Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Big Let Down.

After fretting and stewing for the past few weeks over this quilting class that I am going to teach it got canceled today due to the weather....... hummmmmm......I thought I would have this one under my belt and I would be safely in my comfort zone again. I guess I have another week to fret and stew, oh, I meant to say to organize. Ahem.

I did have one student come to my house and I showed her how to run a sewing machine, the poor thing has NEVER had the opportunity to sew. She did quite well and we got one block made for a quilt and she didn't cut any fingers off with the rotary cutter which was a major accomplishment. For those of you that quilt you know that this is just a glorified rolling razor blade and you have to be very careful.

Later my sweet daughter in law called and is swamped with orders for the bags that she and I make and wondered if I could put some pockets in them for her and help her get caught up. It was just what I needed as the plumber was putting in a new garbage disposal and kitchen faucet for me so it gave me an excuse to retreat to my sewing room along with my two new buddies Noodles and Munchkin who immediately fell asleep on my cutting table. Of course you have all read the saga of their journey to Maine from Florida with us a couple weeks ago. (I will never think of an airplane restroom the same.)

Any way I got some sewing done and will post a few pictures of some of the bags we make for you to see. Last Christmas we made over 100 and they take about four to five hours apiece to make so we were busy. We sold them in our Bible Book Store but now we just do special orders so that we can keep up and keep our sanity.

That's about it from here. Not much to write about but we're going snowmobiling tonight after dinner so that will probably produce some good bloggy material. (Is that a word?)


dcrmom said...

Those bags are adorable! Sorry your class was canceled.

palmtreefanatic said...

VERY nice bags, sorry to hear about the class canceling..

KC said...

oh no sorry the class was cancled, but those bags are really nice. How was the snow fun tonight? I like the word bloggy but don't know if it is a word or not. Though I think i'll use it from now one :)

Joan said...

Sorry the weather made your class a victim. I love the bags and am envious of anyone with such creative talent...the last time a sewed, the paisley print on the dress went diagonally instead of across and the dress landed in the trash. Of course, I was in the 9th grade and was so traumatized that I've never picked up a needle and thread or used a sewing machine since! :~)

Susie said...

Your bags are adorable.
I'm sure your kitties were quite the helpers :)
Snowmobiling?? I would say that is very good blog fodder, but how on earth do you hold on and take pictures??? Can't wait to see this!!