Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Shots Day

Each spring the vet comes and does the check ups and shots and today was the day. Yesterday I got everyone spiffed up so that they would look presentable for the Doc. Spiffing is hard when several of my guys still have tons of winter hair but we did the best we could. They are good about being clipped so I did around their feet, bridle paths, whiskers and chin hairs. I call them their goat hairs as they look like goats when those are long and shaggy looking. I do have my little rescue pony that I can't clip so I just use scissors and get as much as I can. The vet will tranquilize him for me to be clipped but you know I really don't like to do that. It's like elective tranquilization and I don't feel quite right about that. If he needed it for some medical reason that is a different story but just to be clipped makes me feel like if I was to be put out just to get a hair cut.

The vet thought everyone looked good and was amazed how good my old appy looks after going through that horrible time with strangles this past winter. I am so thankful that he is still here, he was only given a 5% chance of making it and he did! Yippee! He can never have the strangles vac though, the vet said his immune system would go into overdrive and not be good. I didn't think they would get it again if they had a good case of it but I guess that isn't so.

They all had their shots and stood quietly while having three pokes with those huge needles. I wouldn't have stood that well!!! So $490.00 later everyone was UTD on everything! I bet the shots that were $45.00 apiece probably cost the vet $5.00 but I'd better not complain as we have a real shortage of vets in this area. I guess no one wants to live in the willywags!

Came home and cleaned up and Mom and I made a TJ Maxx run. I got some sheets there on Saturday that I LOVE and I thought I'd get another set and maybe one for one of the guest rooms. Well that didn't happen. They were all gone, EVERY SIZE. I had them check the closest other TJ's and they didn't have any left either. I was so disappointed as I like certain kinds of sheets with certain number thread counts and these were just perfect. After crabbing a bit to my mother I ran into a lady who was also looking for the same ones, she had gotten some in Hilton Head and wanted more so came to Portland, they didn't have any so drove two hours more and they were all out at our store. I didn't feel so bad, I had only driven about three miles not all the way from Hilton Head! Her husband looked really tired!

The weather is absolutely beautiful today. Munchkin and Noodles have been having a blast going outside now that I allow it. I didn't want them going out in the snow as they are Florida cats but now it is lovely out. They wear themselves out, come in, get something to eat and drink, sleep awhile then go out again. They do this all day and into the evening. I'm glad they know this is home and didn't wander off into the woods too far.

Oh, Tonya, I don't body clip the horses so I don't have any good tips about it. I can't imagine what they would look like if I tried!

Guess that's it from the woods of Maine. Just heard on the news that the dollar amount is up to 30 million now from the nor'easter. Most of the damage was on the coast, some homes were swept right out to sea. Glad I'm inland a bit.


Susie said...

Glad Munchkin and Noodles are enjoying their playing outdoors. Vincent is enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside today as well :)

Donna said...

I'm glad somebody had a bigger vet bill than I did! Of course, I think you have more horses, too.

Joan said...

Wow...a $490 bill from the vet...and I bet those beautiful animals are worth every penny!!! You are one lucky lady.

BarnGoddess said...

My last vet bill was over $200---geesh! but well worth it.

Shots and wormings are very important. West Nile is bad out here in OK.

Strangles is scary!!! Im so glad your old appy survived, a 5% chance, I bet you were beside yourself with worry...

palmtreefanatic said...

too bad theres no insurance for animals;)