Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentines Day Thoughts

Having read dcrmom's thoughts on Valentines Day and all of the commercialism it now represents I have been trying to come up with a unique gift for my husband. After almost 36 years of marriage we have given the obligatory cards, flowers, chocolate and sundry other things many times over. This year I am going to use the '100 things about myself' idea that I read in so many of your blogs (and I really enjoy them) but I am going to change it to a list of things I love about my husband and then give the list to him. I think this will really surprise him, we probably would earn a C- on the report card of communication skills as lots of things remain unsaid that should be said and not just assumed.

1. he's a man of high morals and loves the Lord.
2. he will run to the grocery store for me at any hour of the day or night.
3. he's not really an animal lover but has put up with my myriad of pets all these years.
4. he laughs a lot.
5. he puts up with my hot flashes when I turn the heat down to 60* and never complains.....much.
6. he is neat, never throws dirty underwear on the bathroom floor
7. he's a wonderful grandfather to our two grand kids.
8. he is one of the most unselfish people I know.
9. he has had his in-laws living with us for 20 years and never complaines.
10. he tries to understand my mood swings of menopause even when I can't begin to understand them.
11. he tries to be on time for dinner
12. he loves buying me beautiful jewelry for Christmas
13. he reads his Bible every day
14. he gets up in the night and goes out to the barn if I 'think' I hear something that might be bothering the horses.
15. he drives to a town 8 miles away to get me a Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard if I am having a huge craving for one.
16. he is kind and gentle with our horses and cleans the stalls on the weekends to give me a break.
17. he loves me unconditionally even though I can be snappy and moody at times.
18. he never complains that I don't have the figure that I once had.
19. he will bring home take-out if I have had a hectic day or just don't feel like cooking.
20. He has put up with ferrets, iguanas, cats, horses, dogs and rabbits mostly cheerfully.
21. he calls me frequently when he is on business trips that I can't go on.
22. he has been exceptionally kind and financially supportive to my elderly parents.
23. he is exceptionally kind to his 90 year old widowed Dad, taking him out for drives in the evening and working with him each day at the office.
24. he attends our church regularly and is active in many capacities there.
25. he doesn't complain about my snoring.
26. he doesn't snore
27. he was always a hands on Dad with our son despite a grueling schedule at work.
28. he is a good steward with our money so that our future 'golden years' are secure.
29. he is a brilliant business man but as down to earth as they come.
30. he spent 12 hours bringing one of our new cats home from Florida last week.
31. he recently took a day off to go with me to the veterinarian office when my old horse was so sick and there was a possibility that hard decisions were going to have to be made, clearing several important appointments from his schedule.
32. he is extremely generous.
33. he has a fantastic sense of humor and is hardly ever moody and snappy unlike other people in this house. Ahem......

I could still go on but I don't want him to get a swelled head or I could list a few aggravating traits but that would kind of spoil the intent wouldn't it?! I'll save that for one of my moody/snappy days!

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dcrmom said...

Awww... Sweet. He's a keeper, alright. :-)