Saturday, April 21, 2007


What a wonderful day here today! The sun is shining, the temps are mild and we had a great trail ride this morning! We started off grooming as usual. Big Bud just has such an abundance of winter hair to get off that I resort to the clippers around his feet and legs.

We got saddled up and only got a short distance when Funsize had a rein break so we had to come back to the barn and get a lead rope to use until we can get some new reins later today.

We lead her back to the stable so that Lil' Bud didn't take off on her for a spring gallop!

How embarrassing to have to be lead when you have been riding for years! heehee! She was a good sport about it and we got a good chuckle. We went back out again and ran into a young fellow on his new 4-wheeler so we stopped to say hi. He was very courteous and didn't drive right by us at break neck speed but waited until he was sure the horses weren't going to be afraid of the noise.

He patted Big Bud and then we were on our way again. (Yes, we do have two horses named Bud but they came with that nickname so we didn't change it just added the Big and the Lil'!)

The river was high due to all of the rain from the nor'easter but the horses went in anyway and got a drink. In the hot summer they love to get in there and splash around and cool off.

It was beautiful on the river, there were ducks going by at quite a speed on the currents. We live about three minutes from this river and drive along it every day and see lots of bald eagles and other wildlife.

It's prettier when we have some green grass and leaves on the trees but that will be a few weeks before we have that.

We finally came back to the barn and groomed some more and then turned the guys out in the pasture to enjoy the sunshine and hay that was out there for them to snack on. There is nothing that I do that is any more relaxing and enjoyable then being out on my horse with my niece Funsize and my long time friend Ann. We laugh and talk about everything and anything and just enjoy being together and with our horses. Funsize being MUCH younger then Ann and me is very patient listening to us crab about our hot flashes and wrinkles and other age related nonsense. heehee! She will be well versed in the menopause department when she gets to be an old gal like us!


Suzy said...

How beautiful the scenery is... and I can't beleive those horses just stand there and let you use clippers around their feet !! I guess they know a good beautician
when they see one !!!
Glad you're having good weather too.

palmtreefanatic said...

nice post! love the photos! I would love to go horse back riding again sometime! Lots of fun! Enjoy the sunshine!

Callie said...

Saturday in Wisconsin was nice too.Unfortunately can't ride this weekend as horses are recovering from spring shots. Never had a reaction like that. It's beautiful where you are and sounds like a great day inspite of the reins.

Joan said...

What a difference a little nice weather makes. Your photos are beautiful and I so want to be there!

Tonya said...

Wow that weather is a bit different than the snowy scene you just had!

I need you to give me a crash course in Clipping 101. I gapped Lib's horse up pretty good when I clipped her. I was using some borrowed clippers and I felt like they needed a guard on them or something. Tips appreciated!

I posted an update on our show. We had a B-L-A-S-T !

Back is holding out - so far, so good! Cleaned stalls today and still doing good! I just didn't push the wheelbarrow!

So glad you got a kick out of Ree's site. I love reading her site and my pics I purchases are truly beautiful!

KC said...

what a wonderful time you must have had.. those photos are just beautiful. Glad you had such a wonderful Saturday. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a great ride and your weather was better than what we had here.

Hope your weather holds so you can do more riding. I'm having withdrawal here, it's too slick to be out on the trails.

BarnGoddess said...

oh wow! a great day for sure!!! the photos are wonderful, your countryside is beautiful.

I am envious of your riding partners. When I trail ride, I normally go at it one near me to ride with, everyone who rides works full time...dang.