Friday, February 9, 2007

A Busy Day

This has been one of those days that just doesn't seem to stop. I have been chasing my tail all day and still have things to do before Husband gets home for dinner. So why am I blogging you say when I have things to do????? Addiction. Just plain addiction. My power went off in part of my house this morning and of course it was the den where the computer is so that was deader then a doornail. I called the electrician and he said he was on another job but would be here around 3:30. That's seven hours before I could check my e-mail or bloggy stuff!!!! I felt like I was going through withdrawal from a chocolate high and that's pretty bad.

Anyway I went to the gym and waddled around trying to do my workout after 5 days in Florida at a convention that feels you need something in your mouth at least 12 hours out of the day. My trainer didn't scold me thankfully, she probably was afraid I would sit on her and she is this twig of a thing that eats tofu, twigs, bark and nuts. She told me one day that I would starve to death at her house and I agreed!

My grandson came over after that to spend the morning while my daughter in law went to the gym and did errands. My two new cats, Noodles and Munchkin, just love him and they played steady for about three hours chasing each other around with a stick with a feather on it. I was exhausted just watching them!

Next the rug man came to shampoo three rooms for me and boy does he have a gift of gab. Finally I went down in my sewing room to get out of sight and to tackle a pile of ironing from the trip and some things that have been in the ironing basket for quite some time........ 1987........ Anyway I got it all done and what a great feeling!

Next the electrician came and in 5 minutes had my problem solved and I once again had power in the den! I could've kissed him I was so happy but thought he would charge me more if I did so I passed on it. His little girl was with him and had a great time down in the playroom with all the toys and the cats. They were going to a Father/Daughter dance tonight at the school.

So now I need to get the bed made up with the freshly laundered sheets and get something going for dinner and I have 40 minutes to do this..........maybe I will just take a couple of minutes to check my e-mail.........


Backhoe Mama said...

I had the same kind of a day. Must be something catching.

dcrmom said...

What a great picture!!!

1987... Hahaha!!! I feel your pain.