Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not So Wordless Wednesday.

Have you ever tried to hold five horses at once to get a picture taken for your blog? It has to be worse then trying to get five kids lined up for a family picture. At least the kids aren't trying to bite each other. Well, maybe they are but you get my drift. I thought this morning would be a good day to do this as the sun was out, no one had rolled in the mud yet so was reasonably clean and they were all still in the barn so I didn't have to chase them around the pasture. Let me just say that no one cooperated so the picture isn't that great but it is what it is. From left to right is Nick (with the p**p on his side) oh I forgot to say no one had been brushed yet except Big Bud, Skipper the palomino, Kipper, Me (in the latest designer barn attire) Big Bud and Lil' Bud on the end. Let's just say that this won't be this years Christmas card.

Another nice day here in the great state of Maine. We sure do appreciate the good days after having such a long time of snow and cold. Went trail riding again today with my friend Ann. Got a couple of shots of some pretty barns nearby where we ride. Like I have said before everything looks 100% better when we get some green grass and leaves on the trees but for right now there isn't much but brown.

It was a nice ride with a few surprises one being we must have gotten too close to a nest of chicken hawk babies as Mother Chicken Hawk flew by my head so close that I felt the wings flapping on my hair!! That was a bit too close for comfort so we turned around on the path we were on and headed in the other direction. That was worse. Two vultures started circling up above us so we must have been headed to one of their nests as well or maybe we just looked like we were on our last leg and it looked like an easy meal. Who knows but we took off out of there too and they went back to doing what parent vultures do I guess and left us alone.
We went for another hour or so and headed back to the barn. It was a nice ride despite our brushes with nature.

Got home and Mrs. Snowbird (Mom) and I decided to go to Pat's Pizza for lunch so I showered and we hopped in the ole' Tahoe and headed down. We called ahead so our pizza was ready when we walked in the door. Bacon and pepperoni, well done. Can't put that in the old food journal now can we?????? Actually I haven't started doing that so this is a loophole to have pizza.

Tomorrow Mrs. Snowbird and I both need to go early in the morning to get blood work done to check our cholesterol...........(guess we shouldn't have had that pizza), quilt class, lunch out with friends and then going with Husband to Portland and I will shop at the mall while he has a dinner meeting with a client then home again, a two hour drive. Friday I swim and then go back to the gym for my workout so probably won't be worth two cents after such a busy day on Thursday. One of my students has her quilt top almost all done and it looks so pretty. All she has left to do are the borders and then it will be ready to go to the machine quilters to be put together and then she will bind it. She has worked really hard and has done a beautiful job don't you think???


Donna said...

You did well getting that many horses together: yesterday I decided to bring Blue and Libby through a gate together and broke my glasses. I should have known better.

palmtreefanatic said...

beautiful hoses pic and quilt! wow!

palmtreefanatic said...

horses! I cant spell tonight!hehehe

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, five horses all pretty much facing the same direction at the same time, that's a feit in itself.
I'm impressed.

Mama hawks and vultures all in one ride sounds like never a dull moment to me.

BarnGoddess said...

talk about having yoru hands full!!

your herd is beautiful, gorgeous horses, all of them.

it looks like you had a great ride. It is still stormy here in OK and now Scooters arthritis is flared up :(

KC said...

I guessgetting hoursesto stay still for agroupsshot isjustashadas trying to get a group shot of all 4 of my kids when the youngest doesn't want any part of it;) tomorrow i'm going to post another vacation post, but this vacation wasn't our normal Pigeon Forge vacation we were just spending a few days there on our way to Florida. However we vacation in Pigeon forge and Gatlinburg every summer with my In-Laws it is a family tradition for my husband family, so I know it well and most all the stuff you can do there, it's like a 2nd home.

Suzy said... have your hands full!!

Don't you just love old barns, houses,fences,etc. Always makes me wonder about the people that lived there when they were built.

Glad you liked my old photos!!

Susie said...

Your ride sounds fun and the barn pics are great!
Enjoy your time with you Mom. I do envy you that....

Joan said...

Wow...what a great "family" portrait and what a beautiful quilt!