Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The New Scarf

This hasn't been a terribly exciting day here in good old Maine but I think we all need a day like this to get caught up on errands and all. When I left this morning for the gym I had about 6 stops to make before getting my hair cut at 11 and I actually made it, early at that. It was nice to walk into the salon and sit in the wing back chair in front of the gas fireplace and just veg for a few minutes before my stylist was ready for me. After running from place to place I was needing some quiet time so was glad I was a bit early.

EVERYONE was at the grocery store. I mean everyone. You'd think we were going to get the storm of the century and people needed food for a month. Now, we are supposed to get a big storm, YIPPEE, with up to 14 inches of snow but we do have snowplows here in Maine so we can get out again to the grocery store before we starve to death so I don't understand the mad panic for stocking up.

I'm excited because my snowmobile, you know, the one I bought last year and only put a mile and a half on, is still sitting in the barn and I have only put about 7 miles on it this year due to lack of snow so want to get out there and GO!

Anyway, getting to the 'Scarf' point, after lunch I decided to sit down in the recliner chair a minute and 'rest my eyes' as my mother says and before I knew it I was out like a light. I woke up and had the nicest, furry, warm, purring scarf right around my neck and it was licking my ear! It was Noodles one of my new kitties and he was taking this ear cleaning business seriously! Now I had taken a shower earlier so I don't think I was in need of ear cleaning so I dislodged him from the well washed ear and plopped him in my lap. I don't think he thought I was very appreciative of the hygiene help so he was off in a huff but came back shortly and snuggled in beside me and Munchkin and started washing HER ears!

Do you think this is his mission in life keeping every one's ears clean? YIKES! Let's hope not, it really wouldn't go over very well with Husband, he does have his limits and doesn't need a scarf!

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KC said...

It's so funny to see those people run out to the store at the 1st sign of snow.. when I was in high school and then though college I worked at a grocery store and it happend every time.
So did you get your 14 inches? I think we did here, and it is still coming down. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, I did get over to read your post from yesterday but then the kids started fighting and i didn't get a chance to comment, but i"m glad you didn't trip and drop the plate. :)