Monday, February 19, 2007

Why Can't I Remember to do Spell Check?

Disgraced again. You know I used to be a really good speller. Used to be. It seems now that I have gone back to a 4th grade level. Any how, in the previous post I once again forgot to do my spell check and in reading it over I see I really butchered a few words.

You know what I am going to blame it on? I have my new Ipod Shuffle thingy in my ears blasting some really good music. Yeah, that's it.

I received an Ipod Nano when I bought my new washer and dryer and it just seemed like too much effort to learn another new technology so I gave it to my nephew and he was thrilled. He's 10, he knows how to do all of this stuff.

On our recent trip to our convention, guess what, they gave us each an Ipod Shuffle. So here I am struggling with Itunes, downloading and learning another technology......... so far so good though. My ten year old nephew was here last night and got me up and running. If you need help with any of this new stuff just find a ten year old kid. Now if he could only help me remember to Spell Check!


Kerri said...

Just popping in to say hello. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It's always nice to 'meet' new blogging friends. Lucky you to be given an Ipod. I'm curious about them. I love learning about new things. We used to rely on our son to do all the technology stuff (TV, VCR, etc.) but then he left home and we had to learn it all ourselves :) You'll find there's plenty of blog friends out there who'll happily help you figure things out. It's a very caring community, and always encouraging. Enjoy your blogging!

Susie said...

I see that Kerri has been here to visit. She's a real dear. Looks like you're catching on to a few new things. I have all my grandson's ipod music on my computer, so am quite familiar with it. (I don't have one of my own however!)

Joan said...

I too was once a good my dictionary sits by my side whenever I'm on the sad! Sometimes I blame my deteriorating typing skills but that only works some of the time.

BTW...Am I one of the last persons on Earth without an Ipod?

palmtreefanatic said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I will go ahead and post a pic of my kitchen tomorrow for wordless wednesday...
yes I have been to the rain forest cafe! This is the look i wanted for my home when i went I have been there like twice in the past 10 yrs! love it!