Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's Gripe List.

I have several items on my grumbling list today so you'll have to have patient with me while I vent a bit. I went to the gym this morning and I mentioned that I was blogging and my trainer went into a tirade about the dangers about it to the point that I feel like an axe murderer is hiding out behind my barn. Now I know I am new to this and have a lot to learn but I think I am being careful and following good advice from my Blogging Mentor Master dcrmom and several others that I have met. Other then unfortunately opening the terrible horse blog mess that I still can't get out of my mind I have 'met' some wonderful people and am having a delightful time getting to know you all. Have even met a fellow horse lover, Hi Donna! and am anxious to get to know all about her horse escapades. Ok that's my 1st gripe.

The second one is this whole Anna Nicole Smith thing. Let the poor woman rest in peace. After watching some of the legal wranglings on television I was just saddened by the whole thing. Now I know she was over the top in a lifestyle that I certainly wouldn't condone and I was not a fan or anything but she was a human being and deserves some dignity in death.

Next........ now I warned you I was on a roll the whole celebrity thing. These are people that influence our young people and many (not all) of them lead a lifestyle that is into excessive alcohol use, drug use, immoral behavior and they get paid these gazillion dollars making these movies which most of them are not fit to be seen. Now....on the other hand are people like our teachers, pastors, policemen, firemen etc that spend their life helping us in this world and they live on fairly meager salaries. Our police and firemen put their life on the line everyday. Our teachers spend time five days a week helping our children learn and grow. Our pastors put in more hours then any of the above dealing with crisis after crisis and teaching us to love our Lord and to live according to His principals. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

There, now I have that out of my system. Well at least for the moment anyway until something else winds me up.

On a much brighter note let me tell you about Steven King. He lives a short distance from us and when anyone is in town visiting they always want to ride by his house. We don't have many celebrities here in Maine but we do claim Steven and Tabby. They both grew up in small towns near here and still have a home here although since his accident a few years back they don't spend as much time here as they used to because the cold weather bothers him. They have donated so much time and money to so many good causes here that you can't even imagine. To mention just a few they have built a baseball complex for the high school as their son Owen played ball, they built a swimming complex in honor of a young lady swimmer that died very young, they have given millions to the libraries that we have in our community, I personally know of numerous young people in this town that they put through college, I could go on and on. I don't read his type of literature but appreciate what he has done with his celebrity and continues to do so. All this said just so you know I am not against all celebrities and know that many of them support good things.

Now I need to go finish up a tote bag and do some housework. It is a beautiful sunny day here in the great state of Maine and I am happy to be here!


Joan said...

Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears and all the other celebrity messes...don't get me started. It's a sad statement about the world when these tabloid tales are the leading headline stories in our newspapers and on our network and cable news shows. Enough already!!!

Susie said...

I've heard all I want to hear on Anna Nicole as well.
Sorry your trainer painted such a grim picture of blogging. I haven't really experienced the negative side at all..

palmtreefanatic said...

I havent experienced a a negative on blogging yet....And Am pretty hopeful i won't, But I know alot of people are skeptical about things like this!

the world is MESSED up they all need lots of prayer!