Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Senior Moment and not the first one.

I hate to admit it but I have been having the occasional Senior Moments lately. Now I thought these were reserved for the 70-80 year old crowd but evidently not.

Sometimes when I am out doing my usual list of errands: groceries, feed store for grain, Jo-Ann Fabric, AC Moore etc etc I just run through a drive through for my lunch. Lately I have been having a 'hankering' for the #8 three piece chicken strips lunch at Mc D's with a nice big diet Coke with lots of ice. So.....having done all of the above errands I was feeling a bit of a need of sustenance so I swung into the nearest drive through by the mall.

Hummmm... the sign looked a bit different to me but I said to the tinny voice in the speaker that I would like the small size #8 with Diet Coke. There was a pause so I said it again. She said do you mean the chicken tenders and would you like fries with that or mashed potato? I replied that I didn't know it came with mashed, are things different here in this branch then in the one in my town? Again a pause.....a big pause......and she said you have one more side to go with this would you like double fries or corn?

By this time I am totally freaked out until I look up and I am at Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of McDonald's...............

How does one save face in this situation? I'm sure the young tinny voiced girl had figured this out way before I had. She was probably thinking 'that poor old woman doesn't even know where she is and shouldn't even be driving!'

Any-who, I held my head high and continued on to the pay window, paid my bill, got my Kentucky Fried Chicken and then got out of there as fast as I could!

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