Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

They said on the weather report last night that we would be getting some 'snow showers'. Now I don't consider 5 inches of snow a 'shower'! The plow man came and plowed our yard for Pete's sake! Of course he will come and plow if it's only 2 inches so that he can charge us the $45.00 so I guess that doesn't count.

I sent these pictures to a friend of mine in Washington State and she thought I had taken them in black and white but this is just how gray and overcast it was this morning. I had to go out and take some pictures as this is getting pretty late for us to have this kind of a snow storm and they are predicting more on Thursday. It's pretty warm out though so it has been melting all day so there isn't too much left.

I just added this picture cause I like the picture, that really isn't Husband trying to get to work!


Donna said...

I think I'd be depressed if I woke up to snow now. Yuck.

Janey Loree said...

Since we didn't get any snow in The San Joaquin Valley of Central California, I think the snow pictures are absolutely beautiful!

dcrmom said...

No WAY! Oh, I'd be so mad.

Joan said...

Oops...I guess I shouldn't mention to you that my Hubby just turned on the air conditioning in our house.

PEA said...

A HA! So you're the one sending it to us eh? lol Heard on the radio today that we are expecting snow flurries by Thursday and into Friday. Ugh! It was chilly today and very overcast....my little crocuses and daffodils are afraid to bloom, their buds are still tightly closed! lol Beautiful pictures but I know how depressing it is to get snow when it had already all melted!! Bring on REAL Spring!!! xox

BarnGoddess said...

brrrr. Oh my, those pictures made me cold just looking at them.

Your home is beautiful, it looks peaceful.

palmtreefanatic said...

You DID get snow! We got quite a bit yesterday too! crazy weather!
82 1 day and 40 the next!
well at least this point it can't last right?????

Susie said...

Oh my goodness! So much snow!!
That Easter Bunny is going to need snowshoes!!