Thursday, March 1, 2007

Snow Snow Snow!

The weather report sounded really good tonight! Yippee, more snow on the way tomorrow! That will mean some good snowmobiling this weekend. The trails were breaking up a bit last weekend with the warmer temps and lots of use so this will be a big help. They are predicting up to 10 inches so we are hoping they are right!

I know in many parts of the country they have been inundated with snow this year but for us here in Maine it has been rather sparse. We need it to help our economy as it brings in lots of skiers and snowmobilers spending their money on fuel and food mostly.

Guess I'd better get in my jammies and settle in to see who is going to get booted off American Idol tonight. I have my favorites so I hope it's not them. I have to switch back and forth from that to Survivor as I am too nosey to record it and watch it later. I need to get a life.......


Dawn said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I love to make new friends. This blogging thing has been so much fun. Come back any time!!

I will be posting Chapter 4 of my son's journey through addictions as soon as he writes his. My daughter and I also did our journey through her anorexia. She has hers posted on her sidebar, but I don't. I need to do that (She's Mama's So Called Life, or Kristen).

Let's keep in touch! I'm glad you're getting snow. We're ready for ours to be gone, though it has been great for our economy as well. And for our lawns, and for our future water this summer, as run-off from the mountains is about the only way we get it.

Kerri said...

Goodness, sounds like you're going to get quite a bit more than us this time. Our snow (starting tonight) is supposed to turn to freezing rain, and tomorrow we'll have plenty of ice. Yuk!
I've enjoying reading about (and seeing pics of) your quilting class...sounds like fun.
Love those kitties and the pictures :)
You have such a love of horses. That's a beautiful picture.
wow, you did such a wonderful job with that fixer-upper house. Good for you!

KC said...

Sounds like fun in the snow is headed your way.
all that snow we got from the blizzard a few weeks ago is melting away like crazy today. It has been in the mid 40's and rained all day, now we are in danger of flooding.. YICKES.

Joan said...

You make the coming of more snow so exciting!!! I sure miss that winter it's predicted to be sunny with temperatures maybe getting into the 70's this weekend. It's so boring!!!

Backhoe Mama said...

Here on the coast the weather is wild and wonderful. My husband and I are stranded here at home and just enjoying the snow coming down (almost sidewise, with the wind blowing so strongly.) We have over a foot already. I just made a carrot soup and this morning I made an apple pie. Just about every life event makes me hungry.