Monday, February 26, 2007

Hot Flashes

I finally discovered a benefit for having hot flashes. Yes, you heard me right, hot flashes. Now you young chickies don't have a clue for what you are in for but you mid life gals like me know EXACTLY what you are in for. They creep up on you in the most inconvenient times, like when you are meeting your husbands important business associates for the first time at a convention, in church where you just can't take your clothes off to cool off, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are trying to dry your hair, when you are hurrying to get to an appointment etc etc etc Just about anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Unfortunately I have been plagued with this dilemma for several years and until this morning could say nothing but bad things about them.

I got up and the house felt unusually cold even for my standards, I like to keep it rather cold to help keep the hot flashes at bay a tiny bit and poor husband has to wear several layers just to keep from freezing. I checked the thermostat and it was way below what it should be so I went down in the basement and checked the furnace and it was 'deader then a door nail'. I tried the reset button and that didn't work so I called the repair man.

They said it would be about an hour before they could get here so I started to bundle up when all of a sudden I started to feel very warm.....a hot flash.....hey, this isn't so bad here after all. I took off my coat and it really felt very comfortable at 50*! The repairman finally got here and I am here in short sleeves and barefoot and comfortable. He had the furnace going in no time so now it's starting to warm up here. For once I had a few hot flashes when I needed them.

Saw this house when out for a ride last summer and thought it was an interesting picture. Might be a bit chilly this time of year but would probably work for me!


KC said...

Well thankgoodness for hotflashes then. Sorry to hear about your heat, bad time of year for that to go out.
You have been a very busy blogger this weekend. I loved all the pics, the grandkids hocky looked exciting. and the snowmobles looked like fun. The Picture of you walking the hourse had me LOL. All I can see are all the people who walk down my street walking there dogs and here you are taking your hourses on a walk.. I loved that pic. I bet it is fun to live on a farm.
Well it sound like you just had a very fun weekend. Hope your week is just as fun.

Joan said... favorite topic. You can always tell when I'm having cheeks look like two red brake lights warning those close to me to stay away. I only wish I lived in cold weather territory to take advantage of their warming effects. Sigh...

Suzy said...

Too funny...glad I'm past that phase...I used to use Target brand for Estroven...AND IT WORKED WONDERS!!!!!

The phrase"deader than a doornail"
I thought that was a Pittsburgh saying, never heard it anywhere else!

Kerri said...

Ah yes...I still have them now and then. How great to finally find a positive aspect :) Glad you furnace was fixed quickly.
I wish I had time to comment individually on your last several posts, but....loved the horsey pictures, and the osprey's nest. How lucky to have these, and eagles too.
I'm amazed that your grandchildren are playing hockey at such a tender age! They're so cute :) Glad you managed to get out and do some snowmobiling. The pic of the kids eating is great.
Wow, Steven King! I'm with you on the celebrity thing. It's nice to hear about the ones who are community minded. Thanks for sharing.
You're keeping busy!

Susie said...

Loved seeing your grands playing hockey. Too cute.
Hot flashes still happen now and then, but not nearly like years ago.
Glad yours came in handy for a change!

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! This sounds terrible! at least with the cooler weather you COULD always go outside...not sure where you are, here it is quite cool at 30 degrees F.
I sympathize with you really very frustrating, hopefully they won't last long!