Monday, April 30, 2007

Have you ever been air brushed?

Have been getting ready for vacation and looked at my mayonnaise white legs and decided I should do something about it before we leave. Seeings as we haven't had much sun and it's been too cold to lay out on the deck in my bikini (yeah right!), I decided to go get a spray on tan. Funsize, my niece, has been going and looks fabulous but she's 24 with no wrinkles or cellulite so she looks fab all the time.

I made the appointment and went at the designated time and walked in feeling a bit foolish for being so vain that I wanted tanned legs. Well....they don't do JUST LEGS. Nope, she said that isn't the way it's done. It's all or nothing. Now let's think about that a minute... Oh, she says in her squeaky high pitched voice, with her size two body and her beautiful blond hair, you can wear your under*pants. Now there, that makes me feel a whole lot better..........

I said to her, "am I the oldest and fattest client that you have ever had"? Really, I said that. She laughed and said "No, I have an 81 year old client!" I didn't dare ask her if the 81 year old client was chubby.

Well I went in the little room and took off everything but the bare essentials like she advised and there I stood. Thankfully there was no mirror to remind me that I am a 56 year old grandmother.

She breezed in with her little mask on her face and started spraying me with this stuff that is supposed to make me tanned and healthy looking. Actually it felt kind of cool and nice and with her talking nonstop it wasn't really all that embarrassing, after all, she does this 8 hours a day so I wouldn't think everyone would look like Tara Banks or whatever that famous models name is.

After having me stand in several different poses to get all the nooks and crannies I was done and she said to stand in front of this little fan for a few minutes to dry a bit and then get dressed and come out.

When I came out she said she had a few more instructions for me and they were 1. not to sweat for 8 hours and 2. don't shower or scrub your hands for 8 hours. Now the showering I have some control over but the sweating part was a bit iffy. You're talking to someone that can have 5 hot flashes an hour with no control over anything!!! Just telling me not to have a hotflash almost gave me a hotflash!!

Anyway I came home and tried to think about all the cold snow we had all winter and believe it or not I didn't have a hotflash until the next day. We can't have our tan dripping onto the floor ya know!

It actually look pretty good the next day, not orange like I had feared and not fake bake like some of the tanning booth people look like but just a little color like I had been outside for a few hours. I am going back again on Thursday so it will be fresh for vacation as it wears off pretty quickly and I am starting to get that mayo look again. I guess you have to go once a week to keep it going but I just want it for this trip and then I will let nature give me a little color while I work in the garden or ride my horse.

If someone had told me that I would be getting a spray on tan in my under*pants I would've told them that they were crazy so you see you never know what you will do in this life!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vacation Doubts

I should be packing or at least getting an idea of what I want to take on our upcoming vacation but here I am on the computer trying to figure out how to do a link back. How do you do a link back? I found these adorable Disney graphics at and they are free the only thing they want is a link back on your site to let people know where you got them but computer illiterate me is having a hard time linking the thing back. Can anyone give me some direction in the matter????? We are leaving on vacation on Friday morning to go to Florida for a week. The grandkids are looking forward to this with great anticipation but they can't figure out why we aren't staying at Disney this time. I wanted to stay someplace different for a change so suggested we try Universals Hard Rock Hotel this time. Well that went over like a lead balloon. Now these kids have been to Disney four times in their short lives, D's first time was actually still in the womb so I don't know if that really counts but this is my blog so I say it counts. (Grammie is getting tough in her old age!) heehee! Any how I decided that I was paying for the hotel so I would decide where we are going to stay and now I am having second thoughts.

I asked the lady on the other end of the phone if this was a quiet hotel as the name of it might suggest otherwise and she assured me that it is and if by chance we got beside someone that was noisy we could move or they would move the noisy ones. In all the years and all the different hotels we have stayed in at Disney we have always been happy and had nice quiet accommodations. I just want to do something different but hopefully the different won't be a noisy not up to par suite.

My grandkids are asking why Goofy, Minnie and Mickey aren't going to be at breakfast each morning. I'm trying to tell them we are going to see other characters at breakfast this time. It doesn't compute with them. I'm getting more nervous as each day goes by..........have I made a mistake in my insisting on 'doing something different'? Time will tell but I really should be making a mental list if nothing else on what I need to take instead of being on the computer.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's Friday again already, where does the time go? I've done 35 minutes of laps at the pool this morning, a half hour with my trainer at the gym and walking at the mall although it wasn't 'power walking' it was 'looking around for some summer clothes for my trip walking'. Not quite the same especially when you stop every few steps to look at something that catches your eye. Picked up a few things so hopefully they will fit as we leave a week from today for Florida.

Had a message to call my doctor when I got home and I knew it was about my blood work that I had done yesterday. Yikes! I hated to return that call. Really hated to return that call. But I did and was pleasantly surprised to hear that my cholesterol is 180! YIPPEE! That's the best it's been in a long, long time. My other numbers were good too so pass the ice cream please..... No not really, I am trying to be good.

Going to the stable tomorrow for some more trail riding. Hopefully I won't get bombed by some over protective Mother Hen Hawk again! Guess we will stay away from that trail.

Guess I'd better go down and do some sewing as we have signed up to do a craft show in the fall. Someone asked me awhile back what I did for crafts in my NEWLY ORGANIZED SEWING ROOM and I neglected to answer the question. I do mostly quilts, totes, wall hangings, bridle bags, and fleece pj's for my grandkids. Have done different crafts over the years but this is what I seem to be staying with for the moment. Got on a kick of doing those tied fleece throws for awhile and they are soft and cuddly for the kids and adults when you're watching tv or reading. Have made Christmas ornaments in the past and wreaths but I can only use so many of those so haven't done any for awhile.

With that said I guess I will head down to my NEWLY ORGANIZED SEWING ROOM and get at it.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not So Wordless Wednesday.

Have you ever tried to hold five horses at once to get a picture taken for your blog? It has to be worse then trying to get five kids lined up for a family picture. At least the kids aren't trying to bite each other. Well, maybe they are but you get my drift. I thought this morning would be a good day to do this as the sun was out, no one had rolled in the mud yet so was reasonably clean and they were all still in the barn so I didn't have to chase them around the pasture. Let me just say that no one cooperated so the picture isn't that great but it is what it is. From left to right is Nick (with the p**p on his side) oh I forgot to say no one had been brushed yet except Big Bud, Skipper the palomino, Kipper, Me (in the latest designer barn attire) Big Bud and Lil' Bud on the end. Let's just say that this won't be this years Christmas card.

Another nice day here in the great state of Maine. We sure do appreciate the good days after having such a long time of snow and cold. Went trail riding again today with my friend Ann. Got a couple of shots of some pretty barns nearby where we ride. Like I have said before everything looks 100% better when we get some green grass and leaves on the trees but for right now there isn't much but brown.

It was a nice ride with a few surprises one being we must have gotten too close to a nest of chicken hawk babies as Mother Chicken Hawk flew by my head so close that I felt the wings flapping on my hair!! That was a bit too close for comfort so we turned around on the path we were on and headed in the other direction. That was worse. Two vultures started circling up above us so we must have been headed to one of their nests as well or maybe we just looked like we were on our last leg and it looked like an easy meal. Who knows but we took off out of there too and they went back to doing what parent vultures do I guess and left us alone.
We went for another hour or so and headed back to the barn. It was a nice ride despite our brushes with nature.

Got home and Mrs. Snowbird (Mom) and I decided to go to Pat's Pizza for lunch so I showered and we hopped in the ole' Tahoe and headed down. We called ahead so our pizza was ready when we walked in the door. Bacon and pepperoni, well done. Can't put that in the old food journal now can we?????? Actually I haven't started doing that so this is a loophole to have pizza.

Tomorrow Mrs. Snowbird and I both need to go early in the morning to get blood work done to check our cholesterol...........(guess we shouldn't have had that pizza), quilt class, lunch out with friends and then going with Husband to Portland and I will shop at the mall while he has a dinner meeting with a client then home again, a two hour drive. Friday I swim and then go back to the gym for my workout so probably won't be worth two cents after such a busy day on Thursday. One of my students has her quilt top almost all done and it looks so pretty. All she has left to do are the borders and then it will be ready to go to the machine quilters to be put together and then she will bind it. She has worked really hard and has done a beautiful job don't you think???

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesdays This and That

I am feeling like the bloggy dry well today. It can't always be as exciting as getting a $490.00 vet bill like yesterday. Glad my guys are all protected though and didn't have any bad reactions from the shots.
Comfort Stretch. Now that's a term a gal can sink her teeth into. I noticed when I put on a pair of new white pants the other day that they are made out of Comfort Stretch material. You gotta love that especially when there have been too many trips to Pat's Pizza and Dairy Queen trainer wants me to eat like she eats and I told her that I cannot survive on twigs and bark! She wants me to keep a 'food journal' and bring it in each week for her to check out. Does she think I'm stupid?! I don't want her knowing everything that I eat!!!!

Speaking of eating I just made a big batch of homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs and boy does it smell good! I just can't eat the stuff that comes out of a jar after using my mother in laws recipe for the past 30 years.

Also found some wonderful looking strawberries this morning at the grocery store that came from California.
These things are H>U>G>E!!! I cut them up and put some sugar in them to make some juice and they will make nice shortcakes tonight for dessert. The heavy cream will whip up nice and fluffy as the final touch. Can you see why I don't want to keep a FOOD JOURNAL?! I think I would probably get a D- on it. Now I did have a Slim Fast for lunch and 4 crackers with butter on them for breakfast so that should help balance out the calories from the shortcakes maybe?????

My carpenter was just here and my yard man is here so there's lots going on around the ole' homestead. My sun room is almost finished and we have been enjoying it during the day and evenings too. With the little propane stove it heats up nicely if the temps go down too low at night.

It will be nice to sit there and watch the antics of the horses out in the pasture when they get home in a couple of weeks. They are very entertaining, sometimes it's not really funny to all of the day the two little ponies had Husbands straw hat and were having a game of tug of war with it and then ATE it! Now it's not like they have missed any meals along the way. The vet said yesterday that they both need a 10 year old kid to ride the daylights right out of them for about two hours every day instead of lounging around the barn waiting for treats. Hummmmmm maybe they need to keep a Food Journal!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Shots Day

Each spring the vet comes and does the check ups and shots and today was the day. Yesterday I got everyone spiffed up so that they would look presentable for the Doc. Spiffing is hard when several of my guys still have tons of winter hair but we did the best we could. They are good about being clipped so I did around their feet, bridle paths, whiskers and chin hairs. I call them their goat hairs as they look like goats when those are long and shaggy looking. I do have my little rescue pony that I can't clip so I just use scissors and get as much as I can. The vet will tranquilize him for me to be clipped but you know I really don't like to do that. It's like elective tranquilization and I don't feel quite right about that. If he needed it for some medical reason that is a different story but just to be clipped makes me feel like if I was to be put out just to get a hair cut.

The vet thought everyone looked good and was amazed how good my old appy looks after going through that horrible time with strangles this past winter. I am so thankful that he is still here, he was only given a 5% chance of making it and he did! Yippee! He can never have the strangles vac though, the vet said his immune system would go into overdrive and not be good. I didn't think they would get it again if they had a good case of it but I guess that isn't so.

They all had their shots and stood quietly while having three pokes with those huge needles. I wouldn't have stood that well!!! So $490.00 later everyone was UTD on everything! I bet the shots that were $45.00 apiece probably cost the vet $5.00 but I'd better not complain as we have a real shortage of vets in this area. I guess no one wants to live in the willywags!

Came home and cleaned up and Mom and I made a TJ Maxx run. I got some sheets there on Saturday that I LOVE and I thought I'd get another set and maybe one for one of the guest rooms. Well that didn't happen. They were all gone, EVERY SIZE. I had them check the closest other TJ's and they didn't have any left either. I was so disappointed as I like certain kinds of sheets with certain number thread counts and these were just perfect. After crabbing a bit to my mother I ran into a lady who was also looking for the same ones, she had gotten some in Hilton Head and wanted more so came to Portland, they didn't have any so drove two hours more and they were all out at our store. I didn't feel so bad, I had only driven about three miles not all the way from Hilton Head! Her husband looked really tired!

The weather is absolutely beautiful today. Munchkin and Noodles have been having a blast going outside now that I allow it. I didn't want them going out in the snow as they are Florida cats but now it is lovely out. They wear themselves out, come in, get something to eat and drink, sleep awhile then go out again. They do this all day and into the evening. I'm glad they know this is home and didn't wander off into the woods too far.

Oh, Tonya, I don't body clip the horses so I don't have any good tips about it. I can't imagine what they would look like if I tried!

Guess that's it from the woods of Maine. Just heard on the news that the dollar amount is up to 30 million now from the nor'easter. Most of the damage was on the coast, some homes were swept right out to sea. Glad I'm inland a bit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


What a wonderful day here today! The sun is shining, the temps are mild and we had a great trail ride this morning! We started off grooming as usual. Big Bud just has such an abundance of winter hair to get off that I resort to the clippers around his feet and legs.

We got saddled up and only got a short distance when Funsize had a rein break so we had to come back to the barn and get a lead rope to use until we can get some new reins later today.

We lead her back to the stable so that Lil' Bud didn't take off on her for a spring gallop!

How embarrassing to have to be lead when you have been riding for years! heehee! She was a good sport about it and we got a good chuckle. We went back out again and ran into a young fellow on his new 4-wheeler so we stopped to say hi. He was very courteous and didn't drive right by us at break neck speed but waited until he was sure the horses weren't going to be afraid of the noise.

He patted Big Bud and then we were on our way again. (Yes, we do have two horses named Bud but they came with that nickname so we didn't change it just added the Big and the Lil'!)

The river was high due to all of the rain from the nor'easter but the horses went in anyway and got a drink. In the hot summer they love to get in there and splash around and cool off.

It was beautiful on the river, there were ducks going by at quite a speed on the currents. We live about three minutes from this river and drive along it every day and see lots of bald eagles and other wildlife.

It's prettier when we have some green grass and leaves on the trees but that will be a few weeks before we have that.

We finally came back to the barn and groomed some more and then turned the guys out in the pasture to enjoy the sunshine and hay that was out there for them to snack on. There is nothing that I do that is any more relaxing and enjoyable then being out on my horse with my niece Funsize and my long time friend Ann. We laugh and talk about everything and anything and just enjoy being together and with our horses. Funsize being MUCH younger then Ann and me is very patient listening to us crab about our hot flashes and wrinkles and other age related nonsense. heehee! She will be well versed in the menopause department when she gets to be an old gal like us!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fantastic Friday!

It is just gorgeous out! Sort of makes up for all the dreary weather we have had over the last few weeks. Sort of. There has been over 20 million dollars worth of storm damage in the state of Maine from this last nor'easter! We came out of it very well here in my town, not too much flooding or damage but other places are a mess. The Gov. has declared it a disaster area so hopefully the folks that lost so much will get some help.

Went to the gym this morning and had a good workout. I drag my feet going but am always so glad when I do go and feel energized from it. Had to go to the feed store after as usual and then did a few more errands and then a small lunch at Micky D's on the way home.

Noodles is just dying to get outside in the nice weather and managed to slip by me when I was taking some wash out to hang on the line. Of course he headed right for the woods and I was so afraid that would be the last I would ever see of him. Thankfully I caught him by getting a stick and wiggling it so he would think it was some little mouse to catch. He wasn't too happy when I brought him back in but I had bought new toys for him at the feed store so that kept him busy. Munchie wants to go out too but isn't as sneaky as he is.

Went up to the stable to give Big Bud at good grooming and wash. I will N.E.V.E.R. get another white horse! We call him Pig Pen at the barn as he is such a stall slob but he is such a good boy I overlook it most of the time. Today he got a good going over from top to bottom and I mean 'bottom'! As you horse type people know geldings need a good wash on occasion.......nuff said!

It is just so beautiful out, I am so thankful for the sunshine and warm temps. What a treat! Tomorrow we're going to do some trail riding after we groom and it's supposed to be up to 70*. YIPPEE!

Guess I'd better go get my sheets in off the line and put them on the bed. I just LOVE the smell of line dried sheets!

Someone asked me if the foal in the Wordless Wednesday post was mine and unfortunately she's not. She belongs to one of the other boarders at the stable but we sure have fun enjoying her!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sewing Room Maker Over

It's time to show the results of my sewing room make over organization for the Organization Challenge over at Laura's. I have been working on this for the past few weeks and figure I have about 10 hours into it. Whether I win anything or not I have won as my sewing room is now awesome! I am so much more productive there now when working on a project as everything is in it's place and I am not hunting all the time for something.

I first took out everything that did not pertain to sewing which amounted to more then I really want to admit to! Having shelves shouldn't be a place to just carelessly put stuff. Next I gave away or threw away any fabric or other sewing items that I knew I would never use or want. Some fabrics I had there for years and I think it's like clothes if you haven't used them in a couple of years you most likely never will so out they went!

Next I found that there are containers for all sorts of things that I didn't know about until I started researching this project. The best ones were the plastic see-through containers made especially for different sized spools of thread. These are wonderful!!! Your threads are in one place, you can see them, and dust doesn't get on them that can clog up your machine.

Also found special see through containers for my bobbins. I like to keep bobbins filled with different colors so that it's all ready when I need a certain color thread. Well these things were all over everywhere and I usually couldn't find what I wanted so had to take the thread off an existing bobbing which takes time and wastes thread. Now they are all in one container and I can see what I have at a glance, no more hunting!

My fabrics were all mixed together which makes it hard when you are looking for that one perfect color for whatever project you are working on at the time. I took out ALL of my fabrics, refolded them and put them in groups according to color or value as we call it. My DIL helped me with this as it was a huge job!

Next I bought more see through containers and put themed fabrics together in them, like cat fabric in one, dogs in another, coastal etc etc so that a glance I know where they are. This was a huge improvement as I really didn't know what I had until I put them together by theme so now if I need to make a tote for a cat lover I go right to that container and all of my cat fabrics are there. I didn't even have to put labels on the boxes as they are see through so that saved time as well.

The pizza box became my new best friend not because it had a pepperoni/onion pizza in it but because they are new and the perfect size for quilt blocks that haven't been put together yet and other works in progress. All my students in my quilt class are using these now for their finished blocks until they get their quilts put together.

I am storing some of my finished quilts in an old gun cabinet that belonged to my husband who discarded it when he bought a locked gun safe for his antique gun collection. I had some shelves put in and with the glass front it not only stores my quilts but displays them.

This has been quite a journey with a happy ending. I am so thrilled with my new totally organized sewing room! Thank you Laura for motivating me to tackle this project!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Beautiful Baby

Two days old.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Going To Start Building An Ark!

The ole' nor'easter is still raging on. The wind and rain are just wild and there have been reported power outages. Thankfully we haven't lost our power at all. The surf on the coast is way up and there is a lot of flooding going on. Again we have been spared that for which I am very grateful.

I had to go out today for several appointments and the driving was a bit sketchy with all the pot holes filled with water and the wind blowing so hard so I was glad when I got back home in one piece. Husband is on his way home from New Hampshire so I have been calling him to check on the driving there and so far it's not too bad. I hate it when he is on the road in bad weather some things I never seem to get used to. Cell phones are great though, I can check up on him no matter where he is. Back in the young newly married days we didn't have cell phones and I used to 'fret' a lot when he was out at night on the road in bad weather and was always so glad to see his headlights coming in the driveway.

The gas company men just arrived to install the gas line to my new stove out in the sunroom. It is very cold out there today, the cats have left their bird watching posts and are in here where it's warm curled up in a chair. Lots of birds have blown in and are eating at the feeder. The seeds keep getting wet so I have to go out and dump it out and put in fresh for them. The horses have been in for two days due to the weather so I'm sure they are complaining by kicking their stall doors and being grumpy. They don't like to be inside if at all possible but this is just too cold, wet and bitter wind for them to be out. The weekend is sounding a bit better so that's something to look forward to.

I need to go out now and go pick up my sewing machine. It wouldn't work right for me last night so I took it to the repair shop today and he called and said it is working fine for him........I told him he must be the sewing machine whisperer!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainy Day Monday

The nor'easter hit with a vengeance but not in the way we expected. It has been a total rain event, no snow at all. Last night when I went to bed we were expecting anywhere between 2 to 18 inches of snow so it was quite a surprise to wake up to all this rain. It's been very windy as well, my front storm door blew open and it tore the screws right out of the door frame and broke the wood. I called my trusty carpenter and he is going to come by tomorrow to see what needs to be ordered to fix it. At least the door itself didn't break. This weather is supposed to continue for a few more days so we are going to be well soaked by the end of the week. The sun will be a much welcomed sight when it finally does appear.

I don't mind a rainy day as long as we have our power. My sister who lives on the coast lost her power so that makes for a long day. Hopefully they will get it restored soon. I spent a lot of time working on my computer trying to get my 100 Things on my sidebar to no avail but will get at it again when I get my courage up. I don't know about you but I get spam that is rather distasteful to say the least. Why they think I need certain men's products I will never know but they send me the ads anyway. I also have been inundated with mortgage ads and gambling ads neither of which I am interested in so I decided to try to block out certain words that I found in the ads. It worked beautifully EXCEPT when Funsize tried to e-mail me about some finance questions and it kicked back her e-mail. I was on the computer at the time so I saw it get flagged and that it was from her so I called her and we figured out what had happened so I unlocked the word finance so we'll see how many spams I will have tomorrow.

At the same time I was e-mailing back and forth with one of my other nieces, dcrmom, way down in Pennsylvania. I love how this form of communication has kept me closer in touch with family members that live far away from me. dcrmom has been my biggest help from the beginning of my blogging career and walked me through many a blog question.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the Virginia College staff and students tonight. What an absolutely dreadful, horrible thing to happen on that campus. One wonders what would possess a person to go on a killing rampage like that and we will probably never know. Words can not adequately express the sorrow I feel for these families whose lives have been changed forever.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coach Bag Contest!

Here's your chance to win a Coach bag with matching sunglasses holder! Click here for all the details! All you have to do is sign up and then put the contest on your own site, super easy! of course I plan to win so you really don't even need to try but go ahead anyway!lol!
Went over to our son and daughter in laws house after church tonight for Pat's Pizza. It is the best pizza around and of course my nephew owns it so that makes it that much better. It has already started to rain and sleet so we will get more over night, I will be anxious to see how much snow we get this time. They are saying it could be anywhere from 2 to 18 inches of snow so that's quite a span! We'll keep our fingers crossed for the two inches and not the 18! Glad I don't have any appointments tomorrow that I have to get out to go to.
I do need to go get my sewing machine cleaned. It went on the blink last night as I was in the middle of making an adorable tote (if I do say so myself heehee!). I had already made a couple of mistakes and had to take it apart and with the stitching all globbed up I ended up throwing it in the trash! That was money down the drain as the fabric was $8.60 a yard! GRRRRRRRR I have another machine that I can get out until this one is back from the shop but I was so disgusted with myself I wasn't in any mood to start again with another machine.
Guess I will go to bed and watch the snow coming down out my sliding glass doors. It is just so quiet and peaceful to watch, puts me right to sleep.
Glad I got my 100 Things About Me done. Now I want to read yours, you all probably did it months and months ago so I will have to go back in all your archives and hunt for it. Hope I didn't sound like too much of a geek!

100 things About Me

1. I am a wife, mother and grandmother.

2.I am a middle child.

3.I am married to a middle child.

4.I have two grandchildren and boy and a girl.

5.I have been married for 36 years.

7.I have one child who is now 31 years old.

8.I have a super daughter in law.

9.I love horses.

10.I have five.

11.I love cats.

12.I have three.

13.I love to read.

14.When I was 11 yrs. old I won a reading contest at our local library.

15.I went to a christian high school boarding school.

16.I didn't like being away from home.

17.I love to shop when I want to not when I need to.

18.I love the outdoors.

19.I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

20.I played sports in high school but not particularly well.

21.I love to sew.

22.I fell in a deep sink hole with my horse once and lived to tell about it.

23.I love a good sense of humor in people.

24.I have a good sense of humor.

25.I struggle with my weight.

26.I love sweets-refer back to #25.

27.I love Dairy Queen, again refer back to #25.

28.I used to be pencil thin.

29.I'm not any more, again refer back to #25.

30.My son weighed 10 1/2 lbs. at birth.

31.I wanted more children but it didn't happen.

32.I adore my grandchildren.

33.I don't dance but wish I knew how.

34.I work out three times a week.

35.I like to garden and have pretty gardens in the summer.

36.I have a small veg garden.

37.My parents are both living.

38.They live with me part of the year when they aren't in Florida.

39.I have three sisters and one brother.

40.I gave my heart to Christ when I was 8 years old.

41.I like to do scrap booking.

42.I take lots of pictures mostly of my grand kids and horses.

43.I met my husband in October and we were engaged in January.

44.We were engaged for two years.

45.Our whole wedding cost about $500.00.

46.I was a hairdresser for 22 years.

47.I loved it for 20 years.....

48.My salon was in my home.

49.I love the ocean.

50.I don't drink alcohol,coffee or tea.

51.I like to cook especially sweets.

52.I drink lots of Diet Coke Caffeine Free.

53.I hate humidity.

54.I hate hot flashes.

55.I have been to Disney World over 40 times.

56.I like Disney World.

57.I didn't like Disney Land as well.

58.I have never had a traffic ticket.

59.I have never broken a bone.

60.I learned how to play tennis at age 50.

61.I had to give it up at age 51 due to terrible tennis elbow.

62.I love the smell of sheets that have dried on the clothes line.

63.I love to multi task.

64.I've never smoked.

65.I hate rap music.

66.I worked in our church youth program for 20 years and loved it.

67.I hate any music that is nasty or crude.

68.I like almost everyone I meet.

69.I don't like snobby people, note 'almost' in #68.

70.I like to travel.

71.I don't like airports.

72.I am an usher in our church.

73.I am on the decorating committee at our church.

74.I am on our Deeds of Mercy group at our church.

75.I work on our Wed. night suppers at our church.

76.I love the neighborhood children that eat there as they don't get much at home.

77.I don't like dogs that bark a lot.

78.I love anything to do with my horses.

79.I love feeding the birds.

80.I love feeding the squirrels.

81.My favorite verses in the Bible are Isaiah 53:6 and John 3:16.

82.I yearn to be the person that God wants me to be.

83.I fail miserably at times.

84.I love the changing seasons in Maine.

85.Fall is my favorite.

86.Trail riding is the most relaxing thing that I do.

87.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

88.I have lots to be thankful for.

89.I've worn glasses since I was 12.

90.I hate wearing glasses.

91.I once fed a marble to my grandfather's pig.

92.I was relieved that he survived.

93.I have never told anyone this pig story before.

94.I come from a very close knit family.

95.I hate Dollar Stores.

96.I hate it when people leave their Christmas wreaths up until June.

97.I love diamonds.

98.I hate wearing a bathing suit.

99.I love good chocolate.

100.Did I mention that I struggle with my weight?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

100 Posts

I can't believe this is my 101 post! When I started blogging a few months ago I wasn't sure I could come up with enough to fill 10 posts let alone 100. I didn't think there was enough news worthy stuff going on around here to write about and I was probably right it isn't particularly news 'worthy' but like my intro says 'it's my life and I love it!' Contentment is a huge thing in my estimation. When you like where you are in your life, not just where you live, I mean the way you live and who you live it with it's a big thing. I call my home looneyville as it does tend to be busy, crazy, rambunctious with cats and grandchildren running wild a lot of the time, horse escapades, snowbirds landing, laughter filled, exciting with all the projects going on, I mean look how excited I have been over that wooden 45 year old cupboard that my friend gave me? Some would say it doesn't take much.........anyway you get my drift, I like my life and am so blessed.

I guess I am supposed to do the 100 Things About Me to celebrate my 100th post now but I think I will do that another day. You can't have too much excitement in one day and I have had a lot today with filling my new cupboard and all.

Did you notice Munchkin on the second from the top shelf? She was helping me........ Also did you notice how ORGANIZED everything is? Check back with me in a month and we will see if it stays that way. I still have room to spare and don't have anything in the bottom drawer yet but you can bet it will be full before all is said and done. I like how it matches the white wicker furniture that I have on the sun porch.

Funsize and I went to the barn this morning to do our Saturday horse stuff. It was fairly warm even though it had snowed in the night so we didn't freeze. She rode in the indoor arena while I groomed the other four and then we went for a short trail ride down to the river. It was crisp with the wind blowing in our faces and just felt sooooooooo good to be outside riding. I had taken my camera as I love how Donna takes pictures on her trail rides and lots of times you can see her horse Blue's ears in the frame. Of course when I got ready to take one my batteries were dead, grrrrrrrrrrrr. I need to duct tape batteries to my back the way my camera goes through them.

Got home and after showering off layers of shedding horse hair Husband and I decided to take a ride to Ellsworth as I wanted to check out a quilt shop there and stop at Marden's which is one of those places that buy out over stock items, fire sales and places that go out of business. We call it Mar-deen's with a French accent to make us feel better about going in there, heehee! They get some really high quality fabric in and if you know your brands and what you're looking for you can get some really good buys. I found about 7 different fabrics that I liked and they were the same thing that you would get in a good quilt shop only they were about 50% less. Nothing like a successful shopping trip, I was exhausted from the exhilaration so snoozed all the way home.

We're supposed to get a Nor'easter tomorrow into Monday, we're hoping it tracks out to sea like it does sometimes. You all will get tired of me posting snow pictures although it gives the cats and my grandchildren a rest from the camera!

Keep praying for Heather! Thanks!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Happenings

It snowed again last night. This morning when I got up the trees were covered again looking like a beautiful Christmas card. I don't think it's going to last long, it seems to be dropping a bit as the day goes on. I think we only got about 5 inches this time. They are talking about a Nor'easter on Sunday or Monday so that should be interesting!

Noodles has been just dying to get outside since he arrived here in February so this morning I let him take a little jaunt out on the back deck as I was shoveling a path to the bird feeder. The feeder was covered with gold finches, juncos and chickadees.

After sniffing around for a few minutes he scooted back to the warmth of the sun porch!

I was over at Janey's at and reading about the picnic they were having at her stables with the hotdogs, brat and other goodies on the grill and it was making my mouth water so I thought I'd have a picnic too but then I looked at my grill and guessed I'd have to wait another couple weeks:

Now isn't that a sad sight for April??!!

My carpenter has been here doing some work for us the past couple of weeks. I wanted my sun room winterized so that we could use it all year round and not just in the summertime. Seeings as he was right here and I had an old cupboard given to me by a friend I asked him if he would clean it up and paint it for me. I HATE to paint, would rather shovel horse p**p anytime then paint!

Anywho, he got it finished today and it looks wonderful and has T-O-N-S of storage! As you know I am on an organization streak thanks to Laura @ This cupboard is 42 inches wide and 71 inches high! It has shelves and one drawer on the bottom. I am going to use it for all of my scrapbooking stuff which now is in the family room on a table very disorganized. Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell Laura! heehee! This is out on the sun porch so I will be able to watch the horses out in the pasture and the snow coming down (probably into June)!

My snowbirds (Mom and Dad) are sticking pretty close to the warm home fires since they arrived from the sunny south a few days ago. Even Buffy their cat won't go out in the snow! Dad has been out checking out the truck and getting his car going and doing a few errands but otherwise staying in where it's warm. I bet next year they will stay where it's warm a few weeks longer!

Please put a young mom on your prayer list. Heather is a mom with young children, one with an extremely serious heart condition that could be fatal and now she has just found out that she (Heather) has a brain tumor. This family has been through more then you and I could ever imagine and now is facing this. We can't be there to lend a helping hand with the children or make a meal but we can do something much more powerful and that is to support this family in prayer. I don't know this lady personally but through my niece dcrmom I learned about her and went to her site and read her story. It is heartbreaking to say the least to read about her 5 year old with the heart condition and now this. Please remember them in your prayer time. Thanks!!