Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Fun Saturday

Just got back from a 40 mile snowmobile ride with my son, grandson and K. It is beautiful outside although cold if you're not dressed for it. We had on enough layers for the whole town so weren't a bit cold even though the wind was really blowing hard when we were out in the open.

In the woods it was toasty warm, I even turned off the seat warmers and put the hand warmers on low. A beautiful doe jumped out in front of us and then just walked off in the woods just far enough so we could see her but by the time I got my mittens, the camera out of my pocket, lens cap off, the thing turned on etc etc she was gone. I did get a few good shots of other things though that I will try to put in here.

This is a HUGE birds nest up in the power lines. They are really good builders as these things don't move even with heavy wind and snow. Can't think of the name of the bird, it will come to me in the middle of the night.

I don't know if you can see the mountains in the background or not. It is Mt. Katadin and it is beautiful on a clear day. It was kind of cloudy when I took these.

Of course we had to stop at a little country store for a snack as we were out for a long time. Don't those hotdogs look good??

I only got stuck once as I got off the trail too far when letting a couple go by. Thankfully they stopped and pulled me back out which was nice. It sure was fun being out in the nice crisp air with my guys on a beautiful day. Husband was home doing taxes so he wasn't in any mood to go anywhere. That is no fun.

I need to go put a different blanket on one of my horses. He is getting a little rub on his shoulder with the one that is on him now. My ponies look like little fur balls with all of their winter hair. I don't put blankets on them, they get more then enough winter hair to keep them warm. It sure is good to have all the horses healthy again after our outbreak of the strangles in the barn a few weeks ago. Actually it took about six weeks to get everyone over it. This is the first time and hopefully the last that I will have to deal with that nightmare. We have an absolutely wonderful vet and he not only took care of our horses he really took care of us too during this time.

Guess that's it around here today. Tomorrow is Sunday and that is always a busy day with church in the morning and evening and the grandkids hockey practice in the afternoon. The day sure goes by fast.

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