Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

I got too sure of myself. Pride goeth before a fall. My pictures in the last post didn't stay where I had put them! You could put my blogging knowledge in a thimble. No, that would even be too big!

So, now I am going to try something else even though I messed up the picture thing. Am I a gluton for punishment or what?

I wanted to thank a couple of people for helping me with my blogging adventure and I wanted to learn how to put in their names and when you click on them it would take you to their site. dcrmom I call my Blogging Mentor Master. She actually is my very bright, beautiful neice and it was her blog that got me interested in starting one. She has helped me so much but I wish she didn't live so far away then I could bug her even more for help!

Recently I stumbled on to Susie's site and she has been so supportive and given me some good ideas to follow to meet some other nice people. She has to be nice, she has a Maine Coon Cat named Vincent. I'm trying to get something going with Munchkin and Vincient, I think they would make a nice match! lol!

I had a nice afternoon after church in my sewing room. I had some bags to finish up for my daughter in law and there was skating on television so I was in my own little world. Noodles and Munchkin came down to help but you can see by the pictures that they really didn't contribute much. (here I go again trying to get the pictures to stay here with this sentence!)

So.........I am going to publish this and then click on those names and see what happens. If you hear a big groan you'll know I've flunked again!!!!

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dcrmom said...

Aww, you're sweet! And you're doing great. Keep it up!