Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Packing for the trip

Not much to write about today but in keeping with my new journaling vow I must think of something. The only thing going on here today is packing for our annual trek to Key Largo for Super Bowl Weekend. What is it when you are going away that you think the whole house needs to be spit polished right down to the basement? Am I the only OCD person that does this? I mean, we're going to be gone, no one can come visit and I know the cat doesn't care whether things are tidy or not. I should be doing something worthwhile like watching the Food Channel.

It will be nice to soak up some sun although with these mayo white legs I'd better have plenty of #45 sunscreen. Years ago I tried the tanning cream before one of these trips and ended up with orange knees and toes, now let me tell you that was classy! Now I just go au natural and people just know that I am from the north. We watch the Super Bowl in a large convention room on a 20 foot high screen with tons and tons of good food and drinks for those that choose to imbibe. I think I enjoy the commercials more then the game especially when they have the Budwiser horses in them. They are just so beautiful, powerful and graceful.

So anyhow, if I get this house cleaned I will be on a plane tomorrow headed for Miami.

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dcrmom said...

Miami sounds like HEAVEN right now. Hope you're having fun!