Thursday, February 8, 2007

Finally Unpacked!

I can't believe it took me three days to get unpacked from a five day trip! As I mentioned before I had 'help' from my two new additions that kind of slowed down the process. I now have to check and make sure there is no one in the front loading washer and dryer before I slam the door and turn it on, also the refrigerator, cupboards, closets and anything else that looks like an adventure to two 'toddlers' of the feline persuasion! It's a good thing they crash in the afternoon for a long three hour nap so that I can get things done. What have I done to myself in my middle age taking this on? I feel like that 67 year old woman that had a baby a few years ago, was she nuts?!

Actually it has been fun to hear those eight little feet galloping through the house, up and down the stairs and slipping around the corners on the hardwood floors. They have discovered the birds and squirrels outside also and sit in front of the glass doors just drooling and quivering they want at them so badly. Sort of like me and a good box of Bridgewater Chocolate! If you have never had Bridgewater Chocolate you really haven't lived especially if you like toffee.

On that note I must get in my work out gear and head for the gym. My trainer is going to gasp when I tell her all that I ate at our convention. Actually I won't have to tell her she will see it around my middle, thighs and behind!

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