Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Walking Down Quilt Memory Lane

In the process of getting ready for my quilting class tomorrow I have been looking through some projects I have done in the past. This one that I made for my grandson was especially fun and easy. It is machine appliqued and represents our barn and John Deere equipment plus some other tractors thrown in. My grandson LOVES all kinds of equipment that we have around here plus loves playing in the barn so I thought this was perfect for him.

The Best Friends quilt is one I made for my granddaughter and was another machine appliqued quilt and was easy but had a ga-zillion pieces to cut out and stitch around. She loves it and says it is her and her best friend Zoe. The first night that she had it home she got sick and threw up ALL over it. Thankfully it's washable!

The Christmas chair backer is one I made for my daughter in law. Again it was an easy machine applique but just so much fun. Sometimes it's nice to have a quick little weekend project to work on instead of a quilt that takes weeks and weeks.
It's really snowing hard here today. I made a quick run to the store to pick up the ingredients for the Peanut Butter Pie Surprise recipe that I got over at Tina's @ Palm Tree Fanatic. It just sounded so good I couldn't resist, and of course it is Valentine's Day so I needed a nice yummy dessert for Husband tonight.


KC said...

Those are amazing, you have a gift for making those. I LOVE the christmas one.

Backhoe Mama said...

Great quilts!
I'm bummed that I'm missing the storm. It is cold and windy and raw here in Oklahoma. I, however, can handle it with the help of my sweet little grandkiddies! so no complaints. One thing we understand about Maine, if you miss one storm, there will be others!