Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Tail Of Two Kitties

As I said in the last post I fell in love with a cutie down at the cat rescue. What I didn't say was that she has a brother.........are you guessing where this is going? I guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. After visiting Sister on several occasions during our stay here in paradise little brother has wormed his way into our hearts and into a ticket to Maine. We have made the obligatory trip to Wal-Mart for the second carrier, called the airlines to get the second ticket and had the vet check done. Unfortunately we have a long day getting home on Monday due to every plane on the planet being booked full due to Super Bowl being held here in Miami. It will be 12 hours from the time we leave the resort till we touch down in our home town! I wish they made little kitty Depends as our little guys will certainly have their legs crossed before we get home to the Kitty Powder Room.

Another interesting tidbit is that this isn't the first time these two have flown. A family from Colorado was here at Ocean Reef over Thanksgiving and also fell in love with brother and sister! They flew them home with them and after only a few days their four year old son was so allergic to them that they had to fly them back here to Florida. So I guess you could say that they are seasoned travelers.

Now we are trying to come with names.....Lucy & Desi, Fred & Ethel, Jam & Jelly????? Any suggestions anyone?

We haven't told our grand kids about this venture so if you see them mum's t

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