Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!!



I hate to admit it but for the first time in three years I have the nasty cold that is going around here.  DIL had it, Son had it, T had it, D had it, The Hubs had it and I thought I was going to escape it with my cleaning diligence around the house.  I guess I must have missed a door knob or maybe even the banister or something that had those mean little germs on them.  So as I sneeze and cough with abandon I will try to write a post.  :o)

A few years ago when I was in the local drugstore I found these cute little things that you can change out whenever you want.  I use it in the powder room in the foyer and it gives just enough light to find your way in there in the dark.

bathroom lights 011

You put these cute little things on the hanger and can change them to go with the appropriate season or put something that’s just cute.


bathroom lights 005

Another winter as you know we have a long winter…..

bathroom lights 007


bathroom lights 008


bathroom lights 009 

Just for fun.

bathroom lights 010

bathroom lights 012

I wish I could find some more but the drugstore is no longer there.  I’m wondering if I could find some online but I don’t really know what they are called.  Any ideas?

We got hit with another huge snow storm yesterday.  I think we got about a foot of snow and more on my back deck where the wind whips it around.  I went out to feed the turkeys and the snow was WAY over my boots.  I should be out there shoveling but just don’t have the energy.  It’s much easier sitting here in front of my computer nice and warm.  :o)

My kids are in the New Hampshire mountains this weekend.  I wonder if they will be able to get out with all the snow they got there.  They aren’t skiing this time they have gone to an indoor water park.  They sent a few pictures and it looks like a lot of fun other then the fact that you have to put on a bathing suit.  Ahem……the dreaded bathing suit……

I was making yeast rolls the other day and noticed their reflection in the mixer bowl.  Yeast rolls/bathing suits just don’t mix well……

bathroom lights 004

I went to the airport the other day and made reservations for the Snowbirds plus Buffy the cat to come home for the summer.  I went up to the Grasshopper Shop to get a couple of cards and accidently ran into one of the soldiers that was in there browsing.  I apologized and he was very gracious about it and we chatted a few minutes.  I asked him if he was coming or going and he said his troop was going to Afghanistan. The troops usually go through Bangor airport as it was once Dow Air Force Base and has an extremely long runway which can accommodate the big army transport planes.

I asked him where he was from and he smiled and said Mississippi.  He said I suppose you could tell from my accent that I wasn’t from here!  :o)   He thought the snow was rather daunting, he should see it now! I asked him his first name and it is Reginald and I told him I would pray for him while he was there and if you all think of it could you do the same?  We need to uphold these brave men and women that go into harms way to help protect our freedoms.

There were two little dogs there that greet the troops. They had on their fatigues with patches that must have been given to them by different soldiers.  They go around and greet each one, wagging their tails and are picked up and loved for a minute or so by some of the soldiers.  I wish I had had my camera with me.  What a nice thing for this owner to do to take of his time and go with his dogs to see the troops and give them some fun and some words of encouragement.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A big horse and a little puppy!

Here is one of my favorite photos of Funsize, Ashley and Billy my nieces and nephew.  They all live right here in town along with Ana who wasn’t with them this particular day.  They have grown right up here with in a mile of my house and I love it.  They were fun little kids and have turned into hardworking, nice, caring young adults.  Their work ethic is not to be beaten as they usually are working at least two if not three jobs at once. In this photo they were at a Patriot’s game and obviously the Pat’s won by the look of jubilation on their faces! 

 Ash Betsy and Billy

If  this doesn’t make you smile nothing will!  My friend Amy sent this to me and I have watched it over and over.  I have never seen a puppy and a horse enjoy each other any more then these two.  Our Nick loves dogs as he came from a stable that had two barn dogs but even he wasn’t as enamored with them as this pup!    Enjoy!!!

I finished Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels last week.  I must say she had quite a courtship with more mishaps then I Love Lucy!  I read the installments on her blog but she fleshed it out a little more and continued on through her honeymoon which was just c.r.a.z.y!!! A nice, clean, fun read and I can’t wait for the movie to come out as I understand via the grapevine that she has sold the rights!
pioneer woman's book
I have her cookbook too because as you know I am a cookbook junkie plus she has lots of delicious although high calorie recipes that make my waistline scream bloody murder!

pioneerwomans cookbook
It’s school vacation here in Maine and probably everywhere else.  That means it’s grandchildren time here on the ‘ole hobby farm.  Miss T stayed last night and D is staying tonight.  We have played UNO, board games, cooked, watched funny YouTube videos with disgusting potty sounds that make little boys roll on the floor with laughter, read books, played Lego's, been out on the snowmobiles, painted, drawn pictures, eaten a gazillion Weight Watchers fudge bars, and visited the horses.

They have gone for their ski lesson this morning and then leave tomorrow for a long weekend trip. They are going to an indoor water park and that sure sounds like a good time!
These are fun times.  They are going by too quickly.  I love every minute. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunshine and snowmobiles!



We had a great time out in the sunshine snowmobiling on Monday.  It was almost the perfect day for it, could have used a bit more snow as we lost some due to rain a few days back.  But all in all it was great other then one minor mishap………..

Snowmobiling 2011A 008

I cannot be forced to say who tipped over on their machine…….

Snowmobiling 2011A 009

I really can’t, that’s my story and I am sticking to it……

Snowmobiling 2011A 007

Thankfully Son got me I mean got that person out of the ditch……

We stopped for a little rest just to enjoy the sunshine.

Snowmobiling 2011A 013

Had to get a picture with my two favorite pals.

Snowmobiling 2011A 017

This is on D’s machine, it was on there when they bought it from a redneck guy.  I think I should take it off before D actually knows what it means!

Snowmobiling 2011A 019

I always like to get a picture of these birds nests that are up on the power line.  They are HUGE!

Snowmobiling 2011A 024

This is the snowmobile clubhouse.

Snowmobiling 2011A 033

I love this shot.

Snowmobiling 2011A 031

Checking out the hill we were going to go down.  It was a pretty steep hill so Son drove D’s sled down and then came back up the hill with me and drove his own down.  Miss T was riding with her Dad on this trip. 

Snowmobiling 2011A 030

Snowmobiling 2011A 011

It was so nice to get outside!

I have been rearranging my kitchen cupboards this week and have some things that I rarely, if ever use.  They were given to me by a friend years ago and it’s a shame that I don’t put them to good use.

Snowmobiling 2011A 002


Snowmobiling 2011A 004

Snowmobiling 2011A 005

Snowmobiling 2011A 006

I decided to move them to the basement but not packed away but on some shelves that I have down there.  It cleared up space that I need for things that I do use all the time.  I am going to try to make a point of using some of them though if only for my enjoyment.  I have always liked pretty dishes, especially old ones.

I feel a rant coming on and you know I just can’t keep these things in no matter how hard I try.  I watched a new show on the television last night about birthday parties for young children.  It was so over the top I could have barfed! This little girl was 5 years old and the mother spent $38,000 for the birthday party!  Yes, you read right, $38,000!!!!!!  The invitations alone were over $3,000.  The little gals dress was $750.00.  I can’t remember how much the cake was or the costumes or ice sculpture or the horse drawn carriage but at the end of the show it gave that total. Is that obscene or what?

Now maybe I am all wet and if the parents can afford to spend that kind of money it’s none of my business, they didn’t ask me, but in this economy when we all know so many people being out of work and down on their luck with no real prospects in sight I just find this a bit much.  There, I feel much better now.  BUT really do you find this to be a bit crazy?  What do people think that are wondering how they are going to pay the rent at the end of the month and see this overindulgence?  Good grief.

The Hubs just handed me a newspaper article about portly pooches.  ‘Man’s best friend is obese. Pets are getting fatter and owners are finding it tricky to count kitty calories and to cut kibble.’  When I was a kid you never saw a fat dog, they were too busy out running their legs off with us kids, playing games and chasing whatever.  There weren’t any leash laws so dogs made the rounds visiting people in the neighborhood hoping for a homemade donut or cookie.   We had a dog named Ginger for many years and she did this regularly.  Everyone in town knew her and she knew the ones that would give her a tidbit or two. She always came back home after her rounds and slept on the porch on the steps or in the cold months behind the wood stove in the kitchen.  Now that I think of it she did get a little round in her later years……….

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon musings.

I did something this afternoon that I have never done before.     Got your attention on that one didn’t I?!    I actually watched Animal Hoarders on the television and I almost wish I hadn’t. I say 'almost' because it makes me want to work all the harder at my volunteer job with the Bangor Humane Society.  I know we have problems with animal hoarding here in Maine.  We are notoriously lacking in state animal inspectors so many complaints go unchecked.  With budgets being cut everywhere I fear that animal welfare will feel the ax too.

Last week the big thing on Maine Capital Hill was voting on whether the whoopee-pie should be the Maine state dessert.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional whoopee-pie especially the chocolate with peanut butter filling but good grief aren’t there more important things to vote on? (Oh, BTW it was voted that the whoopee-pie was not the state dessert.)

Right now there is a trial going on concerning an individual that had her horses taken away from her because of neglect.  I have been watching this with great interest as it happened in a small town very close to us.  The owners went away last fall leaving the horses unattended, no water and no food other then what they left the day they went away.  Now you know horses will eat everything in sight so everything was gone that first day. Thanks to the watchful eye of some neighbors they kept things going and repeatedly called to report this mess.  This is not the first time that this has happened.  If you hear a big CLUNK on the floor you will know it’s me if they give those horses back to that individual!!!

I wish I had a magic wand that would correct all of these wrongs but I don’t so I keep plugging away at what we do at BHS. The biggest thing is to spay and neuter your pets.  If people would be responsible and do that and leave the breeding to those that know what they are doing the animal neglect would decrease sharply.  There, enough said, I can really get myself all worked up over this stuff.

Okay, deep breath, now on to other things.  Yesterday I helped my sister put together a baby quilt that she is making for a co-worker.  It was fun and the quilt is going to be so soft and comfy for the new baby when she arrives as the backing is a soft flannel.
baby quilt 004
This is my sister trimming the edges.  She threatened me within an inch of my life if I showed her face and hair as she had just been to Curves!
baby quilt 002
baby quilt 001
Working on the binding.

 baby quilt 003
The darker pink squares have little hearts on them and she is going to hand tie the quilt with brown floss as the babies room is pink and brown.

Speaking of quilting, have you all seen this video of the blind lady that quilts?  My Dad sent this to me and I have watched it half a dozen times.  If you haven’t already seen it get ready to be inspired and if you have you will get inspired again!!!    Isn't she amazing?!!  I would love to meet her in person!!

PS  I sent a letter out about a week ago to most of my Maine friends about the contest for the money that is going to be given out to three non profits .  If you haven't had a chance to vote for Bangor Humane Society would you please take two minutes and go to  and vote for us!  The top prize is $5000 and it would go a long way in helping out many animals get a second chance at a better life!!  THANK YOU!!!!
            (You must be a resident of Maine to vote.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Munchkin VS. the squirrels



Copy of women29

I have been in such a baking mood lately.  Not good for the waistline but fun.  Someone gave me some Amish Friendship bread starter so I have been adding things and stirring it for the last ten days.  You have to check things off as you go along, at least I do.

Today was the final day to bake off the two tempting loaves.  You can add any number of different things and this time I added raisins as the Hubs likes them in bread.

Also made some pumpkin muffins, got the recipe out of my new cookbook and they are YUMMY!  Very moist and soft inside, melt in your mouth!

As I was working around in the kitchen I noticed some goings on out on the deck.  I had to grab my camera and get some pictures of Munchkin and the squirrels who by nature are supposed to be mortal enemies.  Guess not.

Oh my, she is surrounded by squirrels, I counted six!!

Also just beyond the fence were the two yearling deer peeking though the fence.  I love wildlife!

Made a frantic trip to the lake this afternoon.  The propane company called and said when the driver stopped to fill the tank it was empty.  And as there was no one there he could fill the tank but he had to shut it off.  I guess it's a law. Go figure.  So before the tank could be turned back on I had to go down and check inside and make sure everything was okay. As most of you know we lost our whole cottage last winter due to frozen and broken water pipes that poured water through the place totally destroying it.  This was going through my mind all the way down.  I really didn't want to face that issue again.

Thankfully things were fine inside and the heat came on immediately after turning the tank back on.  I had them change our deliveries to every three weeks instead of every four.  I think that brutally cold weather that we had a few weeks ago must have blown through propane much quicker then normal.  The heat is kept on 60* and was only down to 54* so it couldn't have been off long.  I came home a happy woman!!  :o)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is this Tuesday?

Today has been a whirlwind.  I know you all have days like that when you go right from one thing to another.  Actually it’s been that kind of week with lots of appointments here at the house and elsewhere.  The plumber was here this morning and $420. later a leak has been fixed.  I think a piece of chewing gum may have worked for less but I didn’t dare try.

The cable tv man is coming tomorrow morning anywhere from 7 A.M. till 12 noon.  I hope it’s not 7 but I have another appointment at 1:30 so I hope he’s here before noon.  My 1:30 appointment is with my audiologist and my new hearing aids are in.  Does that make me sound old?  This should be quite the learning curve trying to get used to one in each earSigh….the ravages of old age on the body.  It may make for some good bloggy fodder and if that is the case it will be well worth it! :o) As bloggers we do have our priorities!

I found some fun projects on the Internet while browsing around last week.  I like some handwork that I can take in the car and on the plane to make the time go faster so this looked like it would fit the bill.  They are kits that are all cut out for you and have the things you will need to complete the project.  They are little 11 inch square table toppers so I thought I’d make up a few for next Christmas.

Peach Bread 005

They even put in the little scissors!  Suppose I can get those on the plane without them being confiscated??!!!

Peach Bread 007

I took the pieces out and laid them on the top just to see how they would look.  You can change them around if you want or put them the way the picture is.  I love doing blanket stitch so this will be fun.

Peach Bread 006

Here’s a bumblebee one for summer.

Peach Bread 012

And a couple more Christmas ones.  They look like they will work up pretty fast and then you put the back on and blanket stitch around the whole thing.

 Peach Bread 010

Peach Bread 014

(No this isn’t a review, just something I found and thought would be fun but if anyone is interested I can send you the address.)

I have been perusing my new cookbook and decided to try the peach bread.  This could be used for a dessert with some whipped cream on it.  I had to try a piece warm right out of the over with some butter and it was delicious.

Peach Bread

Peach Bread 001

What’s the sense of having some of it if you can’t slather some real butter on it?

Peach Bread 004

I didn’t have any real peaches as they don’t grow too well in the snow so I opened a large can of peaches, drained the juice out of them and pureed them in my Cuisinart.  I think another time I would leave a little of the juice in, not because it wasn’t moist but because I would like a little more peachy flavor then I got. I think the real peaches would work much better for those of you that can get them this time of year.

This was out of the Southern to the Core cookbook by Karlen Evins that I bought at Cracker Barrel while in Florida.

I think everyone and their uncle must be on roadrunner right now as the computer can’t keep up with my typing.  Grrrr……

Some of the turkeys were showing off their plumage yesterday.

Valentines Dance 2011 038

Valentines Dance 2011 036

Valentines Dance 2011 037

On my sidebar you will see a new box to click on.  It’s my niece Jo-Lynne’s new updated Chic Critique blog and is now All Things Chic.  She has tons of interesting product reviews, fashion (oh man, can I use that one!) and lots of nice give aways.   There was a camera bag on there last week that I still am drooling over, it is gorgeous, could be used as a purse when not in camera use!  Check it out,  it amazes me all of the companies that are looking to the Bloggers to get the word out on their products!

all things chic

All Things Chic