Monday, February 19, 2007

Fun With the Grandkids

It didn't seem like it was a holiday today, it seemed like a regular Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday. I'll probably get up tomorrow and put on my church clothes instead of my work out clothes.

The grandkids spent the day here with Grammie and Grampie. Their Mom and Dad had gone looking for new dressers for them in a town about an hour away. It's Moosehead Furniture, a company that builds extremly well made sturdy furniture. Unfortunately it is succuming to the compitition of the big box stores and going out of business after many years and putting many people out of work in a small community in Maine that will never recoup from it. Anyhow, I digress.

What do you suppose the grandkids want to do with Ole' Grammie and Grampie today? It's -20* wind chill factor outside so that lets out snowman building. "Let's go to Play Place!!!!!!" they yell! Oh great, it's a holiday and that place will be mobbed with little goobers high on sugary drinks and way too much energy in the first place! we go.

Guess what? It was mobbed with a capital M with hardly room to move around and the only table left had obviously not been washed in a while. Of course they had to get the obligatory Happy Meals so that they could fight over each others toy and eat about 4 bites before they were off and running with the rest of the crowd.

All I could think about was the germ infestation that must be all over all the the slides, ladders and ropes. Do you think they ever wash those things?

Anyhow they had a blast and both had bright red cheeks and sweaty foreheads. Thankfully they were ready to leave after only 45 minutes, my granddaughter came to me and said that there were some children that were just too loud and she was ready to go. Hummmmmm....I thought I heard her voice over the roar just minutes before but it was a good excuse to move on.

Noodles was happy when we got home and got a good work out chasing my grandson around after a rope with a knot on the end of it. Munchkin snuggled in when I put on a movie so that everyone could rest a few minutes and Noodles joined them a couple minutes later. We couldn't have gotten two better kitties with children if we had special ordered them. Just two little rescue kitties that had been left on a door step in a cardboard box and they are perfect for us. It was meant to be.

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dcrmom said...

Ugh. I do hate those germy places. Kids love 'em though.