Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They make liars out of you every time.

I took Noodles and Munchkin to see our vet yesterday. It was just to get them established as a patient so was really just a check up. They have already had all of their shots, spay and neuter operations, micro chips put in, all the things cats need now. When I think of the barn cats on the farm growing up they didn't have any of this done and lived to a ripe old age but do think we need to practise better animal husbandry methods then we did then.

We got off to a bad start when Noodles threw up on the way over in his carrier. This is the cat that howled all the way from Florida, had an accident in his carrier and had to have a bath in the plane restroom which is as big as a small refrigerator. With turbulence. Yes, turbulence. I felt like I had been drinking and I don't drink.

After checking in, Melanie one of the techs came to my rescue and took Noodles out back and cleaned him up, gave him a new blanket and brought him back to me in the waiting room. Now, I think they should have separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats. I was sitting there with two cats surrounded by dogs the size of Volkswagons with drool hanging down and collars on with spikes on them. Yikes! That's enough to make a cat or a person a bit nervous. Those were the biggest Rottweilers that I had ever seen.

Finally got in to see Doc and I was telling him how good the kitties are with the grandkids while he was examining Noodles and all of a sudden Noodles had had enough and turned into a spitting, hissing, clawing bundle of fur! Doc looked at me like 'oh yeah, this is a great child's kitten!' But they don't do this at home I wailed.....again the 'look' from Doc.

Munchkin was a total lady and purred and rubbed and did all the cute little kitty things that they are supposed to do. I felt validated. These ARE child friendly kittens! The moral of this story is don't ever guarantee that your pets or your children are going to act the way they are supposed to.

Granddaughter was here yesterday and had fun with my camera and took some pictures of them.


Donna said...

Yes, they sure will make liars out of us. Cats, dogs, horses, children and grandchildren!

palmtreefanatic said...

ahhh the life of a cat! those photos are too too cute!

KC said...

LOL, yeap they'll do it to you everytime.