Friday, February 2, 2007

Key Largo

We're here in lovely Key Largo at the Ocean Reef Club Resort. It's in the high 80's with high humidity so is a bit much for this northern girl. (notice I use the term 'girl' loosely! Maybe I should say this northern middle age grandmother!) It is beautiful here regardless of the humidity with all of the gorgeous flowers in bloom, the white sand, sparkling ocean in the moonlight and lots of staff to take care of ones every need. It's nice to come back to your room after breakfast to a freshly made up bed, a bathroom with big fluffy towels hanging in place and a piece of chocolate on your pillow. Especially that. The chocolate. I always try to come in the room first to grab both pieces before my husband sees them!

Last night was our welcome night to the convention complete with the huge ice sculptures overlooking the cocktail shrimp the size of New Jersey and six stations with all different kinds of incredible food. You just don't know where to begin there is so much to choose from. Needless to say we figured that out and came back to our room feeling fat and happy.

Today we cruised around the resort in our golf cart (it would be a shame to walk off any of those calories!) checking out the sights and enjoying the sun. I always like to visit the Orcat Rescue when here so we went done there to visit the cats that are waiting for a new home. Each year I fall in love with at least one of them and visit each day while we are here. This year is no exception and we are going to bring her home with us at the end of our stay here! She was left on their doorstep in a cardboard box under the cover of darkness and thankfully nothing got her during the night. We have made her plane reservations and need to make a run into Wally World to pick up a carrier that will fit under the seat. The vet is doing the health certificate and rabies vaccination today so she should be all set to go with us on Monday.

You can be sure there will be pictures coming soon after we get home!

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dcrmom said...

That would be me! Scarfing both those chocolates before the husband noticed. Good for you!! Sounds like a heavenly vacation.