Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Talent Show

I have been working with one of my students this morning. She has never sewn anything in her whole life so I thought she should have a little heads up training before we get to our class tomorrow. The class has turned into something a bit more then I bargained for, there are 13 people signed up and for a beginner class that is way too many. I guess I am starting to 'fret' a bit about it and that is ridiculous! These are all people that I know, related to three of them and all nice people. I'm just a bit concerned as beginners need a lot of one on one and I can't do that really well with so many. Thankfully my daughter in laws Mom is going to help so maybe we will do the class in two groups based on their experience level. Anyway it should be interesting.

I'm looking for a couple of skits for the upcoming Talent Show that we are having at our church on the 31st of March. Is there anyone out there that knows any funny, church appropriate skits? I have quite a few things lined up already, a barber shop quartet, a dance routine , a guy that sings country, a men's quartet, a ladies quartet, a skit about two cheerleaders, three little girls singing something from the Sound Of Music, a lady singing Why I Cry at Weddings which is a hoot, and a few more requests that I haven't heard back from yet. So I am looking for a few more things to fill in the gaps. If any of you do know any please let me know, I would be forever grateful and will send you my first born! lol

Tina the Palm Tree Fanatic Had a terrific dessert in a week or so ago that I made. It is the peanut butter pie surprise and it is just delish! If you need a quick easy to die for dessert to take to a church pot luck or for a big crowd at home this is the one. It makes a pretty big bowl full and is rich so you don't need huge servings of it. My crowd loved it and I finished up every last drop myself. Ahem...... It didn't help in my quest to lose a few pounds but that was before I was really serious about it so I think that is a loophole.

For a really hilarious read go over to dcrmom's site and read her post about taking her three young kids to a swim party. It is a hoot! I almost fell off my chair before I got it all read!


palmtreefanatic said...

As far as the Talent Show goes Talk to Krista( she is a part of our youth in our small church and did they do an amazing HILARIOUS talent show for our christmas dinner, I was thinking you can ask her for some pointers if you like!

2nd of all i was happy to see you must have loved my dessert! thanks for posting this, so sweet of you and you are the 1st I heard of to make it so good glad all was good!

Have a great night...

KC said...

Has the class started yet, How did it go? I'm sure you will love it once it gets going.
dcrmom, always keeps me LOL with the 3 kids and the stories. D and my Mr Man are one day apart in age. D is one day older.

Donna said...

Hey, I'm glad we found one another too. I've put you in bloglines so I'll know when you do a new entry.