Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm experimenting with some graphics tonight. Let's see what trouble I can get myself into now! I thought this barn looks a lot like mine except we don't have ducks and pigs just horses and cats. Not even a dog. We had a dog once but that was years ago and we just never got another one.

I'm the animal lover in the family. My husband says he married the Ellie May Clampett of Maine. He has been exceptionally understanding with my desire to be surrounded with my furry friends. He especially likes the horses and loves to drive them in the cart. He loves getting harnesses in the Amish country, they are just beautiful. We have them in all shapes and sizes for all our different horses and ponies.

This is me doing a little training out in the street. I'm just glad they decided to be good boys and not take off on me at a dead run. This is Kipper and Skipper. Skipper is the palomino and is our little rescue pony. Kipper is our show pony but he is kind of retired right now until our grandchildren are ready to show.
This is Kipper in the sulky. He is still just learning but is doing a great job. You should see him now in the winter, he is just a big chubby ball of hair! This is an antique doctor's buggy that we bought a few years ago. You can put the top down if you want and it has the 'boot' in the back for the doctor's medical bag. This fits our full size horses. In the fall I put it on the front lawn and decorate it with pumpkins and fall flowers. On Halloween I put in a Pumpkin Man stuffed with hay and a pumpkin head and put orange and black lights around the wheels.
These are some friends of mine and we were getting some publicity shots for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. We were here at the barn using some of the equipment for props.

This shot is supposed to be Kipper stealing a carrot out of the 'unsuspecting' farmers back pocket. I thought Kipper played his part well.

This last shot is my 'cast' for the skits that we put on every night at the beginning of Bible School. We sure had fun with it and have a different theme each year.

I don't know what got me going on all of this tonight but I have had fun going through pictures and memories. I am blogging mainly as a journal for future enjoyment for my grandchildren so I think they will enjoy these little bits of fun history from the 'farm'. They sure love coming over here and spending time with the horses and ponies and being in the barn. It's the same thing I liked doing when I was growing up. We lived right down the road from my grandparents and they had a real farm with chickens, pigs, horses, cows, ducks, dogs and cats that lived in the barn and kept the mice at bay. The cats always were lined up at milking time as Grampa would squirt milk right in their mouths much to our delight. There were no milking machines then, everything was done by hand. It was a hard way of life in some respects but I think life was much simpler then without many of the problems that we all face now.

I'm glad I experienced it and I'm glad that in a small way my grandkids can experience some of the 'farm' life.


Donna said...

I cherish my memories of Grandma's farm, from the 1950's. I think I spent half my life trying to re-create her farm. Then I got tired and scaled back. I like your pictures.

Susie said...

What an absolutely beautiful place you have! Your doctor's buggy is amazing. It must be such fun to decorate it for fall and Halloween.
Your farm looks like something out of a wonderful story!

palmtreefanatic said...

beautiful memories!

Kerri said...

That last comment was supposed to be on this post. I clicked the wrong comment button..whoops.
Your barn and the buggy are really beautiful. Kipper stands beautifully, doesn't he?
I hope you have a great day "Ellie May" LOL