Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Were we nuts???????

Have you ever travelled for 12 hours on airplanes packed like sardines with two six month old kittens? In one word.....DON'T! With Super Bowl being the day before everyone was on their way home, all flights were delayed due to all the heavy air traffic and no one was in a good mood.

Have you ever given a kitten a bath in an airplane rest room because he got nervous and pooped in his carrier? Now let me tell ya that is a challenge! Especially with heavy turbulence! I have experienced lots of things in my life seeings as I have been around this earth over half a century but nothing prepared me for this endeavor. The sinks in these things are the size of a tea cup but we got the job done eventually and came out smelling as sweet as a rose. Even the carrier had to be completely washed out and thankfully a nice steward gave me a blanket to put in it as I had to throw out the one that I had put in.

Oh, I neglected to say that one of the kittens yowled almost continually for the whole time except when we were in the airport waiting for our delayed flights. This was the same one that had the 'accident'. He was not popular with me or anyone else within ear shot. I was hoping for a screaming baby in front of us to drown out the yowling! No such luck.

Anyhow, we made it home and the two cuties are exploring the house from top to bottom. Morris, our old cat is totally disgusted with the whole thing and is just spitting every time they go by. Hopefully this will change with time.

With all this said, I would do it again. (Some people just don't have any brains!)


dcrmom said...

That sounds like utter misery. And I thought traveling with an infant was stressful.

Backhoe Mama said...

Welcome home!

What a time you had.

I don't even have to call you because I know everything that happened on your trip now.

Have you named the kitties yet?