Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Picture Says It All

I just wrote one post and in the process of trying to edit it a bit I lost the whole thing. Should have left well enough alone even though the pictures weren't lined up the way I wanted them to be. Guess it's time to contact dcrmom for some more blogging 101!

Anyway my post was about the fun the grandkids were having with the new kittens tonight and it made the whole nightmare plane trip home worth it for me to see the joy in their faces. Well, maybe not the poop incident but I will try to forget that if at all possible.

My son came tonight with camera in hand hoping to get a few Kodak Moment Pictures of the kids and kittens and I think he succeeded. He is a chip off the ole' mom block when it comes to loving animals so was excited to see the little fur buddies too.

I will try again to get a couple pictures put in. dcrmom, how do you get the pictures between the paragraphs?

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