooded!

My granddaughter spent the night last night. All went well and she was up at 6:30 ready to rock and roll. We went to the gym, the chiropractor, the stove shop, the feed store, Dunkin' Donuts and up to the stable to see the horses and ponies. Came home, had some lunch and did some crafts until her Mom came and got her around 2. She gave Noodles and Munchie a run for their money and they are now sleeping soundly.

The sun is out now melting the accumulation of snow that we acquired last night. It's all rather slushy out there. Tonight we're going out to dinner with friends so no cooking for me! My carpenter has been working on the sun room for the past few days. I picked out a small propane stove today to put out there as there is no heat in there now. It's so pleasant out there we decided we wanted to be able to use it all winter too. The cats love it out there as they can watch the birds, squirrels, turkeys and even two foxes today. I'm glad they were safely inside!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Shopping Volume 2

My sister has been here visiting for a few days so we have been making the rounds of her favorite stores. I've shopped more in the last week then in all the months since after Christmas. We hit all the antique shops the first day she was here that she likes but didn't find anything exciting. It's usually a hit or miss thing with those. Next was Marshall's this morning but it wasn't open yet so we went to the dollar store next door. Now I'm not a great fan of dollar stores but this one was loaded up on Easter supplies so we got all our stuff for our grand children's baskets. Next I had to have my license renewed so we went to do that. I even had to take an eye test but that was only about 5 seconds long and then had a new picture taken. He asked me if all the information was current on my old license and it was except my weight that was put on there when I was 16 years old. That has changed a bit.........a big bit.......but I chose to keep it the same on my new license, sort of a reminder of my thin youth.

My granddaughter is spending the night tonight. She has had her shower, is in her jammies and is playing with Noodles until it's time to go to bed. We have done some crafts, watched a movie and now supposedly are relaxing before bedtime. Tomorrow she will go with me to the gym, chiropractor and then we will do some errands which will probably include a trip to Toys R US and McDonald's Play Place.

Guess that's about it around here. No real juicy bloggy fodder but tomorrow is another day. Didn't I hear that in Gone With The Wind?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Night Cubbies

It's been a busy Sunday as usual. We always go out to eat after the morning service so don't get home until about 1 or 1:30. The afternoon is usually spent sewing or playing with the computer unless the kids come over or have games that we attend. Evening service is at 6 with the kids youth group starting at 5:30.

Tonight I thought I would go in and get some pictures of the kids wearing their Cubbie vests in their youth group as I hadn't taken any there for a while. They earn little patches that we sew on and it is always exciting when they get a new one. They memorize scripture verses much better then I can at this point, don't know where my memory went but it's gone......

I visited for a few more minutes, took a few more shots, let each grand take a shot and then was ready to go upstairs to the evening service. Do you remember the attachment I acquired to my leg when I was trying to leave granddaughter's swimming class? Tonight I acquired two attachments when I tried leaving Cubbie group!!!

I really needed to get upstairs so was trying to get them unattached but they didn't want me to leave so I had to threaten........ahem...... suggest that I would have to go get Daddy if they didn't let go. Hummmmm.....worked like a charm, amazing what a little suggestion will do!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This And That

It's been a busy week. Of course the highlight was the exceptionally productive trip to the mall. There is something about getting home with lots of bags to carry in that gives one a feeling of euphoria and if you have to make two trips bringing the stuff in well that is an even higher level.

Being a Bambi lover and disliking the thoughts of shooting anything I have never understood hunters. (I bet you're wondering where this is going! ) Anywho, while shopping is a much gentler activity I had an epiphany the other day about the thrill of the kill. I was driving along and there were a bunch of men standing around the bed of a pickup admiring a dead deer that one of them had shot. I was disgusted at first at the looks on their faces until I realized it was the same look I have when having had a successful shopping excursion! My apologies to all hunters that I have given the disgusted look to, although my sport doesn't include blood so I guess I am still on a higher level. tee-hee

Thursday I had quilting class. I will say that the Calvary Cut Ups are doing well and making excellent progress on their quilts. I was feeling a bit like the mother with her first child going off to school as some of them didn't need me as much as they used to and were zipping right along.

Thursday afternoon we (the decorating committee) met with the Pastor to go over the Easter schedule to see what the decorating needs would be. Usually we have lilies that people can purchase in memory of a loved one and we use these lilies to decorate the platform. The scent of the lilies can be a bit overwhelming to those of us with allergies so this year we decided to make a memory board instead and only have a few of the pungent offenders. We are asking people to bring in a picture of a loved one that they want remembered and we will color copy it and post it on a big board that will be decorated and have names and who submitted the photo and all. We've never done it this way before so I hope people like it. Being Baptists we don't always take to change very well so I hope the decorating committee isn't tarred and feathered! LOL!

Friday was back to swimming with granddaughter's preschool group. I'm so glad I am back doing laps, it is such wonderful exercise and so much easier on my joints even if it does mean getting into the much dreaded bathing suit. I do laps for awhile, then watch the girls swim lesson and then it is play time. I always have to leave a few minutes early as I go to the gym at 10:30 but it's well worth the time and I enjoy being with the kids.

Janet, my trainer at the gym, was in hysterics laughing over my latest physical complaint. I told her I had hurt my left elbow and of course she wanted to know how and I had to admit it was from carrying too many shopping bags around on Wednesday........ I should have anticipated that response and had another less indulgent reason ready.....

Today is a blustery mix of snow, rain, freezing rain and wind. It is really a mess out there and lots of things are cancelled. My sister is here from out of town and thankfully we got our TJ Maxx run in last night before this all got really bad. It was snowing when we went but it takes more then that to keep us from a long overdue TJ Maxx visit. I put the ole' Tahoe in four wheel drive and we were fine. There were several cars off the road on the big hill near my house, nothing serious thankfully, so we took a different route and made it home fine.

Someone asked me if those flowers I posted on Wordless Wednesday were in my front yard and yes they are. I love to garden and try to come up with something a bit different each summer. Unfortunately our summers are very short so for all that work we only get to enjoy the flowers for a few months so I always take lots of pictures.

Wow, I have sure rambled on this morning. I guess I'd better sign off before everyone is totally bleary eyed or asleep. I sure do enjoy all of your posts. I try to get around to each one every day. I love hearing about your day to day lives and each one of you has a special knack for writing that makes it all so interesting. I love the pictures, recipes, memes and of course your comments on my posts make it so much fun! I'm getting very anxious for my 'new look', I've been on a waiting list for awhile but hopefully it will be soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Retail Therapy

There's nothing like a little retail therapy to give one a nice boost. You know how sometimes you go to the mall that there is nothing that appeals to you (not often), and then there are times where you just seem to hit the jackpot.

Yesterday Husband was going to Portland on business and I invited myself along to be dropped off at the big mall there while he met with his clients. Five hours. Yes, five hours alone at the mall without anyone else to think about, can this be a dream?!

I always go to Chico's first when I hit that mall. We don't have that store here and I really like their clothes and their costume jewelry and it always looks better in person then in the catalog. Bing Bing Bing first jackpot! They had new tops in and they were delicious colors. Grabbed some of them first and then looked at every item in the store. Now it's a smaller store but they have a lot so I guess I was there quite awhile but it was worth it as I found two pair of pants and a dressy little jacket for church. Now to be truthful the real reason I like their store is how they size the clothing. The sizes run from 0 to size three. (0 being probably an 8 and size three being a 14) I love being able to say that I picked up a few things size 3! It really does something to your self esteem, well, until you look in the mirror and you really are a 14 after all.......

Next stop the Disney Store. Again, Bing Bing Bing another jackpot! They had in a new shipment of boys swim trunks, matching tops, jackets and sandals, plus summer pj's with Minnie Mouse, Dalmatians, Pluto and Cars along with some princess nightgowns. With two birthdays soon I snagged that stuff up pretty quick.

Next on to Macy's where I had a $185.00 credit burning a big hole in my pocket. Bing Bing Bing ANOTHER jackpot! I can't wear the really high heels or the super pointed toes shoes but they have another style with a not too high heel and a little more rounded toe that fits me well and is very comfortable along with being fairly stylish. Last season I bought several different colors in this particular style and just love them but they are getting a little sad looking and I just never thought I'd find them again. When I walked in the shoe department and saw them again this year I could have cried tears of joy I was so happy. They are a little updated but basically the same shoe so I got two pair.

By this time my feet were hurting a bit so I thought I would try the nail salon and see if I could get a pedicure. Now I know it's still sort of winter here and no one sees my feet much but sometimes a girl just has to do these things. I walked in and asked when I could get in and guess what, Bingo, Jackpot Again, I got right in! I settled into the chair with the back massager on put my feet in the hot water, was in 7th heaven for about a minute and then a hot flash struck with a vengeance! It was the hot water on my feet that stirred things up. The young gal doing the pedicure looked up at my dripping face and just said "Hot flash?" I guess she has a lot of us menopausal clients.

My grandson wanted some Crocs for his birthday and again I hit it just right by finding some in the Hallmark Store and they even had the little buttons you put in the holes. I was feeling like I should buy a megabucks ticket the way my luck was running but seeings as I never have bought one before I guessed I wouldn't start now.

By this time I was ready for some dinner so I bought a magazine, got some food and sat in the food court reading and eating at a leisurely pace. I didn't want to do too much walking around as I had the bag full from Chico's, a bag full from the Disney Store, two pair of shoes from Macy's, some cards, two pair of Crocs and wrapping paper from the Hallmark Store and it was all getting pretty heavy.

I decided to stay in the food court and read as it was about 45 minutes before Husband was due to pick me up and my pocketbook just couldn't take any more Jackpots! He arrived and I loaded my bounty into the car and we headed for home. For some reason I was a bit tired from all the walking in the mall so I guess I snoozed most of the way home so it was a quick trip.

There's nothing like retail therapy...........

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Think Spring

Some of last summers flowers.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is The Honeymoon Over?

I am trying to type and Noodles is up here on the desk watching the computer monitor and chasing the letters as they appear on the screen. He also is trying to catch the paper as it comes out the printer as I am printing off yesterdays post to put in my file. He also just knocked my regular glasses on the floor. Now he is trying to see what is in the glass that I have here on the desk. He and Munchkin have pruned most of my plants so I have taken them out into my parents apartment for safe keeping. Now he has his paw IN my printer trying to figure out what is making the noise.

Today my cleaning gal complained because they were chasing her mop around as she was cleaning the kitchen floor and were under foot all the time she was here wanting to play. Morris, my old cat is totally, just really totally disgusted with the whole thing and wants to ship them back to Florida where they came from.

Well, I disagree. The good FAR outweighs the bad. It's so nice to have some youngsters around livening up the place with their antics. Anything is fair game for them, their favorite being the little plastic tab that you take off your milk before you can take the cap off! I went out and bought all kinds of furry mice, ping pong balls, tennis balls and catnip critters but they prefer the plastic thingy off the milk container! Could've saved myself quite a bit of money!

Just had to put in this pic of the grands with their hooded towels on that their other grandmother Mimi makes for them. The green one is actually a froggie, you can't see the hood very well in the shot. Dylan's is a duck with the bill kind of tipped up like an old baseball cap. These are the best things, they keep them nice and warm until you get their jammies on with the hood keeping the towel in place. Mimi makes them out of large fluffy towels, all different kinds including pigs, doggies, kittens, butterflies, cows, as well as the frogs and ducks. With two grandmothers that sew these two will never lack for handmade goodies!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Growing up in a big family in a small town.

My parents didn't know that I was blogging until recently and have been having fun reading all the goings on at home here in Maine while they are in the sunny south. It's not like we don't talk frequently but sometimes I go on about things in my posts that we may not have hit on during the numerous conversations.

This is one of my favorite pictures of them and it was taken in front of my fireplace last fall as you can tell by the decorations. They were on their way to church but I caught them long enough to snap this pic and as I said it turned out to be one of my favorites.

Growing up we lived in a small, and I mean small, town in Maine with a population of about 400 and that was probably counting the chickens too. It was the Mayberry RFD type of town where everyone knew everyone else and waved every time you drove by. The Post Office at Preble's General Store was the hub where everyone chatted and got caught up on all the town gossip while waiting for the mail to be sorted each morning.

We had one small church in town that taught us the Word of God each Sunday morning, evening and had Wednesday night Prayer Meeting. Sometimes we had 'cottage' prayer meetings where we met in several different homes that night instead of all together at the church. It was in this church at the tender age of 8 that I realized my need for salvation and asked the Lord to be my Saviour. This decision has helped me through the ups and downs of life all these years.

We lived in a wonderful big old house with a huge connecting barn and lots of room to roam. We tented out on the lawn or in the pasture sometimes at night without fear of the human predators that seem to abound today. It was a different time, the Mom's were home and the Dad's went to work. There were lots of kids to play with and we always found things to do without Play Stations, Ipod's, computers or the such. A game of hide and seek or kick the can was exciting to us as we burned lots of that youthful energy. Swimming was a big part of summer fun and of course when we got our horses that took precedence over most everything else.

My Dad worked long hours in the woods, getting up in the wee hours of the morning when the temperatures were way below zero most of the winter and the snow could be waist high. He got frostbite on more then one occasion. I remember the winter of 1962 when it snowed for three days and the roads weren't even open to get to the store for several days. Wish I had some of the pictures of the snow drifted almost to the roof of the porch.

My mother kept the home fires burning with five kids in tow. I remember the freshly laundered sheer curtains blowing gently in the breeze of the open windows in the summertime and the hardwood floors so slippery from the cleaning and waxing that she did on her hands and knees. We didn't have a lot of money for new clothes but let me tell you we were clean and neat when we went to school or anywhere for that matter.

We always attended the little church as a family and my parents were involved in many of the ministries there. They always stood up for what they believed in not just as a 'Sunday' thing but as a way of life . For this I have the utmost respect for them. Now in their 80's they still are busy with their church in Florida and continue to live a Christ centered life.

Well, this has been my little jaunt down memory lane today. These are just a very few of wonderful memories that I have of growing up in a big family in a small town. Hummm....that would make a good title for this post......

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

I can't believe my first born grandchild is turning five years old! It seems just like last week that she was toddling around my house getting into everything and enjoying every minute of it. There is a certain excitement about that first grandchild that just can't be repeated. Not that you love the next one any less by any means, there's plenty of love to go around for as many as you are blessed to have. I only have two so there's just tons of love to shower both of them with.

She was only an hour or so old when this picture was taken. What a little chubby cub!
I guess you can tell by my expression that I was totally smitten!

Today was the 'friends' party with the family party being held next week on the actual date. It was held at My Gym in the shopping center near here. It is quite a facility with every thing to jump on, crawl under and swing from. It was high octane excitement from the minute the children arrived.

The highlight of the party was the thing they hung onto and went across the room. You could see some white knuckles in the bunch but everyone was safe and enjoyed the ride.

The trampoline was probably next in line in popularity.

Even grandson kept up with the bigger kids. He looked a bit unsure but made it to the other end of the room just fine. He has a birthday coming up in May so will probably want to have his party here too.