Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Real Estate 101

Having nothing exciting to write about today I think I will reminisce a bit about a project that I did last summer. I always seem to have some kind of a construction project going on here at the house, at the lake or in the barn so thought I'd try my luck at rehabbing a house and selling it. I inherited a small house about 4 years ago and did some updating, nothing major, mostly cosmetic and enjoyed the process and sold it myself so figured I had some 'experience'.

I looked at numerous fixer-uppers and finally found a cute 1920's cottage style house in a good older neighborhood and bought it. I have a reliable crew that I have worked with over the years on projects and they came with me and gave me a good idea what it would involve to fix it up and that I should be able to make a buck or two so we went for it.

I had the outside painted, put the flowers in the window boxes, trimmed up the overgrown shrubs and cleaned up the yard.

As you can see the kitchen needed to be totally torn out .

The tin ceiling is original so I left that and just had it cleaned and repainted.

The bathroom was a dark cave with just a shower and a utility sink.

I had everything torn out and replaced it with a nice bright new bathroom and I really think this is what sold the house.

I put in a tub with a shower as I felt this most likely would sell to a young family with children and they would want a tub not just a shower.

I had all the floors redone, had the whole interior painted, repaired windows, put all new appliances in and made it look cozy and fresh.

It had original hardwood floors and with refinishing they looked just like new.

It was a fun project and it sold in about two weeks to a young couple with a little girl. It warmed my heart to see their excitement in owning their own home and it warmed my bankbook....ahem...

I'm getting the itch again to start another one so need to call my realtor and put him on notice. Let me warn you though, this is not for the faint at heart. You have to look at some really dirty, disgusting houses before you find one that you think you can do something with. Also with older homes there can be lots of 'surprises' that you don't anticipate concerning things with the wiring, plumbing, etc.. that you have to deal with. All in all though it was fun and I will do it again when the right thing comes along.


Joan said...

Wow...I am impressed with your interior design skills..the changes are amazing! I know flipping houses can be really difficult and things don't always go as planned or on schedule but it sounds like you're a real pro at it! I'm envious!

dcrmom said...

That is AMAZING! My mom told me you did that. But I love seeing the photos. You did an amazing job. I want that precious little house!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! this is simply
great job!

KC said...

WOW that is beautiful, what a cute house and you did such a wonderful job with it.
Here is the recipe to the Marvelous Mini Meatloaves you asked me about. http://www.kraftcanada.com/EN/Recipes/RecipeTemplate?recipe_id=88812

They are so yummy.. I ate more then i should have yeasterday and then had some leftover for lunch today.

Dawn said...

Adorable flip!!!
Thanks for stopping in...Hope you come back again very soon for a cuppa...